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Child Sex Trafficking…& Cognitive Dissonance

Human trafficking and in particular, child sex trafficking, is an incredibly difficult topic to contemplate and even more difficult to discuss. It exemplifies the absolute worst of humanity. It is the proverbial third rail of societal and political discourse that most people will avoid at all costs. Failing avoidance, cognitive dissonance takes over, for most people cannot fathom this level of human depravity.

But fathom and confront it we must. In so doing, we should expect and will encounter denials, pushback, accusations of “fake news” and claims of hyperbole.  Such opposition to exposure is interesting itself, for it originates not just from the usual suspects, but even from many on the “conservative” side of the political and social spectrum. This alone deserves and requires a separate report.


Many Americans were horrified by the accusations of child sex trafficking and pedophilia associated with “Pizzagate,” a much maligned and equally misused term that was thrust into the English lexicon following the publication of the Podesta emails by Wikileaks last fall. As it quickly trended, Pizzagate embodied a moving target of definitions, activities, individuals and groups, seemingly taking on a life of its own.

Misapplication of the term, the subject, and the activities began rapidly at multiple levels and in different venues, serving to exacerbate the public’s misunderstanding of the larger issue. While some of this confusion appeared to originate through the naiveté of a well-meaning percentage of the public outraged over such distasteful and evil activity, those of us aware of the issues watched as certain detractors deliberately muddied an already fetid swamp. Facilitating in attacking the legitimacy of valid concerns was a dutifully compliant and complicit media, running interference for their political icons and denizens of the crowded swamp in an election environment.

It must be understood that in this swamp, there is no distinction between political parties, and no ideological differences exist in network designations. A thread of shameless unity surpasses the normalcy of political bias.

Almost like it was orchestrated, the topic of Pizzagate in all its iterations suddenly became toxic due to a combination of seemingly disparate events. Much like the moving definition of “fake news,” the new term Pizzagate included issues beyond its meaning, including people and places that quickly became the focus of investigation in an open, crowd sourcing environment.

To be certain, such tactics have merit and value, and often keep people “honest.” Having over 30 years of investigative experience, however, I’ve seen cases quickly go sideways when information is released prematurely to the public, which is the reason most investigators are extremely cautious about sharing information with the press. In this case, however, it is clear that the most damage done to honest open source investigation was done by the corporate media and agents working on behalf of those potentially involved.

The result was the public was “gamed” and the issue held up to ridicule when the exact opposite should have happened. To many, “Pizzagate” is now synonymous with “fake news” and unfounded “conspiracy theories.” Honest people seeking the truth are publicly marginalized by pejoratives used by certain individuals and groups, many who should themselves be under investigation.

In summary, many elements of what is known and somewhat understood as Pizzagate are unfortunately real. Pizzagate, however, is but one element of a much larger issue that too few refuse to discuss.

Simple Beginnings

Human and child sex trafficking is a fact, unthinkable as it is. As difficult as it is to comprehend, it is a business – a big business. In many instances, it is an organized artifact of unofficial government and NGO operations. Like drugs and other contraband, children are the currency of the morally depraved in a world few know about or even acknowledge exists.

Pedophilia is also a fact. Sadly, it is a proclivity that is finding acceptance in a world where human sexuality is being debased and where normal human sexuality is constantly under assault by those seeking to normalize degenerate behavior.

It would be a mistake not to point out that a valid argument can be made that the path to such behavior has been fast-tracked by the LGBTQ+ community and their supporters. In the two years that same-sex “marriages” have been “legalized” by the U.S. Supreme Court, many other detestable boundaries have already been challenged that include but are not limited to unholy unions with animals and intimate objects, and everything in between.

The attempt to normalize pedophilia is in full swing and foundational to the agenda that brought us the normalization of homosexuality. It is not new, but found new life in a society where moral boundaries are pushed beyond normal limits under the perverse notion that gender identity, for example, is changeable. This nauseating fact is embraced by the Progressive element who also tell us that the use of “gender binary” pronouns of he and she, denoting a biological male and female, might be offensive and not be politically correct. This same foundation continues to find allies in many of our elected officials and in Hollywood.

It would be easy to write a lengthy article that encompasses all the elements that promote, either directly or indirectly, pedophilia. Instead, I submit that the path to child sex trafficking is paved by pedophilia.

The Spirit of Spirit Cooking

Part of the Pizzagate meme involved the peculiar “art” of Marina Abramovic who made famous “Spirit Cooking.” Those who are unaware of this medium can search for themselves, along with everything implied in this specific activity.

Images of this craft are peppered across the internet, with even more graphic images available on the aptly named “dark web.” Until scrubbed, images uploaded or “liked” by famous and influential people were accessible on their accounts, along with other “artistic” images that depicted cannibalism and various other perverse activities shunned by people of normal morals and sensibilities.

Despite the nature of photographic documentation available on open channels, many people attempted to innocuously explain away the images, along with the actions of those involved. The deeper the investigation, however, the more indicting the information became. Still, anyone who questioned the images, people and their activities were publicly marginalized and ultimately threatened with legal action.

Regardless of the nature of the documentation found, the very public and equally robust marginalization against anyone attempting to research this matter continued. This derision intensified against those who correctly associated child sex trafficking and slavery with the occult, which was clearly illustrated in the works, performances, images, and art of those allegedly involved in this depravity.

It is and remains clear that there is an alliance between the depraved and the occult, regardless of the belief of the onlooker. It is important to remember that it is not what you (or we) believe, but what they believe that drives their actions.

Much more can and will be written about the venue in which child and human sex trafficking, slavery and even worse occurs. For now, however, it is important to understand that none of these events take place in a void or vacuum, and there are many overlapping factors that exist and reach into the more mainstream of our society.

The Bigger Picture

Having investigated and researched “Pedogate,” “Pizzagate,” “Spirit Cooking,” and related activities included but not limited to pedophilia and normalization initiatives via the LGBTQ+ community, one aspect seems to receive less attention than warranted. What is lacking is the understanding of the deeper spiritual component possessed by those involved in the innermost circles of this depraved activity.

The bigger picture is larger than most can imagine, more hideous than most can accept, and goes much deeper into the realm of evil than most people can comprehend or believe. In modernity, it’s roots can be traced back to psychological experiments buried deep within the blackest of government projects, an extension of Nazi experiments. These activities are well documented yet dismissed as hyperbole. Anyone daring to speak of such “nonsense” is immediately depicted as a purveyor of fake news or a conspiracy lunatic. Nonetheless, the evidence exists and serves to help investigators better understand the belief that drives many of the people involved.

It would be a mistake to dismiss the spiritual component of the events we see taking place today. This evil component exists as the “force multiplier” of child sex trafficking, as well as the impetus behind some of the most hideous activities seen under the banner of the familiar terms “Pizzagate” and “Pedogate.”

In summary, it is critical to understand the context of the activities we see playing out before us in order to fully understand the larger picture as well as the extent of the problem. As the moral chasm deepens in America, throughout the West and across the world, so too does the depth of the depravity. One should look no further than the documentation provided by Tom Wedge, author of The Satan Hunter or Russ Dizdar, author, speaker, evangelist and investigator of occult crimes to understand the importance of this oft overlooked aspect of child sex trafficking.

Those wanting to learn more about this issue are urged to tune into The Hagmann Report Wednesday, June 28, 2017 as Craig “Sawman” Sawyer and Russ Dizdar appear together to discuss these issues in depth.

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