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I’d Rather Die

I’d Rather Die

by Zen Gardner
January 12, 2020

I’d rather die and be alive
Than die and just be dead
I’d rather fry than compromise
With flies around my head
“Death to Self!” the placard screams
While anger inside roils
“End it now, it pointless seems!”
Midst oceans on the boil
“What is this ego death, pray tell
What is this end to self?”
The specter looms with grin from hell
“Perhaps be truth thyself”
The banter rolls around the cage
Dampened by the fluff
Muffled, no expected rage
The audience? A bluff.
The lusting, liquid mind is quick
“No matter – hit the spot!”
“Perceive or not perceive I will!
Believe, or I am not!”
The pixelating picture fades 
And falls to end of screen
Illusion and its many grades
Were never as were seen
The show goes on, the limits burn
Like layered walls of brick
Yet slowly, ever slow we learn
That naught will ever stick
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