Did You Know That Insurance Companies Are Not Covering Cell Phone And WIFI Radiation Exposure Health Issues? How Lloyd’s of London And Others Figure In.

Did You Know That Insurance Companies Are Not Covering Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Exposure Health Issues? How Lloyd’s of London and Others Figure In.

This isn’t breaking news:

High Risk Insurer, Lloyd’s of London, won’t cover any-wireless radiation hazards.  This includes cell phones, cell towers, digital and wireless utility “Smart” Meters, and other wireless devices and infrastructure.  Click here to review their policy.

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Insurance firms are also refusing to cover cell phone manufacturers and wireless carriers.  They are predicting more claims and costs.  60% won’t insure purveyors against future lawsuits.

School officials who refuse to replace WiFi with wired Internet may eventually be held liable for harm caused to students and staff.

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Swiss RE warns of large liability losses and classified EMF-related health issues in the highest impact category.  Other technology issues they discussed included cyber attacks, power blackouts, workplace safety and Big Data – all of which are worsened by digital and wireless “Smart” Meters.

Some cell phone companies are warning shareholders – not customers – about how they may be eventually found liable for harm caused by their products.

One Australian cell phone company has been warning customers of risks, though.

Decades of research has already confirmed harm from exposure to cell phone and other sources of WiFi radiation as well as electrical pollution (Electrosmog).

Slick marketing campaigns by telecom companies make new technology seem magical and harmless.  However, all personal devices come with manuals that include safety guidelines, warnings, and “fine print” that suggest otherwise.  However, these guidelines are 20+ years old.  This makes them completely outdated and not applicable to how we use – or are exposed to – multiple sources of WiFi radiation today.

The media has addressed this off and on for many years already.  Recently many have been referring The Telecom Industry as “Big Wireless” and comparing them to “Big Tobacco.”

Unsafe use of technology is regularly portrayed in TV, film, and various marketing campaigns – including for prescription medications.  This was common for tobacco products for decades as well.

Everybody knows that “we all have to die from something” – including insurance companies – and they are refusing to do business with “Big Wireless.”  Hint hint.

Regardless, “Big Wireless” is going to continue making and marketing products and infrastructureto everyone from cradle to grave.

Exposure is cumulative and no one is immune.  Some will simply suffer more than others – just like with tobacco products.

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B.N. Frank

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