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Illuminati influence in the music industry- part 1

Published on Nov 3, 2017

DVM-TV interviewed Ole Dammegård about the Illuminati influence in the Music industry. This is part 1, see also part 2 on this channel. Visit our website here: www.dvm-tv.com

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  1. Interesting. Pretty hard to take though. I think I saw a difference between the hippie ‘scene’ on the East Coast than on the West. I was not into new age crap ..grew up in DC area. lived in NYC for a while with/around people that had hippie souls but more beat/jazz affect. Thing is, they were very political… very left wing.. anti-war, active. Union supporters etc. Probably marxists. Then when I moved to SF Ca., I was appalled that the ‘hippies’ there were so much more narcissistic and actually anti-activity… no organizing for unions , the anti-war movement was already gone by 1978 (this was not true on the east coast)… just kind of detached. I thought it was very lame. So the point of a lot of the mk-ultra, if focussed on that region at that time, seems to have worked. One other thing… I went thru the Beatle era… even went to the first concert in the States, not Ed Sullivan, but 2 days later in DC.. Feb 4, 64.. Uline Arena. Kept the ticket.. Even as a kid, I noticed that this amazing read-to-go exciting phenomenon came RIGHT AFTER the obvious set-up murder of John Kennedy. I never believed the BS official story. The guy who supposedly shot him got murdered (i.e., no way to put him on trial) on TV for gods sake… in front of everybody, including me. No way.,… They really thought we were stupid….

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