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Is Facebook Becoming Totalitarian In It’s Ways And Should We Escape?

I’m going to use a nightclub as an analogy to try and describe the current state of social media. You can have the best venue, the hottest DJ’s, cool lighting and special effects …but it’s still no fun if no one turns up to the party.

That was the main problem with Google+. It had lots going for it but there was no reason (at the time) for anyone to show up. It was a giant venue with just a few people standing around the empty dance-floor looking at each other holding empty glasses wondering what to do next.

Facebook on the other hand is a totally different story. The nightclub is packed and that’s why we keep going back even after being kicked out, because everyone is there right? But when we get there we find that we’re packed in like sardines in a tin, the queue to the bar is too long and drinks are greatly overpriced not to mention watered down. We can barely see the dance floor as it’s full of tired mothers holding crying babies and the DJ box is surrounded by obnoxious drunks tossing their empty glasses at the DJ. Meanwhile you can always hear screams from someone somewhere being mugged and the you can barely hear yourself think over the sound of people hurling verbal abuse at each other. To top it all off your best friend got thrown out for smoking weed in the toilets and someone just peed on your shoes. In short Facebook has become a major buzzkill and it’s just not fun anymore.

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As a business Facebook itself seems to have become drunk with it’s own power – too big too fail, at least in their own eyes. Their early success created a monetization problem which they’ve apparently solved at the expense of their users who made the site popular to begin with. In other words we’ve been used folks.

Worst of all, they’re collaborators. They’ve become so embedded with the state establishment that they’re essentially becoming the social media wing of the government. Their propensity to control the narrative and monitor dissent should be disturbing to any freethinking individual.

The big problem is that everyone knows all of this already but we STILL keep going back even after being banned or having your business pages deleted. Why? 1: Because no one wants to dance by themselves and 2: All the action is happening at Facebook

The first reason is why I have been focusing a lot more attention to Instagram and even Twitter lately. It’s not like I’m making any money there but at least I can get my social freak on without being peed on, abused or robbed.

On that note here is a link to our Instagram – www.instagram.com/educate_inspire_change/ and Twitter : https://twitter.com/Tweet4EiC

I’m reading back over what I just wrote and I get that I might be coming across as a disgruntled angry old man . Fact is I have spent 6 years of my life working on Facebook building my Brand (Educate Inspire Change) up to over 2.5 million fans and the reach on posts is now far lower than 2 or 3 years ago when i had only 500k followers.

This video pretty much sums up the relationship with Facebook over the years:

So I have two options, I can either roll over , give up and look at other platforms to continue building my brand on or I can roll my sleeves up, use my brain and work hard like I have been for the past 6 years and maximise the platform that Facebook offers.

In truth the demands Facebook is making of its users who own large pages like I do are not too unreasonable. They want high quality original content that does not mislead of misinform it’s viewers. Granted Facebook is killing our reach but I am still optimistic about the future for brands and organisations that wish to grow and flourish in this digital revolution we are living in.

So to use the nightclub analogy I intend to help make the nightclub a nicer place to be, to create an area in the club where people can dance and speak freely and enjoy the reasonably priced drink and good conversation with their friends. And I hope all of you will continue to help support the page Educate Inspire Change and others by engaging with our posts even if Facebook makes it difficult for you to see them ????

To everyone reading this if you wish to collaborate or simply connect please free to email me at [email protected]

It’s of course still very important for us to grow on all social media platforms to please be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and  You Tube. All links below. Thanks!!!

Kasim Khan – EIC Founder




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