Don’t Fall For The Hoaxes and False Flags

Light on Conspiracies – Don’t Fall For The Hoaxes and False Flags with Ole Dammegard

Anarchast Ep.377 Jeff interviews returning guest, Ole Dammegard. Topics include: the Arab spring, the Euro spring, mass shootings, terror attacks, smart cities, manufacturing terror, psy-ops, emotional manipulation, crisis solutions company, a detailed analysis of the Charlottesville car attack, false flag? real or hoax? crisis actors and agencies, controlling the public narrative, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, same people popping up at different events, why does no one talk about these events, Chip Tatum and CIA, assassinations, where is it all headed, non-violent solutions, fearlessness, shining a light on the darkness, people waking up in the millions Ole Dammegard’s website: Anarchapulco 2018: Anarchast on Facebook:… Anarchast: Enjoy our content and would like to see us get more amazing guests and spread the word of freedom? A donation to this BTC address will give us more resources to do so: 16AJs5DFEcfCuXkwmx1o54Ld4yXzPP1gVR

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