RECORDING Live Webinar: Time to Power Up!

For anyone who logged in at the wrong time, my deep felt apologies. I made a mistake with the summer/winter time change in Scandinavia. Living in Indonesia, I totally forgot. My bad, sooooorry – Ole


21:04:37 From Kim : Hi and welcome all. Please write your questions here and I will ask Ole. Hugs from us in Bali xxx
21:11:37 From serena : I setup a telegram group for no mRNA on farm animals, I want to know what we can do to stop them vaccinating animals or food that we eat….
21:12:11 From serena : We are gathering names and emails of farmer buirtchers etc… and a lit of government officials.. but I know they don’t care what they do…. So maybe it won’t have an affect but you might know what angle we could beat them at
21:19:27 From ingerlisewalaker : When I started to paint the zebra, I really thought of you in the back of my mind. I saw you more like a lion, But yesterday I looked up the meaning, and the title is “The majestic” So I looked up the Symbolism: it was Community, freedom balance andindividualism. 😮 🙏♥️
21:20:59 From Kim : Beautiful Ingerlise 🙏🏻
21:21:29 From Kim : Will ask him soon Serena.
21:24:23 From serena : All good whenever….. whenever it fits in.. just posting it whilst I can
21:39:21 From serena : It’s funny you say that.. tonight at dinner we talked about how all this stuff going on is enough to make you want to kill yourself.. not say me personally.. but people…. In overload….. when they just keep moving forward doing what they want.. and walking over people
21:39:52 From Kim :
21:48:07 From Kim :
21:48:44 From Kim : My kids books about what he talks about
21:48:55 From Kim : For age 5-100
21:48:58 From serena : 😍
21:48:59 From Kim : 😃
21:54:45 From serena : Spell Melanies name
21:55:26 From serena : I go like that also.. doubt and fear… and then hope
21:55:29 From Kim : Nalanie Harilela Chellaram
21:55:39 From serena : thanks
21:57:59 From Kim :
21:58:05 From Kim : Her channel here
21:59:09 From Kim :
21:59:12 From elsje Brugge : Hello Ole, can you tell us how far Reiner Fuellmich is with the trails? Thanks.
21:59:20 From Kim : She does live satsangs online
22:03:22 From Siri : Hello from Göteborg! ☺️❤️
22:04:21 From elsje Brugge : hello from Brugge, a beautiful city and many birds in my garden. Thankful for them
22:08:44 From anita : Is it possible for a person to be a starseed or in 4th to 5th dimension and have a chronic illness?
22:10:03 From serena : Bit like mother teresa
22:10:39 From elsje Brugge : Teresa was man and part of childtraffic.
22:11:11 From serena : Who is Cody?
22:16:31 From Antje McClellen : Cody said in his book that the court system is rigged in the USA
22:18:07 From Kim : For sure Antje
22:20:58 From Kim :
22:21:04 From Antje McClellen : The false Flag school shootings in America are getting bogged down with, going nowhere investigations about how the police could have reacted blah blah. its just to legitimize the operation.
22:21:13 From elsje Brugge : So, we have Yannick Verdyck who has been shot dead in his bed, October. Now we have a new martial and we have a group who ask justice , each day we twitter for justice
22:21:25 From Åshild Kristin : My impression is that many of the female light workers are being stopped by different health challenges even if they have worked a lot on their own issues. Can it be that the dark forces are trying to stop them?
22:21:40 From Kim :
22:23:47 From Lisa : Hi Ole and Kim and everyone. I recently moved to Florida and am wondering if you know who is Ron DeSantis (governor) and is Trump’s announcement on Tuesday (presumably announcing his candidacy for President) a good thing?
22:25:18 From elsje Brugge : Our dear Rockefellers
22:26:22 From The Maestro (Steven’s Real News Corner) : Hello Ingrid….. size 43 please! 😉
22:26:37 From Vijayarani Fedson : Vaccines – I think the anti-rabies vaccine was-is genuine. Two Univ students were bitten by a rabid dog; one got the vaccine, the other, a relative, did not. The person who did not get the anti-rabies shot, got hydrophobia, had to be put in an induced coma, and died.
22:32:47 From serena : Thank you
22:32:54 From The Maestro (Steven’s Real News Corner) : Hi there Ole! Thanks again for our podcast together with ed De Boer last week! What are your thought s on the Big Announcement by Donald Trump coming Tuesday the 15th of November. Will JFK jr. return?
22:33:32 From elsje Brugge : Thank you too, sorry understood you start at 3 pm
22:33:53 From The Maestro ( Steven’s Real News Corner) : Yes, I was apparently too late. I logged in at 3 pm…
22:34:10 From Antje McClellen : Thank you. See you soon hopefully!