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1 In 3 Americans Considers Meditation To Be Part Of A Perfect Morning Routine

By Amanda Froelich

The intention to be mindful is growing around the world, particularly in the West. Tired of overwork, approximately one-third of Americans now strive to meditate in the morning. In fact, the poll of 2,000 people found that time set aside for mindfulness is considered to be nearly as important as coffee or exercise before work.

As GoodNewsNetwork reports, the survey sought to explore people’s morning routines and lifestyles. The questions focused on how people wished to spend their time. If anything, the results revealed that the self-care movement is alive and well.

Americans are embracing the concept of meditation, particularly for the contemplative and mood-elevating effects. In the poll, 36% said that their “perfect morning routine” includes setting aside to meditate, or rest in silence and calm their minds. Similarly, 24% said yoga is part of their ideal morning routine.

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A whopping 40 percent of participants said they prefer exercising first thing in the morning to set up their day. They prefer to elevate their blood pressure before starting their work day or jumping into reading the news.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Thermador. Poll results show that two-thirds of people (65%) are longing for more control of their mornings. Furthermore, 77% rate their mornings as “busy.” One in five respondents said that they are always in a rush to get out of the door each morning.

1. Coffee (52%)
2. Tasty breakfast (41%)
3. Exercise (40%)
4. Meditation (36%)
5. Watch the news (33%)
6. Read the news (31%)
7. Listen to a podcast (27%)
8. Have a juice (26%)
9. Yoga (24%)

Of those surveyed, 74% agreed that having more time in the morning would be a true luxury.

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Amanda Froelich — I’m an RHN, chef, writer, activist, and entrepreneur who lives in Colorado. I share healthy plant-based recipes at Life in Bloom and cannabis-infused recipes at My Stoned Kitchen. Read More stories by Amanda Froelich

IMAGE CREDIT: Wavebreak Media Ltd 

This article was sourced from Truth Theory.

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