by ChaosNavigator

It is easier to mislead many men than one.”
– Herodotus.

“We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented”
– The Truman Show

As with the monstrous pretexts for previous wars and invasions, the lies about Iraq and Saddam Hussein, Libya and Gaddafi, new incessant lies are constantly being spewed by the West and the mainstream murderous press.  The United States and the mainstream media have yet again brainwashed the West successfully with The Big Lie-technique – a massive incessant propaganda lies 24/7 about Assad and Putin and countless geopolitical manipulations.

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A brief selection of the fabricated pretexts for war, employed by the big power in recent decades. This is far from a comprehensive list, just some examples by Professor Tim Anderson:The Pretexts for War (short video)

Declassified documents show that state-sponsored false flag terror attacks are happening: ‘There Are Now So Many Admissions by Government Officials of False Flag Terror that Only the Willfully Ignorant Still Doubt the Reality of the Concept’

‘Conspiracy Theory’ – CIA’s Invention to dumb you down
The epic perverse irony is that those who automatically believe that the word conspiracy theory’ is somehow a disqualification, are ‘useful idiots’ in a double sense, since the term was popularized by the CIA in 1967, who invented the phrase in a campaign of ridicule in order to undermine the credibility of dissidents who questioned the official conclusions of the Warren-commitee about the murder of JFK – which in itself shows how human beings can be callously and cognitively lobotomized through 50 years.

In 1967, the CIA Created the Label “Conspiracy Theorists” … to Attack Anyone Who Challenges the “Official” Narrative – Conspiracy Theorists USED TO Be Accepted As Normal

In other words, the people who carry the meme ‘conspiracy theory’ in their heads as if it was a disqualification for any argument, don’t even know that they are carriers of a term they got deliberately conditioned with, whose origin (CIA) in itself was derived from a conspiracy as a deliberate counter reaction to truth-seeking dissidents targeted for character assassination in the eyes of the unwitting public, and whose expression they use without knowing its origin.

Kafkask’que black irony and in itself an illustration of how perception management en masse of the masses historically can take place over generations without most people having any clue.

Conspiracy is the rule throughout history, not the exception

There is nothing exotic about the term, it’s the lower nature of man, the problem of evil, degeneration, corruption, etc. – so-called conspiracy; that 2 people or more ‘breathe together for the purpose of morally repugnant aims is more the rule than the exception in history. Even Obama’s official former ‘Information Czar’, Harvard professor and NSA consultant, Cass Sunstein, who explicitly is the academic spearhead against ‘conspiracy theorists’, does not deny real conspiracies:

‘Conspiracy is a very well-recognized crime in American law, taught to every first-year law school student as part of their basic curriculum…. ….Indeed, even Obama’s information tzar – who advocates using the power of the state to shut down talk of conspiracies – admits: “Some conspiracy theories, under our definition, have turned out to be true … The Watergate hotel room used by Democratic National Committee was, in fact, bugged by Republican officials, operating at the behest of the White House. In the 1950s, the CIA did, in fact, administer LSD and related drugs under Project MKULTRA, in an effort to investigate the possibility of ‘mind control.’”
Secrets Can Be Kept Reliably For Decades Even Though They Are Known to THOUSANDS of Insiders

Conspiracies and Chickens – a Mephistophelian Parallel, Plato and Schopenhauer

‘Each year, the UK raises and kills around 800 million broiler chickens for their meat. These creatures are grown in vast sheds with no natural light over the course of six to seven weeks. They are bred to grow particularly quickly and often die because their hearts and lungs cannot keep up with their body’s rapid growth.

Philosopher Paul Thompson from Purdue University has suggested ” The Blind Chicken Solution“. He argues that chickens blinded by “accident” have been developed into a strain of laboratory chickens that don’t mind being crowded together as much as normal chickens do. As a result, he argues, we should consider using blind chickens in food production as a solution to the problem of overcrowding in the poultry industry. He argues that it would be more humane to have blind chickens than ones that can see…. and proposes a “Headless Chicken Solution”. This would involve removing the cerebral cortex of the chicken to inhibit its sensory perceptions so that it could be produced in more densely-packed conditions without the associated distress. The brain stem for the chicken would be kept intact so that the homeostatic functions continue to operate, allowing it to grow. Ford proposes this solution for two reasons: to meet the rising demand for meat, particularly poultry, and to improve the welfare of the chickens by desensitising them to the unpleasant reality of their existence.’

‘To improve the welfare of the chickens by desensitising them to the unpleasant reality of their existence’ ? = in the (in)human world it’s tranlated to densitizing us to unpleasant realities such as deceptions by the state, Big Pharma mass murder inc., dangers of vaccines, the cancer industry, false flag terrorism, , illegal and insane wars, and cruelities ad nauseam vis-a-vis I-Pad I-Pod, pop, porn, Prozac, Paradise Brothel, Miley Cyrus, Dancing with the Stars, Super Bowl,  dumbing down through education damage, etc.

