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14-Year-Old Girl Electrocuted

14-Year-Old Girl Electrocuted By Her Cellphone While
Taking A Bath

By Alex Scott

The number of fake stories coming out of the mainstream media is staggering. Even worse is that
the stories appear to be getting more and more ridiculous. Personally, I believe this is no
coincidence. The powers that be know full well that they can fabricate a story and the gullible
American public will fall for it every time. In fact, it would not surprise me one bit if those in
control are placing bets with one another to see who can come up with the most ludicrous story
to push onto the masses. The story that follows is but one more example of an absolutely farcical
narrative passed off as an actual tragedy.

Water and Electricity Don’t Mix

On Sunday, July 9, 2017, 14-year-old Madison Coe was visiting her father in Lovington, New
Mexico when tragedy struck. The Lubbock, Texas teen was taking a bath when she was
electrocuted after her cell phone made contact with the water. According to Madison’s grand
mother, Donna O’Guinn, the teen was either plugging her cell phone into an outlet, or grabbed
the phone while it was charging. The grandmother further stated that authorities were confident
that the teen was electrocuted because there were “burn marks” on her grand daughter’s right
hand, which O’Guinn stated was the hand Madison typically used when holding her cell phone.
Almost immediately the circumstances surrounding this story looked to be rather suspect. For
instance, several reports from both local and national news agencies contradict one another with
respect to the manner in which Madison Coe’s cellphone was responsible for her death. There
are reports that say the phone was found in the tub while others state that it was simply just
plugged into an outlet. Still, other reports state that the cellphone was on the ledge of the bathtub.
According to law enforcement officials, an investigation as to exactly what role the cellphone
played in Madison’s death is on-going.

A Grandmother’s Mission

Although Madison had been staying with her father and step-mother at the time of her death it
was Madison’s grandmother, Donna O’Guinn, who was first interviewed by various news outlets
and became the family spokesperson. In fact, it would be another three days before the public
would hear from the girl’s parents, which I detail later in this article.

It is important to keep in mind that Madison Coe’s grandmother was interviewed by several
media outlets less than 24 hours after the death of her grand daughter, whom she referred to as
her “shining star”. As I have pointed out in other articles, it is difficult to believe that a parent or
grandparent would grant an interview after such a short time following the death of a loved one –
much less not show any real grief, anguish or tears.

Stranger still is that instead of being bereft with grief over the devastating loss of her beloved
grand daughter, Donna O’Guinn is more concerned about her stated mission of instructing
parents to teach their children the dangers of mixing electricity and water. It really is quite

Ms. O’Guinn told a local reporter, “This is such a tragedy that doesn’t need to happen to anyone
else. And we want something good to come out of this as awareness of not using your cell phone
in the bathroom as it is plugged in and charging.” Continuing, the grandmother also elaborated,
“It’s overwhelming to realize that there are people that we don’t even know and we’ll probably
never even meet that have taken this message and shared it to protect another child or even an
adult. We don’t want to lose anybody. We need to be aware. We need to teach our children that
electricity and water do not mix.”

As a society, have we really reached the point where even the most slow-witted among us have
to be reminded that electricity and water do not mix? Is there currently an under-reported
epidemic of persons being killed because they brought their electric appliances into the bathtub?
After all, this should be something that everyone learns by the age of five.

In reality, this grandmother should have been, and would have been, more concerned over the
sudden and completely unexpected death of her grand daughter. Any normal grandparent would
be deluged with grief and barely able to contain themselves due to not-stop crying and
unimaginably emotional pain.

Below is a video of Donna O’Guinn speaking about her grand daughter’s death, followed by a
link to a CBS affiliate story and interview of the same. As you watch the interview ask yourself
whether or not this grandmother is conveying genuine grief and emotion consistent with the
tragic passing of a loved one. In addition to the complete lack of real sadness and tears, Ms.
O’Guinn spends more time warning others of the dangers of mixing water and electricity then
she does telling us how wonderful and beautiful is her grand daughter.



