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Fitbit Recalls Due to Rashes and Other Health Complaints

Video Shows How Much WiFi Radiation Is Emitted by One.

By B.N. Frank

Fitbits still seem to be all the rage even though they have been formally recalled due to rashes and additional unpleasant symptoms have also been reported. Despite all of this, Fitbits are now being marketed as health tools for kids ages 8 and up.

An ABC affiliate station produced 2 in-depth stories about Fitbit rashes and recalls.  These wearers love their Fitbits and they are being led to believe it’s only the fabric that could be causing their rashes.

However, that may not be true in all cases.  Fitbits operate using WiFi which is wireless or microwave radiation – not magic.  WiFi radiation exposure can cause rashes and other unpleasant symptoms and illnesses including blood sugar fluctuations. This being said, those purchasing Fitbits to help them lose weight may actually be sabotaging their efforts.

WiFi exposure isn’t healthy for pets, nature, or wildlife either.

Many other devices operate by using WiFi radiation.  Cell phone companies have been warning shareholders – not customers – that they may eventually be held liable for causing harm with their products.

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There have been other issues and concerns reported about Fitbits.

Of course, everybody is entitled to their own reasons for wanting or not wanting to wear a Fitbit.  At least they aren’t mandatory.

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