September 11th

The Pentagon’s Missing Trillions: What You Need to Know

Corbett Report Extras 55.4K subscribers SHOW NOTES AND MP3: Dr. Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University joins us to discuss his research with Catherine Austin Fitts into the $21 trillion in unaccounted transactions on …

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9/11: The Gold and The Minders

TOPICS: Gold Jon Rappoport September 11th September 17, 2019 By Jon Rappoport Searching through the archive of my past articles, I’ve come up with two 9/11 stories that have been largely ignored—left to gather dust …

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The 9/11 Solution – How the myth was sold

An original production We produced this in 2003 and released it in time for the second year anniversary of 9/11. It’s been viewed over 5 million times. It’s also been taken down dozens of …

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