Chaos Creation, Media/Intel-Run Terror, & Saving Humanity

Ole Dammegard & Seven – Chaos Creation, Media/Intel-Run Terror, & Saving Humanity

In this deeply engaging conversation with Ole Dammegard of and Seven of Soulutionaries Media Network/Youtube, we examine the creation of continuous false flag terror events in Europe and the US, specifically, Ole says, in NATO countries, in what he has termed Euro-Spring–a current 2017 rash of escalated events–in a rollout that’s reminiscent of a pop band tour or a travelling mobile film production unit. Indeed, crisis actors–the same band thereof–are involved in many of these events: he names three companies whose trace is left on these events: Crisis Solutions, NC4, and Bell Pottinger. These companies appear to be run by Intelligence agencies in the service of a cabalistic minority often wrongfully termed “the elite” who, quite contrary to their averred aim of protecting countries and peoples, are working hard to destabilize societies, create chaos, heighten terror, and change laws in their overall bid to transform Western democracies into the fascism of the “New World Order.”

Seven offers deep insight into the whole panorama of Mainstream Media involvement in these chaos or false flag terror events, through the lens of her own experience of having her intellectual property–ideas and concepts, fully created, for fabulous television shows in the worlds of entertainment, music, dancing, fitness–stolen by a media group at the top of the Bilderberger pyramid, and then being intensely targeted shortly after–as the criminals who stole her work then tried to silence and disappear her. She unravels a web of psychopathy wherein those working for the high cabal at the top of this organized crime syndicate holding the world hostage appear to be enmeshed in a curiously macabre game where reality is used to script television shows, and contrived terror events play out to scripted treatments set in place over time with multiple books, movies, and TV shows dropping broad hints and clues of the Terror Event to Come, as in the case of the Grenfell Tower Fire (recently discussed in podcasts here, Reports #5 and #6).
The conversation with the hypnotist, Mike Williams, Ole Dammegard references—where he talks about the television set being used to radio-hypnotize the brains of all TV-viewers and keep everyone deluded and docile and passive–will be uploaded to his website very soon, where he is now running his own podcasts. Link to be added here when available.

These are the 2 podcasts I did with Seven where she discusses in detail the pre-planned set-up of the Grenfell Tower fire and mass deaths:

Many thanks to Ole Dammegard and Seven for this enlightening and filling conversation–so honored to be able to put this out there!
–Ramola D