Here is the link from a local television station containing another version the grandmother’s

Madison’s Parents Speak Out

As stated above, it was 72 hours following the initial reports before we heard from Madison’s
parents. Although we still have not heard directly from the mother (as of this writing), Madison’s
father and step-mother have now been interviewed by several local and national media outlets,
including Inside Edition. What we find when viewing the various interviews given by the couple
are several contradictions as well two people who are obviously acting out a script. I will post
links to those videos below. I think you will agree that this incident is noting more than yet
another in a long line of fabricated stories.

The step-mother, Felicity Owens, told Inside Edition that she was the first to discover Madison.
She stated that she knocked on the bathroom door around 11:30 pm and told Madison it was time
for bed. When Owens returned 20 minutes later she said there was no response from the teen so
she entered the bathroom where she made the frightening discovery. According to Owens,
Madison was sitting up and “looked like she was asleep.” Already we have our first discrepancy
because there were several articles stating that Madison’s father was actually the first to make
the discovery.

Although there was actually a point in one of the interviews where the step-mother seemed to
actually shed a real tear, for the most part Felicity Owens displayed quite a bit of “Duping
Delight.” This a term often used when describing the behavior of someone thought to be a crisis
actor. They know they are lying and therefore cannot help smiling.

The term Duping Delight was originally credited to Dr. Paul Eckman who defined it as the
pleasure one gets over having someone else in their control which gives them the ability to
manipulate. It is often associated with psychopaths because such individuals are said to receive a
certain sense of power from their incessant lies. This is key because many have speculated that
only those with a certain psychopathy could orchestrate the many false flags and/or hoax events
to which we are currently being exposed.

Like Madison’s grandmother, Donna O’Guinn, Felicity Owens also takes this opportunity to
educate us on the dangers of mixing water and electricity, stating, “The bathroom is a place for
showers and personal time and your phones don’t belong in the bathroom. Electricity and water
do not mix. All it takes is a drop.” She also stated, “You don’t think to sit in there with a 14-yearold.
You don’t micro-manage your kids anymore, but maybe you should.” Does that last
statement sound like a step-mother who is mourning the loss of a child, or someone who is trying
to push an agenda. Personally, I think it sounds kind of creepy.

The above photo is Madison’ father, Logan Coe. The first contradiction here is with Mr. Coe’s
first name. In other articles, as well as a Go Fund Me page, he is named as Zachary Coe. I
suppose that it is possible that Mr. Coe also goes by his middle name, which could be Logan or
Zachary. However, I found it a bit odd and thought it was worth mentioning.

When you see and hear him speak about his daughter Mr. Coe’s grief just doesn’t come across as
genuine. He looks and sounds like he is making a deliberate effort to try and appear sad, which
isn’t believable. When speaking to Inside Edition, Logan Coe stated, “There was so much water
in her little lungs…and it all seems so unreal.”

We find yet another contradiction in the father’s statement. Just minutes before, in the same
Inside Edition interview, Madison’s step-mother told us that she found her step-daughter sitting
up in the bathtub and appeared to be asleep. If that was the case then Madison Coe would not
have had a significant quantity of water in her lungs, if any at all. Had she truly been electrocuted
then her death was most likely one that occurred quickly. Whoever wrote this script didn’t think
things through.

It is also worth mentioning that Logan Coe is a firefighter and EMT while his wife is said to be a
registered nurse. Several articles state that both individuals began performing CPR on Madison
until the ambulance arrived.

Here is the Inside Edition interview where you can judge for yourself.


Here is a link to a local news station interview. Notice how the grandmother states that it was
Madison’s father who discovered his daughter in the bathtub. This is yet another contradiction
because it is the step-mother who tells us that she was the one who found the young teen.

Staging Grief

Another obvious sign that this story was completely contrived are the many times the family is
shown for the camera and appearing in a state of mourning. Camera crews just happened to show
the family walking hand-in-hand as they walked near a lake as well as showing them waking out
of the funeral home together after they had just viewed Madison’s body for the first time.

Pictures such as these are used to convey emotion and tug on our heartstrings. It looks like the
producers at Inside Edition went all-out for this fake story. This particular news and
entertainment program is heavily involved in covering these staged events and will almost
always have their reporters on scene when these events occur in order to further cement the
narrative for the vast majority of the population who believe these events are real.

