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Change Our Language…

Change Our Thoughts, Change Our Lives, Change the World

by Zen Gardner
I was recently enlightened regarding the power of energetic discernment of language, which translates immediately and almost automatically into new and liberating thinking patterns and elevates personal vibration.
Our language is very crude and has been largely engineered and hijacked, as have so many other areas of this controlled lower density experience. But we’re forced to use this medium, at least for now. Words have intrinsic power, and as many have pointed out, we “spell” words. This alludes to the fact that they do often contain spells when maliciously used, while they can be wonderfully empowering and enlightening when correctly used, or in some cases avoided altogether.
What the dark aspects are up to is something to be well aware of but nothing to get boogie-booed about. It’s a very weak vibe that only has power within the fear based vibrational framework of the matrix. We don’t have to be part of it and can rise above that paradigm whenever we want, which will hopefully become a continual way of living for each of us. This begs for greater awareness of the roots of language and how to avoid the many pitfalls of careless and unintended usages of this medium of information exchange.

Beware of Loaded Words

There are many harsh and violent words used in common expressions that can conjure up quite brutal images without our intending to do so which in turn unknowingly dull our senses. “I was cut off in traffic”, “that cake was to die for”, “what a killer song”, “take a hit on this”, “my feet are killing me”, etc. Those are the obvious sort. Sometimes strong words are quite apt but they have leaked into the vernacular to a very large degree.
What’s more subtle are the often aggressive usages of language and imagery that polarize and reinforce dark energies, calling attention and thus intention to entrapping and spirit demeaning emotions and energetic miasmas that can plague our lives.  Mainstream media uses this as a matter of course and control, but even much of alternative media is rife with polarity and dwelling on the negative and something from which we can learn. Sure there are occult influences and there’s a concerted effort to quench our humanity, but look at us thrive and learn and grow in spite of it all.
I’ve gone through some of my old writings and seen very careless language usage. By throwing around powerful terms and images in an effort to fight my way out of this entrapping matrix I often inadvertently reinforced what it was I was exposing, mentally and vibrationally. While they need to be pointed out, it’s unnecessary to keep repeating these dark realities we’re profoundly aware of. Why conjure up these images unnecessarily or re-taste their dark effects once they’ve been exposed? It’s contrary to what we’re trying to create and actually works against the process. We do the same when in a misguided spirit of judgement about people and ideas in our efforts to formulate opinions and identify what we’re experiencing.
There’s no point keeping those old, dilapidated and controlling energies in place when in fact they are falling away and in their final death throes – for those who will let them go. And the more who let them go the more their intrinsic power dissipates for all. We can allude to them effectively enough without transferring that energy. We do the same when emphasizing the aspect of polarity when we repeat and emphasize the “us and them” and “right and wrong” dualistic worldview.
We actually reinforce what we’d rather not experience or don’t agree with just because it’s so prevalent in social discourse. It often comes in a combative form when letting off steam or expressing strong emotions, “those bastards are poisoning us!” or “I hope they get what’s coming to them” etc. That’s a vivid form of what I’m talking about.

Unconscious Word Slinging

What is even more common and disempowering besides the reference to the dark energies, is the unnecessary strongly judgmental put downs of others as well as ourselves in our very language that is carelessly flung about, often in an effort to share a mood or emotion with someone else. We think we’re being a good friend by commiserating and complying with someone’s issues, or initiating our own to get down to their level as a “friend”, but it’s so often groveling in lower dimensional, degrading and disempowering and even violent and angry language which only draws everyone into a negative vortex.
It’s not easy to recognize these habits never mind change them, but it makes a huge difference that’s well worth working towards. We say we’re awakening but maintain our sleep patterns without realizing it.
Carelessly slung negative terms and concepts only perpetrates more anger, more angst, more remembering of what’s wrong with everything. Basically more focus on the negative. It not only does no good except to make us feel better about ourselves, it does serious harm – to ourselves and others. We think we’re being smart and informed pointing out all the evil we think we can see so clearly (usually comparing ourselves to those “ignorant” ones who cannot) but we’re really just bringing out the garbage again and again and spreading it around to look at and gloat in our disdain, creating a self-sustaining loop of negativity. That becomes a habit and thus makes us feel good when we do it, satisfying a misguided urge.
When we look at why do we do that we get to the heart of it. We can blame “them” or him or her for our woes but that’s again missing the point. We have a habit, a fascination for it. We even think it’s cool. Whole careers are built on tearing down what some consider false. This can be an important part of awakening, but it’s only part of the equation. Without clearly planting and building up and affirming what takes the place of what needs to be destroyed, we’re left with destruction and chaotic debris and nothing else.
Acute exposers of apparent wrongs get a lot of acclaim, which then appears to reinforce that they’re on the right track. In part, yes, but overall groupthink can kick in and be misled despite the truth of what is being said. Many get the wrong negative energetic undercurrent or carrier signal instead of a mountain top vista with clear, empowering solutions, leaving ourselves and others with encouragement and inspiration instead of focussing on all that’s seemingly “wrong”. In a fear prone world it’s important to be sensitive to this. We see this so clearly in the “system” but do we see these tricky mechanisms happening within ourselves? It’s a challenge we need to face.
We do the same thing in our own minds, led by our ego trying to bolster itself. And that’s a toughie to fully identify and then let go of, at least its power over us. Remember, the ego, the wrong one based in fear and pride, wants to stay alive at any cost. Only getting fully honest with ourselves can we even see this at work. Again, it’s all fear based, even in the most bold and brave looking fully engaged yet entangled individuals. No one can see this at work until they’ve made the choice to be willing to let go of the self image built around our beliefs. Ego driven self assertion only creates more separation which leads right back to polarity, a completely unintended consequence.  Once we do let go, more than we can imagine opens up to us.

