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How to Identify a False Flag – 1 of 2

Published on Aug 31, 2017

Ole discusses Psychological Operations known as a False Flag events, staged hoaxes, operations designed to manufacture an emotional reaction based on fear, in order to promote a dark agenda, know as the New World Order, a totalitarian society similar to what George Orwell described in his 1948 novel, “1984”.
With over 30 years of experience looking into false flag operations as well as political assassinations, Ole has been able to identify some of the tactics used when these operations are in effect.  From numerology to color coding, Ole discusses the nuances of some of the more recent events.
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This portion is being provided as a courtesy from Veritas Radio. To listen to more of this exclusive interview proceed to http://www.veritasradio.com
S y n o p s i s Ole Dammegard is back to discuss his investigation on the latest false flag events around the world and how to identify them.
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