Ignorance is bliss…or is it?

“After this “desensitisation”, the chickens could then be stacked into huge urban farms with around 1,000 chickens hooked up to each large vertical frames — a little like the network of pods the humans are connected to in The Matrix

We are – in regard to vaccines, the destruction of human life for profit by the medical industries, state-sponsered terrorism, false flags, the murderous lies by mainstream media, censorship, distortions, manipulations, etc. –  going through Schopenhauers first and second stage as prisoners in Plato’s Cave:

“The prisoner returns to the cave to inform the prisoners that they are prisoners. They don’t believe him and threaten to kill him if he attempts to set them free’
– on Plato’s Cave and Sokrates

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
– Arthur Schopenhauer.

Those who are in the third and last stage are the escapees, who are attacked by the remaining suicidal and homicidal prisoners (chickens) who are still in the first and second stage.

That’s why you experience the aggressive resistance from friends and acquaintances when they are presented with info that doesn’t fit what they have been taught (conditioned to think they ‘know’: imposed indoctrination).

The intensity in the increasing polarization in our time can be seen as a parameter for the fact that we are in the second stage, and that the polarization and aggravation – the gap between the prisoners in the first and second stage (the blind chickens) on the one hand VS the awakened with eyes wide open in the third stage on the other hand, has become bigger, a great cognitive divide.

The awakened escapees in Plato’s Cave are the last ones in the third stage in Schopenhauers dictum, and are therefore the first pioners; the righteous destroyers of the old paradigm – as well as creators of the new paradigm…as with so many other things….

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” [or pioner] – Mark Twain

The Chicken-parallel pales in comparison with the real world, a world in which  millions of human beings perish by the hands of a psychopathic elite, but the even more crazy insanity is this: that goodhearted, dumbed down, authoritarian people who are situated mentally in Plato’s Cave in Schopenhauer’s first and second stage , are protecting the very same elites who kill them for power and profit.  Gullible victims are perhaps unfit to comprehend such evil because of blissful ignorance and innocence, and therefore such blindness, disbelief, and scepticism constitute qualities that serve the elites very well.

This is worse than Stockholm syndrome, because the hostages suffering from Stocholm Syndrom at least know that there is a hostage taker. We are in a situation where the unwitting victims ( chickens in the Matrix) – through the perception management of the war lords and the elite – have internalized the world view of the elites (in politics, medicine, economy, law, psychology, etc.) created by elite think tanks whose world view is designed to protect the elites whom the hostages don’t believe exist, even though they are attacked by the very same elites – all the while the hostages, the suicidal and homocidal prisoners in the first and second stages, simultaneously attack the awakened people who attempt to set them free, because the hostages (chickens in the Centre for Unconscious Farming), the victims, prefer to remain desensitized to the unpleasant reality of their existence.

The chickens don’t stand a chance, we do have a chance – most people act as blind chickens, who defend the executioners when they are exposed, so it is worse than the example of the chickens.

‘The supreme mystery of despotism, its prop and stay, is to keep men in a state of deception, and cloak the fear by which they must be held in check, so that they will fight for their servitude as if for salvation.’
– Baruch Spinoza

The epic perverted irony: The gullible victims and deniers attack the people attempting to liberate the victims, while they defend the elite out of ignorance – even though the deniers are attacked by the same elite they assume are non-existent.

This gloomy poem, expanded from Michael Ellner’s original poem into a spoken words story telling titled ‘Everything you know is wrong”, illustrates the grotesque upside-down characteristics of our time:


Everything is backwards.

We now live in a world where everything is upside-down

Doctors destroy health, but claim they protect it

And diseased people protect doctors anytime doctors are exposed as diseased…

You trust them…

Psychiatrists destroy the mind, but claim they sanitize it

And insane sheople sanitize psychiatrists anytime psychiatrists are exposed as insane…

You trust them…

Courts destroy justice, but claim they legitimize it

And unjust people legitimize courts anytime courts are exposed as unjust…

You trust them…

Universities destroy knowledge, but claim they preserve it

And ignorant people preserve universities anytime universities are exposed as ignorant

You trust them…

The mainstream media destroy information, but claim they propagate it

And disinformed people propagatemainstream media anytime mainstream media are exposed as disinformers…

You trust them…

Scientists destroy truth, but claim they seek it

And untruthful people seek science anytime scientists are exposed as untruthful…

You trust them…

Banks destroy the economy, but claim they enrich it

And impoverished people enrich banks anytime banks are exposed as impoverishers

You trust them…

Governments destroy freedom, but claim they defend it

And imprisoned people defend governments anytime governments are exposed as imprisoners…

You trust them…

Religions destroy spirituality, but claim they save it

And unspiritual people save religions anytime religions are exposed as unspiritual…

You trust them…

And now when we see it…we can undo it!


