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Published on Mar 21, 2014

My talk with Ole Dammegard about the urgency that we transcend fear and embrace love, to rebalanced ourselves, and that we find the courage for truth and transparency, to face the evil and corruption in our system, to stop the madness, in order to lift ourselves to another level. We discuss our great responsibility to change to create a better future for future generations, and the great importance that we all shine light on the darkness in our world.
Ole appeals to people in government and in uniform to come forward and speak the truth, and reminds them that the game of lies and deceit is over, and asks them to change sides and come back to truth. He exposes some of the worse, serial hit men used by the CIA and governments, included in the JFK assassination and Martin Luther King, and we discuss the multiple Bankers suicides. We talk about how we all feel what is right and wrong and the importance that we stay connected to those feelings, and our ethical, moral alarm bell.

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