New World Order

Cell Tower Radiation Facts & 5G Unknowns

By Catherine J. Frompovich Cell phone towers dot the landscape every so many hundred or thousand feet in most places, especially along interstate highways and on higher or hill-top locations.  Because there is such a …

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America Needs a 21st Century Church Committee

America Needs a 21st Century Church Committee Olds Feb 3, 2018 TSM (Originally published March 17, 2014, but worth repeating.) Dear Congress, Mr. President and the American public, In 1975 the public learned that the …

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America: A Nation Deceived

Midland Community Television Network (Charter 188-191 & AT&T Uverse Ch 99) are the City of Midland’s public, education, and government access television channels. It is the purpose of MCTV to provide the people and organizations …

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