The protagonist is a simple variation of The Hero’s Journey in which the hero is the awakening minority of humanity, declaring that the trust in our current major institutions of our time is misguided, an abominable suicidal anathema that must be vanquished.

There is civilizational struggle between the narrative of the antagonist (the voices of humanity’s obedience having internalized their master’s voice unwittingly) – and the protagonist’s disgruntled melancholic quest (the awakened part of humanity), a dark melancholy and outrage that comes from the fact that the prisoners in ‘Plato’s Cave’ keep on trusting in their own enslavement.

The protagonist laments the fact that his words fall on deaf ears, sometimes words in tone resort to ironic mockery that comes from perplexed indignation and frustration as he points out the absurdity and the contradictions, which the prisoners cannot see, while they blindly follow the path to unwitting destruction, not knowing that they are controlled by the normalization of unacknowledged collective pathology, not to mention masters of perception management (deep politics and directed history) defining much of their reality. Hence the protagonist’s sardonic amazement in the repeated grotesque implication; ‘You trust them’. But to no avail,apparently – which is perhaps the tragic part of the moral of the story.

‘Positive’ associative examples of such narratives in movies are: Gandalf breaking Saruman’s spell on King Theoden, Morpheus extracting Neo from ‘The Matrix’, Truman deconditioning himself from ‘The Truman Show’, the two prisoners in ‘The Island’ finding out that they are indeed prisoners, etc.

Group think, stockholm syndrome, cognitive dissonance, imitation, the lemming effect, the eradication of individuality, subversive and grotesque implications of internalization, educational cognitive damage, obedience, collectivism, mass hypnosis, mind control, perception management, Plato’s cave, The Emperor’s New Clothes, useful idiots, etc. are all implications in the narrative.

The poem finishes with a sudden catharsis (‘Everything you know is wrong!), followed by soundbits of 2 protagonists, Chaplin inciting the possibility of deconditioning oneself from the suppression (‘You are not machines, you are not cattle, you are men!), and Krishnamurti’s call for perception leading into a better, possibly spiritual world.

As long as the the
Darth Vader Empire, the war lords and the elites operate in darkness without the scrutiny of light by the public, they thank their consumer ‘zombies’ with scornful gratitude.

At the expense of truth, the people must of course feel ‘good’ in blissful ignorance. One would do well to think about who is benefitting from this ignorance and who is harmed.

The polarization between the awakened and the blind chickens continues.

Today the ratio has moved quite a lot between Schopenhauer’s 1st  and 2nd stage VS the 3rd stage, and in favour of the latter. Many more individuals have awakened in the 21st Century because of the Internet Reformation, and have become full-fledged freedom warriors in the 3rd stage, human beings who broke their chains in Plato’s Cave, at least mentally….

It will only become worse and more polarized in all fields and aspects of human life before a majority arrives in Schopenhauer’s 3rd stage.

In fact, it seems more and more that those who wish for us to remain asleep – unaware of the rising tide of domestic and international manipulations – are waging war against those who are awake or awakening.
29 december 2015, The Daily Bell

Something’s gotta give…sooner or later…

The road ahead and out of this mess is to‘deprogram’ oneself from the formative ‘education damage’ through observations, logic and self-studies, which many academics have done already. But since this provokes anxiety on the part of the prisoners in Plato’s Cave, the reaction is most often disbelief, ridicule, anxiety, aggression and irrational criticism – a criticism which can turn out to be fatal in favor of collective catastophe, Stockholm syndrom and the executioners ongoing scientific, economical, politica genocide/globocide and murderous perception management.

But such deprogramming is demanding, so let us remain in blissful ignorance? Life is short, what can I do?

The alternative to an awakening is to remain in darkness in ignorant bliss as a human being who lived and died, ignorant and unfree in the 21st Century, at the mercy of forces one didn’t comprehend because of cognitive dissonance and perception management, what, who, where, why, etc..

One of the only premises preventing people from waking up is disbelief based on an erroneous belief that governments and mainstream media wouldn’t lie and deceive to such a murderous extent as they have.

Such disbelief becomes the inadvertent ally of evil (for a lack of a better word).

If you cannot speak, you cannot think.
If you cannot think, you cannot figure things out.
If you cannot figure things out, you will never see that you are a slave.
If you cannot see that you are a slave, you can never rebel.
If you cannot rebel, you will never be free.
If you cannot be free, you can never fulfill your purpose on earth to be your highest and best self.

You better wake up!

The Truman Show is collapsing and ultimately its a very good thing, the promise of a different future.

Be at the edge and go through the storm to the other side!

Be brave!

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