6 Ways to Completely Transform Your Reality…

…Using Only Your Words

We forget that life itself is not really a concrete object. Life is only a perception of the events, people, emotions, and experiences over a period of time. We are in total control of our complete reality – and you can transform it by just using words.

Our reality is just the way we perceive things to be. We can completely change our reality in many different ways. You can do this by incorporating positive thinking and mindfulness into your everyday life. Minimalism is another great way to change your reality for the better. However, According to some Russian scientists, you can completely transform your reality by the simple use of words.

Russian researcher and scientist Pjotr Garjajev and his team found that over 90% of our DNA is actually labeled junk, based on the findings of ENCODE project led by Professor Chris Ponting. Our genetic code follows similar rules as our own languages do; they are specific vibrational frequencies that can influence our literal DNA. Our bodies can be programmed by languages, words, and thoughts. Our belief systems can even impact our physical bodies at a cellular level. People are figuring out that words have a much larger impact on our everyday lives, but this research study has shown that they shape the very foundation of our reality.

Here are 6 ways to change your reality using only words: 

Express Yourself Honestly

You should be honest in everything you say. Whether you’re talking about your feelings, complimenting people, or testifying to something, you should always be honest. Being honest makes you feel clear and free from the guilt of your subconscious. You think it’s something you can escape, but the only way to really get away from it is by being honest. Even if the truth might hurt at the moment, everybody is happier in the long run.

Stop Talking Down on Yourself

In today’s society, people have a huge problem with being down on themselves. This could be because of the harsh, unrealistic standards we face as a society. You might not mean it when you say ‘I hate my life‘ or ‘i’m ugly‘, however, your mind does not know the difference.

Feed Yourself With Healthy Compliments

You should compliment yourself throughout the day. No, it does not make you self-absorbed or narcissistic. Complimenting yourself on achievements allows you to have the drive to achieve more, as well as build your self-confidence. You’re the only person you are stuck with your entire life, you better learn how to appreciate yourself.

Pay Attention to What you Feed your Mind

We are surrounded by digital screens, advertisements, shows, games, and videos; literally any kind of distraction you can think of. You have to notice that these distractions are unhealthy, and you should replace them with something that is. Instead of watching tv for an hour, go for a walk!


Meditation is a great way to alter your reality. Meditating and allowing the universe to flow freely through you gives you a refreshed view of the world. It gives you a sense of calmness, it is almost like having someone else takes your responsibilities right off your shoulders. While meditating sing along to calming music, use mantras, or even just silent affirmations will do.

Learn Mantras

Mantras are phrases, sayings, and uplifting quotes to repeat to yourself throughout the day. You can chant mantras during meditation, driving in the car, or just lying down before bed. Tell yourself repeatedly I am good enough. I am loved.’

Inspired by an article written by Pia for Fractal Enlightenment. 

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