In the above photo, Madison’s sister, Cambry Coe, takes us through the bedroom and shows us
the bed where Madison would sleep. She also shows viewers the purses that belonged to her
sister which still hang on the bed. Cambry then shows us the location where Madison would plug
her cellphone into an extension cord to charge overnight. Apparently Cambry has already moved
into the acceptance stage regarding her grief at the loss of her sister. She appears absolutely
delighted as she shows us around the bedroom. It’s absolutely ridiculous!

In order to further their agenda with regard to the dangers of cellphones in the bathtub, Inside
Edition actually created a scenario using an actual bathroom, a model in a bath robe and a man
that we are led to believe is an expert on electricity! Not only is this absurd it is an insult to our
intelligence. This segment takes us step-by-step through how the authorities believe Madison
Coe might have accidentally electrocuted herself. Are Americans really so brain-dead and
dumbed-down that we need actor portrayals, complete with props, to see the potential danger
with regard to water and electricity?

Put aside this asinine stunt for the moment and let’s focus on a bigger picture. The fact that
Inside Edition included this little public service piece indicates that all of this was likely preplanned.
This little PSA probably took some time to put together and was pre-recorded prior to
the interview with Madison Coe’s parents. The mainstream media will pull out all the stops to
sell a story.

Madison’s Final Text Message

On July 14th investigators with the Lovington Police Department in New Mexico released to the
public what they said was the very last text message and photo sent by Madison Coe prior to her
tragic death. Supposedly Madison sent the text message to a friend. The family is said to have
approved the release in hopes that it will be a deterrent and a reminder to others not to use their
cellphone while taking a bath.

Personally, I find this to be more than just a coincidence. What are the odds that Madison would
send this photo only to be electrocuted moments later?! This photograph is just another part of a
scripted narrative created to sell a bogus story.

Public Service Announcements, Props and the Go Fund Me Account

Instead of coming together as a family and attempting to process their grief, Madison Coe’s
loved ones instead spent their time and energy putting together a flyer (as shown above)
outlining the dangers of placing a “Phone In The Bath”. Again, this public service announcement
was constructed less than 24 hours after Madison’s lifeless body was discovered in her father’s
bathtub. To reiterate the obvious, this is simply not believable.

To add to the absurdity, the family also found the time to design and manufacture memorial
bracelets to commemorate Madison’s death and bring awareness to electrical safety. These
actions are not consistent with behaviors typically displayed by grieving family members. They
are, however, consistent with a staged and fabricated narrative.

Another aspect we often see in a staged death are family members and friends telling us what a
wonderful, talented, unique and caring individual their loved one was. While few would seldom
refer to a deceased family member in a negative light, in many cases we are told that the
deceased was the glue that held the family together. Such platitudes convey a larger-than-life
presence this person held within the family.

These sentiments are also conveyed by members of Madison’s family who told reporters that the
young teen “hoped to have an impact on the world”. Also, according to her grandmother,
Madison was a straight A student who loved everyone and everything (whatever that means).
Felicity Owens, Madison’s step-mother, bragged about how well Madison played the tuba, “She
was first-chair tuba. Not many girls can play the tuba, but Maddie nailed it.”

It is not completely unbelievable that Madison played the tuba. There are girls who do play this
instrument in the marching band. However, as someone who has three degrees in music and is a
former music/band teacher I can say that it is not a common occurrence. The tuba is the largest
instrument in the brass family. It is also heavy and awkward to maneuver while marching. It also
requires adequate upper-body strength and a good set of lungs in order to push the proper amount
of air to produce the desired sound. Madison looks to be a fairly petite young lady and not the
typical tuba player. Again, however, these are merely my own observations.

Below is a photograph of Madison posing with her tuba. Could this perhaps just be a prop added
to the storyline to generate further sympathy for Madison? I ask this question because there is
something missing in the photograph. The tuba has no mouthpiece attached. This is a part of the
instrument that is absolutely necessary to produce the desired sound. It’s strange that a first-chair
tuba player would neglect to attach her mouthpiece.

Lastly, no fabricated hoax story is complete without the inclusion of the ever-present Go Fund
Me account. This is how most crisis actors make the majority of their income. Instead of
engaging in honorable vocations, these low-life cretins exploit the sympathy of honest, caring
Americans and seemingly have no remorse for their dubious actions. I find it absolutely

As you view Madison Coe’s Go Fund Me page, notice the date it was created (July 9, 2017).
This account was placed the very day Madison was pronounced dead from an alleged electrical
shock! It has already raised over $12,000 at the time of this writing. Disgusting!

