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Grenfell Fire Public Inquiry:

80 Page report finds “undeniably a mass murder and a crime against humanity of mammoth proportions.”

Grenfell Towers False Flag

GRENFELL TOWERS INTENTIONAL FALSE FLAG DEMOLITION: “Twin Towers of fire” spell out the numeral 11. The “Twin Towers of Jachim and Boaz” represented by the numeral 11 are the central symbol of Freemasonry, a Zionist satanic cult dedicated to overthrowing religion in general, and in particular to destroying Islam and its Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, and “rebuilding” a satanic blood sacrifice temple overseen by the Antichrist or Dajjal. Human sacrifice, often by fire (i.e. “holocaust”) is a central preoccupation of the highest levels of Freemasonry, as explained in Kevin Barrett radio interview with former Vice Presidential candidate Art Olivier.”

Grenfell Fire Public Inquiry: 80 Page report finds “undeniably a mass murder and a crime against humanity of mammoth proportions.”

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

London UK August 29, 2017 – An 80 page detailed crime report and proposed terms of reference for the Grenfell Tower Fire Public Inquiry has found that “what took place on the night of 13th into early hours of 14th June 2017 at Grenfell Tower, was undeniably a mass murder and a crime against humanity of mammoth proportions. This was the most wicked, brutal, vicious and cowardly act of evil and domestic terrorism ever committed in the United Kingdom.”

Excerpts from 80 page Report

“We, Cousins Seven and Roni Nicholas deliver this detailed Crime Report on behalf of our family members the direct relatives of two resident’s who died inside Grenfell Tower. Namely, our aunt Marjorie Vital aged 68 and our cousin Ernie Vital aged 47. They both resided on the 16th floor flat 162 of Grenfell Tower, where they lived for 41 years. View 6:00 time of video link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huI6xeJrm9I

“3) It is only on the advice of a lawyer and good friend who also almost perished inside Grenfell Tower, that we are now submitting our urgent ‘Prima Facie’ evidence, gathered from investigations that has been expertly complied from many first class researchers, investigators, and investigative journalist reporters from around the world, besides ourselves

“8)The evidence and live testimonies that we have already examined, prove that the hundreds of innocent people/members of the public who were residents, just living their lives otherwise peacefully inside the Grenfell Tower block, including our aunt Marjorie Vital, and cousin Ernie Vital, were most certainly, without a shadow of doubt, all specifically targeted to be horrifically murdered, for this evil to be broadcasted around the world in a real life snuff horror movie.”