Using Language and Thoughts to Change Our Reality

When we realize how infected our words are, which is easy to spot when we read our own messages or hear ourselves speak, then we can begin to clearly see the thought processes that brought these misguided words into being. It can be tricky stuff, but it’s quite simple. We just examine what made us say what we said and how we said it and what feelings and mind trips are behind it. When that happens we look at the originating thought process and identify what it is we really meant and come up with a better more truthful way of putting it.
Language is a very powerful tool, for good or for not so good. I won’t say evil because that’s a buzz word with way too much baggage and misleading meanings and inferences. That goes for a lot of words, but some we have to use. In fact, we can reverse the wrong connotations of many words that have been polluted by using them correctly with right meaning and spirit.
When our thoughts subsequently change, and we realize the wonderful uplifting power of avoiding emphasizing the negative and keeping our vibration high and accentuating the wonder of existence and our amazing potential, our lives change. Quickly. We notice a softness appear in our communications and demeanor yet the same basic message is conveyed without the swords and spears and tar flinging. We then soon start to notice  the sound of the trees, the shimmer of the starry night sky, and the beauty in people around us, and not their faults and weaknesses. Life changes. In fact, our reality changes. Because we did.
This may sound Pollyannaish, escapist or irresponsible to the dyed in the wool justice warrior but it is more powerful than imaginable. To dissipate the shadows we can be aware of them but we don’t have to focus on them. We simply radiate more light. It’s simple physics. We’re aware of what’s out there, but aren’t drawn into it. The problems arise when we don’t want to let go of the world we’ve built and worked so hard to create as our bastion of beliefs from which to attack the “enemy”. That’s a big one, but it’s surmountable as we let go of our misguided belief systems.
Enlightening and liberating information is helpful and it’s very important to be fully informed, but to unduly dwell in the vibration and imagery of the shadow works is another containment mechanism. It turns out that oppositional fighting paradigm was all wrong. It’s not gonna work – it never has and never will. That’s one of the main things we’re here to learn in this dimension of seeming separation. It’s the very thing that inhibits unity consciousness as well as personal development and stops love in its tracks. So there’s no condemnation in coming to that realization – it took all that for us to arrive at the right answers. And we’re a lot stronger and wiser for it.

