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Light Coaching

Light Coaching is about helping you to get the best out of you and life in general during your awakening process.

I won’t lie to you – this ‘waking up thing’ often makes us feel like strangers in a strange land. The thing about waking-up is that it is often quite uncomfortable, and sometimes unbearably lonely. It is rough being awake when it feels like everyone around you is still asleep – and they are looking at you like you are out-of-your-mind!

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Waking up profoundly changes everything you see, feel and think. When you know the Truth, you cannot un-know it, and you cannot go back to the person you once were. That ‘you’ no longer exists – that life is no longer available.

Many of us handle the downside of awakening by ‘checking-out’ or self-medicating to overcome depression and anxiety, and to get us through sleepless nights of overwhelming sadness – and even fear of being all alone in the world. Whether waking up was something that you wanted or something that randomly found you, it can be extremely painful with little or no support, while the world disowns you. I know it all too well and have been there.

It is our human nature to want to be part of a family, community or tribe – to be loved, cherished, protected and honored for who we are. So when we are squeezed out, rejected, judged or made fun of, it cuts to the core. Others accuse us of not being the same as we once were, and therefore they feel justified in their negative behaviors toward us – because they think that we are the ones asleep and they are trying to wake us up – for our own good!

We are all awakening. Even the people who you never thought would wake up – they are waking up too! You and I are just a little ahead of the crowd. In the past, we have been described as ‘way-showers’. I think that fits, but it would have been nice if it came with an instruction booklet, and maybe some warnings. My hope is to share some insight with you that might help as instructions or guidance to help you emerge from this arduous process of awakening – feeling both fulfilled and fulfilling your mission – as a ‘shower-of-the-new-way’.

If you go all the way, you will discover that ‘alone’ transcends into ‘All One’ – where you are connected to everyone and everything, regardless of external conditions. From this place, new types of conscious relationships can be established, unlike anything you have ever experienced.

As a guide in our sessions, I have included:

• What to do when you are awake and feel alone
• What NOT to do
• How to relate to the sleepy-ones… and
• How to overcome loneliness

Life coaching is about you, for you and centers on you. Life coaching is not about training you or telling you what to do, it’s about coaching you through thought processes, ideas, decisions, change and actions that you decide is best for you and your life.

I believe that you have all the answers inside you, which are right and true for you. I believe that achieving the life you truly want, is an active choice and 100% possible.

So, let’s begin….

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