“1) Eye witnesses have said they saw a group of men running in the opposite direction of the Grenfell Tower building wearing secret service clothing directly after the fire had started. This urgently needs to be investigated with CCTV footage collected to identify these men.
2) Residents have stated that there was a lot of suspicious activity and meetings around the building two weeks before the fire. This urgently needs to be investigated with CCTV footage collected.
3) Residents have stated that they were visited by the Councillors (or the fire brigade?) two days before the fire and told “if there is a fire to stay inside their flats”. This needs to be urgently investigated with CCTV footage collected to establish exactly who had visited the residents and told them that.
4) Residents have stated that a huge yellow gas pipes were dug up on Grenfell Road leading directly into Grenfell Tower just weeks before the inferno. This needs to be urgently investigated with CCTV footage collected to establish where these pipes are and exactly who ordered them.
5) Residents have stated that ‘two fire exits were sealed’ during the works carried out on the building. Urgent investigations need to be done to find out exactly who ordered this to be done.
6) Residents have stated that they saw men tampering with the gas pipes outside the Grenfell Tower building just before the fire. CCTV footage needs to be collected to find out exactly who these men were, and whether gas pipes were tampered with.
7) If the gas pipes were tampered with, it may explain why some of the flames outside the building looked blue and purple during the Inferno. This needs to be urgently investigated with CCTV footage collected to check whether the blue and purple flames are in the same location that the gas pipes were tampered with.
8) Residents have stated that the 8 Million plus pounds spent on cladding the Grenfell Tower building was done to specifically make it unsafe and pre prepped to be burnt up. Urgent investigations are needed to ascertain who exactly paid for the unsafe refurbishments on the building, and exactly where this money came from to fund this massive criminal operation. Those who funded the prepping of the Grenfell Tower building urgently need to be arrested, investigated and prosecuted with jail sentences.
9) Residents have stated that Grenfell Tower was turned in a modern day gas chamber by members of the council who hold hate fuelled Nazi supremacist beliefs. This needs to be urgently investigated to establish whether or not any of the council are part of any Nazi organisations, cults or groups.
10)Residents have stated they want to know about the various applications made to demolish the Grenfell Tower building from 22nd May 2014 onwards.
11)Residents have stated that many residents were making their way’ out of the building to escape the fire in the early stages, but were told to return back to their flats and stay inside. This needs to be urgently investigated with CCTV footage collected to establish who told the residents to do this, and whether these same residents are among those now deceased.
12)Residents have stated that the water supply was deliberately turned off on the upper floors during the height of when the inferno was raging; to ensure that there would be no chance of the upper floor resident’s survival. This needs to be urgently investigated to establish exactly who ordered them to turn off the resident’s water supply.
13)Residents have stated that it took a maximum of just fifteen minutes for the fire to engulf the entire building in a full scale raging inferno. This needs to be urgently investigated
14)Residents have stated that Fire Engines took up to two hours to arrive at the scene and when they did arrive, they found it difficult to get water. This needs to be urgently investigated.
15)Residents have stated that they were prevented from rescuing people, and that had it not been for heroic young Muslim men, who risked their lives to go into the burning building to try to alert and rescue residents, many more people would have perished. This needs to be urgently investigated with medals/awards of bravery given to honour the young men who risked their lives to rescue the residents.
16)Residents have stated that very little water was used to put out the inferno, that fire engines only had two small hoses that only reached a quarter of the way up the building, with no water at all used to put out the fire for the rest of the entire building. No water was used to put out the inferno from planes or helicopters above the building. This urgently needs to be investigated.
17)Residents have stated that some properties had up to 42 people in one flat and that Grenfell Tower Fire was being used to hide bodies from other crimes perpetrated elsewhere. This urgently needs to be investigated with CCTV footage collected to ascertain whether there is any truth to these allegations.
18)Residents at Grenfell Tower had written website blogs many years before the Inferno entitled ‘playing with fire’ showing clearly that they all knew that their lives were in serious risk danger, so had tried desperately to appeal to the KCTMO management sense of conscience but their appeals fell on deaf ears.
19) Residents have stated they had done extensive prior research and produced prima facie material evidence about there being other fires at other Tower blocks that the KCTMO Company had managed. These other prior fires had apparently been started under equally sinister circumstances and that residents from other local Tower Blocks lives were only saved just in time by fire fighters. https://grenfellactiongroup.wordpress.com/2016/11/20/kctmo- playing-with-fire/
20)Resident’s statements had described the KCTMO as an ‘evil unprincipled Mafia cartel’. This is a very important key point for the Inquiry to pay attention to and specifically investigate. .
21)Residents have stated they were bullied, intimidated and terrorized by the KCTMO management company long before the Grenfell Tower fire. Just like is ‘still’ being done to our cousin Seven, which has been going on for the last 14 years with no intervention despite over 75 police reports. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3825791/women-feared-dead-in-grenfell- tower-disaster-were-threatened-with-legal-action-by-housing-bosses-after- raising-concerns-over-fire-safety-years-ago/
22)https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/grenfell-tower-residents-give- shocking-accounts-of-neglect-and-threats-after-repeatedly-raising- a3565051.html
24)Residents have stated that the council had changed the locks of a local community centre in the Ladbroke Grove/ Latimer road area where the relief effort was taking place to deliberately prevent victim/survivors from getting relief there. This needs to be urgently investigated to find out exactly who ordered the community centre caring for the survivors locks to be changed and why?
25)Residents have stated that the millions of pounds, food, clothing and other relief effort donations, provided by the general public’s own pockets as charity for victim survivors have been deliberately withheld/stolen? from the survivors receiving them. This needs to be urgently investigated with a full account given to find out why the survivors supply’s were taken locked away and withheld, and where these donations have since gone.
