Guide to Stop 5G Small Cell Towers from Being Installed…

Helpful Guide to Stop 5G Small Cell Towers from Being Installed in Residential Yards Throughout Your Community

By B.N. Frank

The EMF Safety Networkrecently posted a very helpful guide for anyone NOT wanting 5G small cell towers being installed in their neighborhoods and communities.

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Why should you care?  These “small cell” towersmay be installed in front of homes every couple hundred feetin residential neighborhoodsand everywhere else.

There has been a lot of controversyreported about 5G already:

The industry vision for 5G is to enable the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Communities, driverless cars (and more), where roads and appliances (even baby diapers!) are embedded with wireless radiation transmitters that connect to cell phones, (utility) smart meters and the internet.

Dr. Oz, various media outletsincluding U.S. broadcast stationshave already been covering cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation exposure concernsfrom these towers and more.

5G and IoT may sound super coolif you aren’t concerned about health risks, small cell towers reducing your property value, or being hacked.  IoT already has an almost 75% failurerate.  Security experts’ warningswaver between hilarious and scary as hell.

Some stateshave already passed laws forcing these towers onto communities.  However, where people are fighting, installations are being denied or delayed.

5G uses a combination of microwave radiationand millimeter wave radiation.  Peer-reviewed published sciencehas already confirmedthat exposure to it as well as other sources of Electrical Pollution(Electrosmog)can cause healthproblems including:

Children, the disabled, and the elderly are more vulnerable to exposure.  Pets, nature, and wildlifeare vulnerable, too.

Suggestions for stopping cell towers from being installed include:

  1. Contacting your planning or permit department about applications for “small cell” towers. (Because there has been so much controversy already, some may deny small cell towers are being used for 5G.)
  2. Educating your communityabout EMF/wireless radiation health risks.
  3. Speaking at municipal government meetings.
  4. Sharing articles on social media and online bulletin boards such as “How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe.”and “How Big Wireless War-Gamed the Science on Risks, While Making Customers Addicted to Their Phones.”
  5. When there is a cell tower application pending, send a letter by mail and email to the decision makers and go to the public meetings and oppose it. Encourage others to do the same.
  6. Ask your municipal government to hire an independent RF specialist to prove these towers are necessary to fill a “coverage gap.”
  7. Create a flyerto circulate to let people know what’s happening and where to complain.

Other suggestions include:

    1. Circulate a petition.
    2. Send information and “letters to the editor” to local media outlets.
    3. Go to farmers’ markets and other community events to hand out flyers.
    4. Make posters ask shop owners to put display them.

It’s also very important to oppose 5Gat the federal levelbecause legislationis being discussed there as well.

Although the EMF Safety Network guide was written for stopping 5G small cell towers,it may be used to oppose other cell towers and wireless infrastructure as wellCurrent guidelines and legislationhave made it impossible for municipalities to deny an application based on biological and environmental risks for 20+ years already.  Telecom companies, business owners, elected officials, government agencies, and scientists-for-hirehave been using this to avoid applying The Precautionary Principleto new technology.

More resources provided by The EMF Safety Network include:

  1. Letter to Sebastopol, CA
  2. Peer reviewed published studiesproving harm to trees, birds, bees and insects
  3. European Union 5G Appeal.
  4. International Society of Doctors for Environment 5G Appeal

If you still think 5G and IoT sounds super cool and you don’t mind profuse sweating, Samsung will be selling a 5G routervery soon.

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