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Mother of Three Overjoyed After Losing Arm in Shark Attack

Mother of Three Overjoyed After Losing Arm in Shark Attack

By Alex Scott

I often wonder if those responsible for orchestrating the many staged events and false flag attacks to which we have been witness over the past few years make bets with one another to see who can come up with the most ridiculous narrative to sell to the sympathetic but gullible masses.

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and ask yourself, “Do they really expect people to believe this crap?” Well, not only will people believe, they will also gladly open up their wallets to surrender their hard-earned cash in the misplaced belief that they are being helpful, even altruistic. If all this makes me sound cynical then I encourage you to keep reading and decide for yourself if this event happened as described or if it’s just another staged human interest story.

Vacation in Paradise

On June 2, 2017 James and Tiffany Johnson were enjoying the last full day of their cruise to the Bahamas. During their final port-of-call the North Carolina couple decided to charter a small boat in order to go snorkeling on nearby Paradise Island. What was supposed to be a day of fun and sun soon turned to tragedy and mayhem. Lurking beneath the placid blue waters lay the ocean’s most deadly and remorseless apex predator. The majority of those fortunate to have survived a shark attack carry that fear with them for the rest of their lives. However, Tiffany Johnson’s encounter with a tiger shark is a story of hope – one that she wants to share with the world.

According to various news reports Tiffany’s husband, James, was feeling seasick and had returned to the boat. Tiffany remained in the water and was enjoying the breathtaking ocean scenery when she said she suddenly felt something bump up against her. Turning around to investigate she found herself face-to-face with a tiger shark that held her lower right arm in its mouth. As Tiffany attempted to free her arm the shark bit down severing the appendage and instantly creating a pool of blood.

Hearing his wife scream a frantic James Johnson dove back into the water to rescue his bride. James was able to get his wife back into the boat avoiding any further attack from the shark. Tiffany directed her husband to get a towel so that she could wrap it around what was left of her arm in order to stem the massive loss of blood. Once back on shore an ambulance rushed Tiffany to a local hospital where she underwent emergency surgery as doctors worked to save what remained of Tiffany’s right arm.

A Series of Miracles

Tiffany credits the couple’s strong Christian faith and steadfast belief in God as being the only reason that she was able to survive the shark attack. She explains to reporters how a sense of calm suddenly washed over her after realizing her forearm had been literally ripped away by the tiger shark. Tiffany’s own words best describe what was going through her mind at the time.

“Immediately when I pulled out, I just saw that I had lost my arm and it was just mangled. I just ripped off my snorkel mask and I just started swimming and I screamed out, ‘Help me Jesus! Help me!”

Continuing, Tiffany further explained, “I felt this tangible peace on me and it was so thick, that I was just calm.”

The couple admitted that they are still perplexed by the fact the shark did not follow the trail of blood and attack again. Even more miraculous is that the shark also did not drag Tiffany under the water, which expects say is common in a shark attack. As husband James commented, “He gave me my wife back. That shark didn’t pull her down into the water and he didn’t follow us as we were going back to the boat.”

It is pretty astounding. Who knew that tiger sharks possessed such empathy that they would deviate from their established and well-documented patterns of behavior. Tiffany was both grateful and overjoyed. “I’m thankful to be able to share this story and I hope, and I know, that it’s going to change people’s lives because you can’t hear this story and not see God in it.”

Not Your Typical Shark Attack

Tiffany Johnson is quite a remarkable woman. The average person who has just discovered their arm in the jaws of a shark would probably not be as calm as Tiffany claims to have been. As we listen to Tiffany and her husband recount their experience it just sounds too implausible to believe. While I do not discount the fact that a person’s faith can play a significant role in their over all outlook in life and/or the many harrowing situations in which we are placed, it is quite unbelievable that Tiffany, or anyone else in her position, would not have a sense of fear. To be perfectly blunt, Christian or not, Tiffany Johnson should have quite likely been absolutely scared shitless!

