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Emerging Viruses – AIDS – Ebola

by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

This is the first in-depth exploration into the origins of HIV and Ebola. Claims that these “emerging viruses” naturally evolved and then jumped species from ape to man seem grossly unfounded in light of the compelling evidence assembled in this extraordinary text. Alternatively, the possibility that these bizarre germs were laboratory creations, accidentally or intentionally transmitted via tainted hepatitis and smallpox vaccines in the U.S. and Africa – as numerous authorities have alleged – is investigated herein. This book reviews the numerous viral vaccine studies conducted simultaneously in New York City and Central West Africa by a narrow network of virologists working for major military-medical contractors under the auspices of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Included is Dr. Robert Gallo, the notorious discoverer of the AIDS virus. The text presents bizarre and horrifying facts about the biological weapons race of the 1960s and early 1970’s when these researchers developed countless immune system ravaging viruses, and experimented with an assortment of antidote vaccines allegedly for “defense” and cancer prevention.The iatrogenic and genocidal theories of AIDS are meticulously explored within the social and political context of this stormy period of American military science. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) activities and foreign policy initiatives in Central Africa in response to the alleged threats posed by communism, black nationalism, and Third World populations are examined. The important roles played by political leaders including National Security Advisor Dr. Henry Kissinger, Department of Health, Education and Welfare secretaries Frank Carlucci, Jr. and Joseph Califano, presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, and economic notables Nelson and Laurence Rockerfeller are considered. The text hauntingly dissects the potential motives and administrative mechanisms underlying the prevalent belief that HIV and Ebola may have been deliberately deployed, and that the AIDS epidemic may be accomplishing what was desired.

Deadly Diplomacy
Creating A “New World Order”

Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s Search for the Origin of AIDS Revealed a Shocking
CIA – Military Industrial Genocidal Germ Warfare Program.

In 1948, Henry Kissinger, a 23-year-old American intelligence officer, recruited Nazi expatriates to serve in top positions in American military, aerospace, and biological science and medicine. Twenty years later, he left Harvard’s esteemed faculty and resigned a lucrative position as Nelson Rockefeller’s foreign policy attache’ to become President Nixon’s closest advisor and director of the National Security Council. Seeking alternatives to tactical nuclear weapons to bolster America’s “diplomacy” abroad, the paranoid and egomaniacal Kissinger quickly ordered the Army’s Chief of Staff to requisition $10 million from Congress for the development and testing of AIDS-like viruses. Within ten years, the AIDS and Ebola epidemics erupted coincidentally in the regions of Africa ravaged by CIA military covert operations also ordered by Kissinger.

In 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo, of the National Cancer Institute, claimed credit for discovering the AIDS virus. He announced it most likely originated from a monkey virus which spontaneously mutated and naturally jumped species. Deadly Diplomacy presents shocking new evidence that Dr. Gallo was a biological weapons contractor for the CIA’s top secret “Project: MKNAOMI,” and was paid to produce and test AIDS-like viruses as early as 1970.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz has followed an incriminating paper trail leading from Dr. Kissinger to Dr. Gallo and a network of scientists, to Merck, Sharp and Dohme, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company to the CIA, NATO and OTRAG – a West German Nazi-linked company in Zaire – with ties to Litton Industries, a leading American military contractor, to Black African and homosexual American genocide.

About Leonard Horowitz

Dr. Leonard Horowitz is an internationally known authority of behavioral science and public health education. He received his doctorate from Tufts University in dental medicine, a Master of Public Health degree in behavioral science from Harvard University, and a Masters of Arts degree in health education from Beacon College. He served on the faculties of Tufts and Harvard Universities and Leslie College’s Institute for the Arts and Human Development, directed a multidisciplinary health center for over a decade, and currently serves as President of a nonprofit health educational corporation.

Regarded as one of American Healthcare’s most inspiring motivational speakers, and a prolific author with 10 books and more than 80 scientific and lay publications to his credit, Dr. Horowitz has been a frequent guest on nationally syndicated radio and television talk shows throughout North America and England.

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