Private Skype Session with Ole


After 35 odd years of deep investigation into many major conspiracies, award-winning researcher and Raja Yoga Teacher Ole is now offering Private One-on-One sessions (Skype or by landline). Here he will do his very best to deliver hard core facts that will help expose the hidden truth, while boosting your spirit and joy.

Ask anything you would like about the assassinations of for instance John F. Kennedy, Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, 9-11, or all the latest falseflag operations. Or maybe just personal questions on how to deal with life the way we are experiencing it at this moment. Anything you feel like asking about – feel free.

After the purchase you will be redirected to a page where you can print out this Gift Card, if you would like to give it to a close friend or maybe as a gift for a loved one. Then contact Admin Johnny Smith at [email protected] to book a time and date of your convenience.