Dying Man Tears Up As Empathy Horse Locks Eyes. Must Watch!

If you subscribe to Everyone Matters, you know we are all about having a loving heart, empathy, caring about others, and for ourselves. Being LOVING. This video is for you – well, it’s for everyone. We ALL want connection. And when we suffer- like when we are ill – we are all our inner child – inside afraid, trying to be strong, hold it together, but also tender and afraid, which we try to push away.

All that non-verbally manifests in this incredibly-special 3-minute video, as we follow a remarkably sensitive horse who is brought to visit patients in the hospital (he also visits the dying elderly, the dying children, and those with Alzheimers, in various locations.)

This video captures beautiful Peyo, a chestnut horse, who empathetically goes to patients needing comfort. Amazingly, Peyo tells his trainer which room he wants to go in. The trainer never leads the way, but follows Peyo’s lead.

We watch Peyo enter the room of a man we are told is dying, who seems to be trying to hold it together, but also appears emotionally shut down.

Peyo stop and locks eyes with the man.

The man locks eyes, and stares back into the horse’s empathetic eyes. And they both simply stare – yes, COMMUNE. The man finally breaks the wall holding his emotion, and starts to weep. He on some level is reacting to the horse seeing into him.

(Who of us doesn’t know that moment – when we are trying to hold it together, but something pushes past that house of cards??)

Peyo’s trainer describes that moment of their connection: “pure” and “honest. And then adds the profound kicker: “They like each other very much without asking for anything else.”

Thank you, Peyo. And thank you to the makers of this video, who SO understand that we ALL need connection to other beating hearts. (Human and furry loved ones). We need people to SEE our beating (sometimes wounded) heart. In this case, Peyo goes where wounded hearts are beating, souls needing comfort, hearts needing to be seen, needing the joy of simple heartbeat connection. – HeathCliff Rothman

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