26)Residents have stated that victims/survivors were deliberately evicted in the middle of the night 2:am from hotels at short notice. This needs to be urgently investigated to ascertain who ordered for this to be done to them and why?
27)Residents have stated that despite millions of pounds being collected on the victim’s/survivors behalf, that they were only given the humiliating miserly sum of just £10 each after losing everything with only a further £5000 plus pounds. This needs to be urgently investigated as to who exactly made this decision and why grown adults who have endured sheer torture was made to also be humiliated in this way after everything else they have endured.
28)Residents have stated they are being offered Tower Blocks as replacement housing accommodation after all they had just escaped being terrorized and tortured at Grenfell Tower. It needs to be urgently investigated who insensitively offered the Grenfell Tower fire residents Tower Blocks as replacement accommodation and why?
29)Residents have stated victim survivors are being deliberately moved out of the local area to isolate them. This needs to be urgently investigated to ensure that victim/survivors receive emergency replacement Identification to prevent them from becoming further vulnerable targets.
30)Residents have stated they were still being charged rent for the burnt up Grenfell Tower Block this needs to be urgently investigated to find out who was still charging them rent after being tortured and almost burnt alive. And Why?
31)Residents have stated being concerned and not knowing the whereabouts of children survivors. This needs to be urgently investigated to establish and publish exactly to whose care and custody the children survivors have gone to find the best most suitable carers placements for them, if not with direct family members, then with fully vetted, caring members from the local community.
32)Residents have stated that children survivors were deliberately turned away from their schools like lepers without any compassion, because their school uniforms were burnt in the fire. This needs to be urgently investigated to establish who ordered for the children survivors to be turned away in such a cruel insensitive manner, so that such a thing is never allowed to happen again.
33)Residents have stated that the victim survivors have not received a penny from the fast selling mainstream Grenfell charity singles, events or productions claiming that they are on behalf of the victims. This needs to be urgently investigated to ascertain exactly who is collecting the money on behalf of the victim survivors as beneficiaries but are not handing these said donations over to the victim survivors. This money needs to be confiscated and returned back to the genuine Grenfell Tower victims/survivors.
34)Residents have asked who changed the Grenfell Tower building’s Zurich Insurance policy, just 3 months before the Inferno; to Protector Foresking in order for them to ‘specialize’ in a massive claim for Human casualties.. The person/persons who did this must be urgently identified, named, arrested and immediately prosecuted and jailed.
35)Residents living with the neighbouring areas around Grenfell Tower have stated that they received threatening letters of legal action for ball games the day after the fire. This needs to be urgently investigated to find out exactly who ordered for these threatening legal letters to be sent out to threaten the residents legally directly after they were all traumatized watching their friends, relatives, neighbours mass murdered close up inside the Grenfell Inferno .
36)Residents have expressed absolute disgust at the deliberate withholding of the numbers of those murdered inside Grenfell Tower, and wish to know why they have not produced council tax, phone or internet account records in order to identify those murdered? The building housed over 600 people so why are we the people being blatantly lied to about how many were murdered?
37)Residents have stated survivors were still being charged rents for the burnt out Grenfell Tower. Who made the decision to continue to charge the victims/survivors rent after they were all deliberately made homeless in the most horrific way imaginable?
38)Residents and the whole world wants to know why has no-one been arrested for such an obvious major horrific crime against humanity? Who exactly is preventing the necessary arrests? Because that person or persons also needs to be immediately identified, removed, arrested and investigated on suspicion of complicity.
39)These witness testimonies alone, (there are literally tons of them all widely available) tells us all clearly that the Grenfell Tower fire was not caused by just a careless negligent, incompetent social housing management situation at all.
40)The evidence of the residents firsthand testimonies, proves that just like our cousin Seven is currently still experiencing, many people in the UK are also being terrorized, bullied and abused and have been so for many years without relief.
41)The Grenfell residents had been desperately campaigning and appealing for help for years because they were being bullied, threatened and terrorized long before the Grenfell Inferno occurred.
42)Grenfell Tower residents had been desperately appealing about their safety for years. They even had to resort to protesting outside the council offices, just to be able to live inside their homes in safe secure living conditions, as we all have the right to do.
43)Our rights to live in safety and securely inside our homes are specified within Articles 8 and 13 of the 1998 ‘Human Rights Act.’ But these resident’s rights, as well as these laws, were all deliberately ignored, in favour of residents being threatened to force them to submit and acquiesce to their own demise.
44)Everyone being able to live safely and securely within our homes should be a given. We should not have to show any of these monsters Human rights Articles stipulating our rights just to prove to these human animals that they do not have the right to murder hundreds of innocent people in horrific ways inside people’s homes.
45)Straight off the back, this particular evidence alone, already gives us a clear picture and indication about the prior evils that the Grenfell residents had to contend with for years, just to prevent them exercising their God given rights to live safety and securely inside their homes. This evidence is very telling. It provides a clear back drop of the climate and ‘brutal environment’ that the residents were all up against.
46)Residents who did not agree or comply to accept living in a death trap became marked men and women, and were sent threatening legal letters to beat them into submission.
47)The managers of the Grenfell Tower block refused to ensure that the residents lived in the building safely, because unbeknown to them, these residents had already been pre selected and targeted to be horrifically murdered inside Grenfell Tower by sadistic criminals who were meticulously already deeply engrossed in engineering the crime. So the Inquiry has to account for the fact that for many years, the Grenfell residents were also forced to endure non-stop threats and being brutalized even prior to these hundreds of residents being mass murders inside the Grenfell Tower.”

