Sheriff swears in youngest recruits

Sheriff swears in youngest recruits in Madison County history

The youngest crop of recruits in Madison County history were sworn in by Sheriff Buddy Harwood at Hot Springs Elementary.

“I promise to do my best, to report for duty on time,” Harwood said during a ceremony with junior deputies ranging from second through fourth grades.

“You guys are hereby deputies now, are you ready to go to work?” he asked the excited group. “We got work to do, don’t we guys?”

The newly sworn junior deputies included Zackery Kirkpatrick, Jose Lopez, Morgan Buckner, Dalton Elkins, Jenna Reese and Jacob Ensley. Harwood said the plan is to expand the program to other schools and higher grade levels.

The six students will give the staff and SRO Scott Lunsford an extra set of eyes and ears on campus while encouraging them to be role models for other classmates. The kids will be assigned to direct students and parents on campus each day.

“We’re in Hot Springs, a rural part of the county, but a loving part of the county,” Harwood said. “And these kids know each other and respect each other, so we wanted to start in this location.

“It’s important, because we can groom the children at these ages to learn to obey the rules.”

Some junior deputies are already curious about law enforcement, so the program is a great starting point.

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