The Memorial Service


At 6:30 pm on Saturday July 15th a memorial service recognizing the life of Madison Coe was
held at Terra Vista Middle School in Lubbock, Texas. This was the pièce de résistance in
cementing this elaborate hoax. More than 100 people came out to celebrate young Madison’s
life. To conclude the memorial friends and family released dozens of purple and orange
balloons into the air.

The memorial service was covered by local news station KCBD. Reporters spoke to and
interviewed Madison’s older sister, Storey Muse. Yes. You read that correctly. That is actually
the name of Madison Coe’s sister!

They are absolutely mocking us! Let’s break down the meaning behind this name, shall we.


1. a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct
the hearer or reader; tale.
2. a fictitious tale, shorter and less elaborate than a novel.
1. to think or meditate in silence, as on some subject.
2. to comment thoughtfully or ruminate upon.
I seriously doubt that Storey Muse is the real name of this supposed sister. It is likely just a
construct designed to affect us on a subliminal level. This entire storyline was designed to elicit
an emotional response from the listener/reader/viewer.

Like the other family members before her, Storey Muse appears in no way grief-stricken. She
conveys no sadness nor does she shed any tears. She does, however, continue telling us just what
a special person her sister was and what her life meant. Here are just a few quotes (emphasis

“It’s a sad day, but we aren’t making this a sad day. You know with funeral services, they expect
you to mourn. We are mourning, but not in the traditional way. We are trying to celebrate her
life, and not mourn over it.”

“She is very bright and intelligent, she is never negative and always positive.”
“She never did anything, or said anything to make her a bad person. She was very smart – the
smartest person I’ve ever met in my life.”

Madison’s sister is definitely ruminating over this entire story (Sorry. I just couldn’t resist
making a pun!). In previous articles I have pointed out that the psychopathic individuals who
concoct these ludicrous dramas also insert certain aspects of the truth in plain sight. They are
obliged to operate on a karmic level. These crazed individuals believe that as long as they give us
subtle clues to the truth they have absolved themselves of any wrong-doing. By doing so they
now have our tacit consent.

When Storey Muse states that she is not mourning in the “traditional way” what she is really
saying is that no one is mourning at all because no one actually died. Similarly, when Madison
Coe’s parents make statements such as, “It doesn’t seem real”, or “It’s like being in a movie”
they are telling us that none of this is real.

The Color Purple

Another theme that stands out in this story are the many instances in which the colors purple and
orange are used over and over. The orchestrators of these fictitious stories are often referred to as
the illuminati, satanists, free masons or the elite. Regardless of what name they go by we will
almost always find the inclusion of these colors, especially purple because it is a color that has
always been associated with the rich and powerful.

To those who have not studied false flags, hoaxes and/or staged events it is easy to overlook the
use of these various color schemes. Orange is also the only color that codes to the number 33 in
illuminati or Masonic gematria. Numerology plays a vital role within these narratives and we
often see coded numbers such as 3, 4, 6, 9, 7, 33, 66, etc.

By keeping these things in mind it becomes easier to spot and decode a fake storyline. Again,
pay attention to the colors.

Final Thoughts

As usual, many will read this article and ask, “Why would they stage this? What’s the point?”
Recently, there have been several stories reported by the mainstream media detailing American’s
obsession with smart phones and tablets. One article stated that, on average, Americans look at
their smart phones up to 2,000 times per day. However, it is doubtful that our corporate
controllers want us to cut back on our dependence smart phones. On the contrary, they have
spent far too much time, energy and money to make sure we continue this addiction.
That being said, the media has obviously gone to great lengths in this story to educate the public
on the dangers of water and electricity. It is also important to keep in mind that tragedies
involving children will always be used to tug on the heartstrings. There are many parents who
will read these stories and be taken in because they are reminded of there own children.
Ultimately, however, we must always remember that just because we do not immediately see a
motive does not negate the fact that a crime has been committed. As with any investigation we
must first admit that a crime has taken place. Once we have established this fact we can then
gather the evidence and clues.

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