The video below shows Tiffany and James Johnson being interviewed for a segment of NBC’s Today Show. When watching keep in mind that this was filmed only seven days following the loss of Tiffany’s arm. Pay particular attention to her descriptions of the events as well as her mannerisms and over all disposition. Does what she has to convey to the audience sound believable? I think you’ll have just as many questions as I did.

Here is a second interview the couple gave to a local television station.



The first thing we notice about Tiffany Johnson is how animated and positively upbeat she appears just one week after nearly losing her life to a shark attack. It just is not natural. Had this actually occurred as reported, Tiffany would most likely be in a state of severe depression. Losing an arm or a leg isn’t like misplacing a set of keys. It completely changes your life and your ability to perform most tasks. It is not uncommon for people who have lost a limb to undergo months and even years of mental health counseling.

Look at the following photograph.

This picture was taken within 48 hours of Tiffany losing her arm! She’s smiling as though she just won the lottery. As was stated above, losing a limb is an emotionally traumatic event. The typical person would be suffering an unbearable emotional loss and would more than likely be in a great deal of pain.

Notice too that Tiffany is holding what’s left of her arm completely straight out in front of her. Based upon my research it is doubtful that Tiffany would have had the strength to do this so soon after an amputation. In addition to the significant loss of blood, Tiffany should have also suffered significant nerve, muscle and tissue damage. She should also have been in a fair amount of pain. She would, most likely, need a large pillow or piece of foam with which to comfortably rest her arm.

In addition, individuals who have undergone an amputation of their arm typically spend 5 to 14 days in the hospital as part of their initial recovery due to risk of possible infection and other complications. This makes the hospital wheelchair photograph of a smiling, happy-go-lucky Tiffany Johnson all the more ridiculous.

It was also reported that Tiffany is to undergo yet another surgery on June 16th in order to be fitted with a prosthetic. According to the article, “Doctors expect Tiffany will be able to use a prosthetic arm and eventually be able to do everything she once could with her real hand.”

Compare and Contrast

After reading Tiffany’s story and observing her in various video reports I decided to look for other similar shark attack stories to see if there were any similarities. While I did find survivors of shark attacks who, like Tiffany Johnson, stated they experienced no initial sensation of pain immediately following their attack that is pretty much where the similarities ended. I intentionally narrowed my focus to women close to Tiffany Johnson’s age who had also lost an arm.

In January of 2011 a registered nurse named Nicole Moore, 39, of Orangeville, Ontario was vacationing with friends in Cancun, Mexico. After finishing a game of beach volleyball, Nicole walked a few feet into the ocean to wash the excess sand off her body before heading back to her hotel. Her friends had already departed and she was one of only a handful of people still left on that portion of the beach.

Little did she know that her simple act of splashing was drawing the attention of two bull sharks in the immediate area. Two men on jet skis began waving their arms and yelling at her in Spanish. Nicole waved back and laughed thinking the two men were simply being friendly. However, the men had previously spotted the two sharks and were attempting to pull them back into deeper waters.

Before Nicole could realize what was happening one of the bull sharks bit into her left thigh. The shark then grabbed hold of Nicole’s left arm and began pulling her under water, which is a typical occurrence in most shark attacks. Nicole was able to strike the shark’s nose with her right fist causing the apex predator to release its grip. The sudden loss of blood had sent Nicole into an immediate state of shock. Luckily, the two jet skiers came to her aid and managed to get her back to shore.

Lying on the beach, Nicole could sense herself about to lose consciousness from the loss of blood. Because she was a registered nurse she began taking a medical inventory of her injuries and pleaded with those assisting her to keep talking and not let her fall asleep. With every heartbeat a stream of blood gushed from the severed arteries in her arm. A vacationing American took the string from his swimming trunks and fashioned a tourniquet.

Due to the blood loss Nicole’s breathing was getting more shallow by the minute and she stated later that it felt as though time was slowing down. At that moment Nicole recalls thinking she was going to die on that beach.

By the time paramedics arrived at the hospital Nicole’s organs had begun shutting down; she had lost consciousness and was unable to breathe. During an eight hour operation doctors transfused unit after unit of blood in order to keep Nicole alive. When she regained consciousness she found herself on a breathing machine with a tube down her throat. She had so many toxins coursing through her body just from the trauma. She was dehydrated, lethargic, fatigued and in agony.