Creating Careful Thoughts and Careful Words

It’s similar to having to listen to someone rehashing their woes and problems or aches and pains. We endure it to be a friend and a listening ear, and there’s a time for listening, but are we doing a service to them getting down there with them? Of course we don’t beat back what to them is very real, but what do we reflect? Do we chime in with our own issues or deftly elevate the conversation to a higher frequency and better reality?
The easy way to start is to eliminate harsh and condemning words, anything that “conjures” up dark imagery and unnecessarily draws focus on what’s wrong. There’s an element of importance in understanding what we’re up against in this reality, but to continually draw attention to it and see it in everything is to be entrapped by it, when there’s so much beauty around and within us. What we accentuate and give energy to grows. Do we want the dark energy to expand and grow, or goodness and love and what’s right? Again, it’s pure physics and energy dynamics when it comes down to it and extremely practical.
We toss terms and “cool” concepts around like cinder blocks – including strong words of judgement and condemnation. “She’s such a so and so” or “everything is so fucked” and think nothing of it. We assume we’re understood, that we don’t literally mean what we’re saying and that it’s just to make a point and chime in to the vibe going around, but the words stand alone and have weight – serious weight. This behavior is curried by the very things that many of us detest in social engineering programs, yet we fall for this on a very personal, continually reinforced level, even in our self chatter, denigrating ourselves. It’s careless, and quite unconscious behavior that takes a serious toll on everything energetically.
Identifying what makes this phenomenon so pervasive in our behavior is an eye opener. Underlying all thought and hence behavior are attitudes and belief systems we’ve subscribed to, agreements we’ve made at some level. We’ve so often fallen for the engineered worldview we often give up our sense of wonder and love except as a fall back position, instead of it being the prominent reality. We’re angry and pissed off at everything and let powerful negative emotions and frustration run amok.
In other words, when we get immersed and entrenched in the dark information world we lose immediate contact with Source. A lot needs to be and is being exposed, but it’s how it’s presented and in what spirit and vibration that matters most. Even the quantity of information itself, as well as the quality, can be overwhelming and needs to be carefully monitored, in addition to any fascination for it.

Making the Shift

The beauty of this language change is that it works when you apply it. Re-read something you wrote and take out what you know isn’t fully true phrase by phrase as well as any strong wording that could be said another way that still tells the truth of what you’re trying to say. Take out (not “cut” as an example) the words that lend pointless or excessive negative connotations. “I’m such an asshole, I can’t believe I was so stupid!” can be “Wow, have I got a lot to learn” or something closer to the truth and not such a harsh put down of yourself you don’t really believe anyway. That’s a false belief we take on temporarily to self efface and gain points and chime into some false meme. So unnecessary – as well as patently untrue. Just look at the effect. This can be applied across the board.
Soften things up. Everyone is suffering enough as it is. Let’s be kind and gentler with ourselves and each other. All of this indignant bravado is habitual and part of the illusion we’ve helped co-create by adhering to it and repeating it. Violent and harsh and negative language and thoughts even weaken our immune systems and cause other health hazards. It’s mindless behavior. It’s a perfect example of how energetic systems seek to grow, be they shadow energies or life giving ones. We need to choose wisely what we want to be part of, now more than ever as times appear to be increasingly confusing.
Why not contribute to what gives life and health and let the other atrophy? This can of course be extrapolated out to other applications in our lives. What are we engaged in? What type of information or personal actions are we taking on board and energizing? What are we ultimately transmitting? There’s a place for right knowledge but so much is toxified we have to be extremely careful what we deal with and how we interact with it.
Information is a tool, a ladder of sorts for elevating our perspective. It leads us out of one worldview into another. Once we understand what’s going on we’re meant to detach from the mechanisms that hold us back while utilizing the empowering information. We literally leave one room and move into another realm. So why spend so much of our time being upset about the nature of the old one, or re-describing it continually, be it the world system or our own pasts? The answer is to simply get out and not let it sap our energy, and by our example encourage others to change paradigms as well.
When we realize that energetic matrix is there, as it always has been, as a duality to provide contrast for our energetic awakening and growth, we gain a whole new perspective. When we get to that truer and better reality then we’ll understand what real solutions are – and how they’ve been available to us all along by simply throwing the switch – saying goodbye to the old and moving into co-creating the new. The shadow miasmas that are currently in place to teach us, being our own unenlightened reflection in many ways, will dissipate for lack of participation in thought and deed and thus not allowing ourselves to be its energetic food.
It makes sense to me. I’m in the midst of this formidable challenge but it’s so very enlightening. Just changing my language has changed my outlook, thoughts, and life. The rest follows and opens up like a flower to the sun.
As we change, so changes the world.
Energy is our tool. Let’s participate and contribute wisely and watch our lives elevate as well as that of those around us. Transformation of the whole begins with each one of us. The shift is an energetic one and happens in more realms of creation than we can currently imagine.
It all stems from thought, which gives birth to words, which then set things in motion.
We change, everything changes.
Enjoy the shift!
“Give life to things which are beautiful. Don’t give life to ugly things. You don’t have much time, much energy to waste. With such a small life, with such a small energy source, it is simply stupid to waste it in sadness, in anger, in hatred, in jealousy.  Use it in love, use it in some creative act, use it in friendship, use it in meditation; do something with it which takes you higher. And the higher you go more energy sources become available to you.  At the highest point of consciousness, you are almost a god. It is in your hands.”  – Osho  
Love, Zen
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