Defender of Humanity: The Miraculous Healing of Ian Grillot

Defender of Humanity: The Miraculous Healing of Ian Grillot

Twenty-four-year-old Ian Grillot has reason to smile and quite a lot for which to be thankful. Lauded a hero and role model, Ian has quite a story to tell. On the evening of February 22, 2017 Ian was enjoying a few beers with friends as they watched the Kansas Jayhawks basketball game at Austin’s Bar and Grill in Olathe, KS. Before the night was over Ian would find himself in an operating room at the University of Kansas Hospital clinging to life after suffering a near fatal gunshot wound.

When Ian entered Austin’s Bar and Grill that night the last thing that crossed his mind was that he would end up taking a bullet in defense of two Indian-Americans. Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32, an Indian national in this country on a special work visa was shot and killed by bar patron, US Navy veteran and apparent racist, Adam Purinton, 51. Kuchibhotla’s friend, Alok Madasani, 32 of Overland Park was also shot by Purinton, but survived. You can read more at the following link. (As a side thought, I find it interesting that when you manipulate the ages of both victims [3+2 and 3+2] with that of the shooter [5+1] you get 666. Coincidence? Very often with these types of events you find very heavy Masonic symbolism. Even Ian Grillot’s age [2+4] gives us another 6.)

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A Selfless Act of Humanity

According to Grillot’s account of the event, he arrived at Austin’s Bar and Grill after a long day of staining shutters for a remodeling job in Grandview. As he and his friends were watching the Kansas Jayhawks game he noticed accused shooter, Adam Purinton, verbally attacking the two Indian men, both of whom Grillot had seen on a weekly basis and was acquainted. Purinton is alleged to have asked the two men what kind of visa they were on and then told the men, “Get out of my country!”

Grillot then stated that one of his friend’s went over to Purinton and said, “Hey! Don’t do that!” At that point Grillot advised that he was not going to let his friend deal with Purinton by himself, so he went over and assisted in escorting the man from the bar.

(First of all, I find it a bit strange that Purinton would ask the men what kind of visas they had. That just seems odd. Secondly, I would think that the bar’s management or security personnel would escort Purinton from the bar. Why risk escalating the situation and creating a possible bar fight? But, I digress. I know we’re not suppose to be questioning these things.)

Approximately thirty minutes after being kicked out of the bar Purington returned. Grillot stated that Purington was now attempting to conceal his face by wearing a scarf. Then another bar patron began yelling, “He’s back! He’s back! He’s got a gun!”

(This is where it really gets interesting.)

Grillot was on the bar’s patio watching the game when he heard shooting coming from inside the bar. Ian and his friends then dove under a patio table. However, even in the midst of all the chaos, Ian stated that he began counting the bullets as Purinton was shooting. When he was reasonably sure that Purinton had fired his last round Ian sprang into action. He got right up to the shooter, close enough to place his hand on the Purinton’s shoulder. But Grillot had miscounted and the shooter turned and fired one last round and Grillot fell to the patio’s concrete floor. (Question: How could Ian possible have known what kind of firearm Purinton was using and the capacity of the gun’s magazine?)

When asked by reporters why he would risk his own life in order to protect two men he barely knew Grillot replied, “Nobody deserves to be treated in that manner, my folks raised me in such a way that everybody is an equal…Everybody’s a human, let’s treat everybody as that. So I mean it was just, I felt I had no choice. I would just hope that somebody would do that for me.” He then went on to say, “We’re all human, we’re all people. That’s how it should be viewed, it shouldn’t be viewed as races or ethnicities. We’re all humans, that’s my biggest thing in life. I don’t judge, there’s no reason for it.”

Ian’s Hospital Adventure

Ian was transported, via ambulance, to the University of Kansas Hospital. According to medical staff, Ian was initially shot in the right hand. However, the bullet passed through the hand and entered his chest where it collapsed a lung, just missed his carotid artery, injured a branch of nerves in his vocal chords before exiting his neck where the bullet also severed a vertebrae. Ian was immediately taken into surgery upon arriving at the hospital. Additionally, surgical pins were placed into Ian’s right hand.

This is where the miracle comes in…

Again, Ian Grillot was shot on the evening of February 22, 2017. However, the very next day (February 23rd) Ian gave an interview from his hospital bed! You read that correctly. Less than twenty-four hours after having been shot and enduring major reconstructive surgery, Ian was well enough to give an interview detailing the harrowing event of the previous evening. I encourage you to watch the video. It’s quite inspiring.

Not only was Ian able to give an interview, he also appeared well rested, extremely alert and most astonishingly, completely pain free! Not only that, but for a man whose lung had collapsed he seemed to be breathing just fine and although a vertebrae in his neck had been severed, he was moving it with ease. How is this possible?

A Doctor’s Second Opinion

I just happen to have a very good friend who is not only a physician, he is also a lung specialist and director of a critical care unit at a major hospital that also happens to be a Level One Trauma Center. I explained Ian Grillot’s injuries to my friend and then asked him to watch the video and give me his expert medical opinion regarding Ian’s miraculous recovery. Here is what he had to say…

“There is absolutely no way this man would even be conscious. He would be heavily sedated, if not still completely anesthetized, and most likely in an intensive care unit. Even if he were conscious he would be in extreme pain (managed by heavy narcotics) and discomfort and, more than likely, extremely disoriented.”

I then asked my friend if Ian would have been able to move his neck as he did in the video. My friend’s response was an emphatic, “Oh, God, no! Are you serious?!” My friend’s observations are just one more reason why you should always get a second opinion. However, as usual, people fell for this hook, line and sinker. The majority of the video’s comments were filled with glowing admiration and praise for Ian’s heroic actions.Once again we see that people tend to respond emotionally rather than to use their common sense.

Praise From The Indian Community

An outpouring of love and praise for Ian came immediately from numerous Indian-American organizations as well as from the country of India itself. They were so grateful for Ian’s actions that a fundraiser was held at a local Kansas Indian community center where they raised $100,000 and presented Ian with a check so that he could now afford to purchase his dream home.

The Cash Keeps Rolling In

Ian’s sudden cash windfall didn’t stop with just a meager $100,000. As is typical with these staged events, Ian Grillot also received generous donations via a Go Fund Me account. The account was started by his sisters who were soliciting donations in order to assist in paying Ian’s mounting medical expenses.

As you can see, $473,095 was collected from an original goal of $300,000. Not too shabby. The Go Fund Me account was started by Ian’s sister, Maggie Grillot, on February 23, 2017. As we often see with these various hoax events, not even twenty-four hours had passed before an account is in place. Ian was most likely not even out of surgery and already the solicitation had begun. Being a crisis actor is quite a lucrative venture, wouldn’t you say?


The story of Ian Grillot shows us that mass casualty events or a horrific terrorist attack are not the only false flags or staged events that are perpetrated against us by the main stream media. More and more we are seeing that even smaller scale hoaxes are being used in order to establish certain objectives and to manipulate the way we think and feel about certain events and people. The fictitious tale of Ian Grillot was devised, in part, in order to manipulate us into always celebrating the diversity of other cultures while also portraying the suspect as nothing more than a right-wing, white male, navy veteran, racist zenophobe. Judging by the the majority comments associated with this story it seems to be working.

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