Robo Realtors Invade Tennessee Housing Market — “It’s Like A Segway With An iPad”

By Tyler Durden

As you might remember, if not, we’ll refresh your memory, we reported on a real estate technology company several years ago that wanted to lower the cost of home-selling by using robots and “big data” instead of commission-based real estate agents. Now it seems the trend of replacing real-estate agents with robots is heating up again. This time, robots have already sold nearly two dozen homes in Tennessee.

The home buying process in Tennessee is currently going through a technological revolution.

Prospecting homebuyers, who visit listed Goodall Homes in the state, are greeted with a Segway-like robot that will answer all real estate questions.

The Tennessean is reporting that Goodall’s robots are situated in listings located in 13 neighborhoods across the Nashville region and Knoxville.

The robots, called Innovative Sales Consultants, have replaced the need for agents or sales associates to be present at a listing when home buyers want to look inside.

So far these robots have sold 25 houses as of mid-Sept, said Amber Davis, the company’s online sales manager.

Chris O’Neal, Goodall’s chief business development officer, told The Tennessean that automation would revolutionize the homebuying process.

“It’s not far-fetched to think that one day, maybe just months away, (our) competition maybe Amazon,” said O’Neal.

The Tennessean interviewed home buyer Rachael Flynn, who pressed the ring video doorbell at a Goodall model home in Durham Farms and was immediately welcomed by a robot at the door.

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“It came to the door. We were buzzed in by the Ring doorbell and she rolled over. It was like a Segway with an iPad,” said Flynn.

The newspaper said a team of six real estate agents operate Goodall’s robots remotely. Conversations between agents and homebuyers are held with FaceTime or Skype. 

Flynn said the home buying experience was similar to a realtor in the same room, but noted a significant problem: the robot had wheels and couldn’t travel up the stairs.

Flynn also said the new process allowed her to visit the home on her own schedule, rather than when the realtor was available.

Goodall’s robots are currently available day and night in ten Nashville region neighborhoods. In Sumner County, the robots are at homes in White House, Durham Farms in Hendersonville, and in Gallatin at Carellton, The Retreat at Fairvue, The Reserve at Cambridge Farms and Patterson Farms.

In Wilson County, the robots are at The Grove at Five Oaks in Lebanon and Oakvale in Mt. Juliet. In Rutherford County, they are at Valleybrook and The Reserve at Marymont Springs in Murfreesboro.

“To date, Goodall’s sales team has helped nearly 300 people using the ISCs, and have assisted in 25 sales, proving that the new technology is working,” Davis said.

And by 2025, your next real estate agent may be a robot.

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