After six days in a Cancun hospital she was flown back to Toronto. Doctors continued to remove sand from her wound and were surprised that Nicole was able to sit up and engage in normal conversation after only six days following her operation. (Emphasis added)

Nicole went on to face a strenuous rehab routine and endured several more operations. Like most amputees, she suffers from phantom pain, which so far has prevented her from wearing her prosthetic arm.

Notice the contrast in Nicole’s story with that of Tiffany Johnson. While not a completely identical attack, Nicole’s recovery was lengthy and arduous. In addition, I could find no photos of a smiling and happy Nicole taken only a couple of days after her attack.

Nicole Moore – 2015

Mounting Expenses

Even though the Johnson’s give all the credit to God and their devout faith in Jesus Christ for ultimately saving Tiffany from being eaten by a tiger shark, they appear to have no problem asking us mere mortals to give them money. Seems that the Johnson’s trust in the Lord to provide falls short when it comes to covering their medical expenses.


As I have noted in previous articles, the posting of a Go Fund Me account almost always appears within a few days following a particular staged event. Many times the account is started the very day of the incident having taken place.

I personally find it hypocritical and egregious to use Christianity (or any faith) as a means to sell a fabricated story. There are millions of devout Christians who will read Tiffany Johnson’s story and be inspired by her strong Christian beliefs not realizing that the whole thing is completely disingenuous. Through no fault of their own they will pray for Tiffany and her family and even donate money in the belief they are doing the Lord’s work. It’s quite sad.

Possible Use of CGI?

While I have no definitive proof, I would be curious to know if the appearance of Tiffany’s amputation was done by utilizing Computer Generated Imagery, or CGI. This technique has been perfected in the past few years and widely used in Hollywood motion pictures. One of the first realistic portrayals of an amputation was used in the 1994 film, Forest Gump. The character, Lt. Dan (portrayed by actor Gary Sinese), lost his legs in Vietnam Nam. This imagery was filmed utilizing a “Blue Screen” CGI technique and was quite convincing.

In the twenty-three years since the film’s production, these techniques have vastly improved. If there are any CGI experts reading this article I would enjoy reading any comments you might have. Again, this is only speculation on my part. That being said, the people staging these events will stop at nothing to sell a story.

Final Thoughts

There seems to be more stories related to sharks in 2017 than in previous years. We are hearing of the increase in shark attacks as well as deviations from normal migration practices, etc. Whether or not these things are actually taking place the powers that be and their mainstream media sycophants are always quick to exploit whatever they can in order to push their propaganda and construct a phony narrative.

Whenever we come across a story such as this one we often ask why such a false narrative has been presented. In many cases it is obvious. For example, Sandy Hook was a staged event in order to garner support for gun control. The Boston Bombing was staged, in part, to condition Americans to accept the presence of military on our streets. The Pulse Nightclub Shooting helped to push the LGBT agenda and gun control. San Bernardino, Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting, Manchester Arena and London Bridge Attacks were staged to keep us in fear of Islamic terrorism and further expansion of the police state.

In the case of Tiffany Johnson the agenda(s) seems to be a bit more subtle. However, I did notice one narrative being pushed that has become very common in the last few years. There is a big push at the moment to portray men as being weak, timid and stupid. How many television sitcoms, dramas and commercials have we seen lately where the man/husband/father is portrayed to look like an absolute moron who can’t do anything right.

Throughout the many articles I read regarding her shark attack, Tiffany is portrayed as being strong, calm, level-headed, rational and brave. In contrast, James is portrayed as being scared, frightened, panicked unsure and indecisive. It is even pointed out that he could no longer snorkel with his wife because he had become seasick.

Please do not misconstrue my observations. There are obviously many strong women out there – both physically and emotionally. In fact, most women have a much higher pain tolerance than men. My objective was to simply point out the inconsistencies with regard to the media’s over all portrayal of men.

Regardless as to whatever reasons this narrative was concocted and passed off as real, it is more important to realize that we have once again been lied to by the corporate elite.

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