“1) Grenfell Tower fire factually happened because a bunch of no good, exceptionally evil, highly corrupt, insane, extremely deranged dangerous greedy people with some extremely disturbing satanic beliefs and ideologies, in need of immediate emergency psychiatric intervention and removal from the public, clearly all wanted these residents to all be burnt alive in the most horrific way imaginable, with no means of getting out alive of what evidently was a very carefully meticulously pre engineered and manufactured nightmare snuff horror movie broadcasted to the world for sadistic pleasure.”

“1) All provisions must be taken to ensure all our families, friends and colleagues and witnesses to be able to conduct their lives and these inquiries safety by making the necessary emergency mass arrests of all ringleaders and crime syndicate cult members without delay.”
“1 We are deeply concerned there will be no transparency and that our hard evidence produced herein will be systematically covered up as per usual. It is important that this Public Inquiry places the emphasis on resolving this problem at the very root regardless of how shameful the sordid truth of these crimes may be deemed to be to the UK as a state or country as a whole.
2 We are deeply concerned that those on the Inquiry panel have much more in common ‘culturally speaking’, with the majority of the parties who have perpetrated these atrocities, rather than with the majority of those of us affected by it. So naturally, we feel the panel are much more likely to be inclined to conduct the findings in favour of seeing more the perpetrators point of view, purely based on them being kin folk.
3 It is very important that this inquiry is neutral, to avoid any possibility that there will be any ‘Serious Conflict Of Interest’.
4) Respectfully, we have to be honest, but there urgently needs to be much more diversity on the panel, because it is already being perceived as being conducted on a old outdated ‘white supremacy slavery model’, and given the magnitude of what we are dealing with, and cultural heritage of the majority us who are affected. Given that those who perpetrated the Grenfell atrocities being slave traders, the very notion that this inquiry is being run on such outdated models is deeply offensive to us as Sovereign individuals.
5) it is also very important for the inquiry to be inclusive rather than divisive, with no possibility of discrimination or favouring ‘majority’ of those responsible on the basis of any of them being kin folk.
6) We assert this respectfully, because this is how the current selected line up on inquiry panel is being perceived to the rest of the world. People are not happy with it at all to be honest.
7) We have had absolutely no part in the selection process regarding ‘any’ of the panel members. They were not selected by we the public and if the Inquiry is to be truly Public led they need to be.
8) We know absolutely nothing about any of those involved in the current panel whatsoever. This is obviously of major concern to us. We have no way of verifying that all current panel members are completely neutral, have no conflicts of interest and have our best interest at heart. Because as you will see for yourselves by the evidence provided herein: our best interests have ‘never’ been considered in the UK before.
9) It’s not personal to anyone in particular on the panel don’t get us wrong. But culturally speaking, ‘under civil procedural rules’ there is an obvious definite ‘unequal footing’ and rule number one says ‘the overriding objective’ of the law is to do justice’, and we personally feel it’s impossible for justice to be done with such an obvious unfair disadvantage from the get go.
10)Therefore respectfully, as this is a ‘Public Inquiry’ and we are not your slaves, we require to select our own handpicked professional panel members to be included on the Public Inquiry panel team and participation process.
11)The mere fact that nobody has been arrested already despite one of the most horrific mass murders ever to be committed in the United Kingdom, also signals to us there is already a deliberate attempt in play to prevent arrests and prosecutions of the guilty.
12)If this is allowed to happen, you will be further endangering the global public at large, as there already reports about new Terrorist attacks going on which are potentially being carried by this very same crime ring.
13)There is a duty to ensure that this public Inquiry is really truly controlled by we the Public in the true sense of the word, without an ounce of discrimination, racism and prejudice of those of us severely adversely afflicted by this barbaric abominable crime ring.
14) So respectfully, given the magnitude of what we are factually dealing with, we believe that it is way beyond the scope and remit of what the current one single Judge will be able to handle, which we believe will affect his ability to hear this case fairly and deliver the most appropriate fitting remedy and justice.
15)Therefore, it is important that we the people who are directly affected select our own handpicked totally transparent Judges to include them into the participation process.
16)For a crime such as this with such a vast scale and magnitude, which obviously covers wide parameters and areas of law, one single Judge on the panel by himself is no way sufficient.
17)Therefore, this Public Inquiry must be immediately extended to include a panel of no less than 5 culturally diverse honest Judges, known for fairness transparency and a reputation of hearing cases with the upmost integrity these Judges must be brought in from diverse ethnic communities.
18) Given the unprecedented scale and nature of what we have been subjected to, we need to have a much more integral role in the process of remedying this situation. Therefore also want to be copied in to the full and participate at a core level and be able to give live testimony.
We know and believe that the evidence provided our here proposition is factual and absolutely true.”

Signed/ Seven, Roni Nicholas and other direct family members of Marjorie and Ernie Vital


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