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Shifting Your Consciousness?

Shifting Your Consciousness? Your Work May Need to Follow

November 1st, 2017

By Stacy Vajta

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Work; let’s talk about it, shall we? I know it’s on your mind. I mean, it takes up a whole lot of your time.

You may be one of the few who really loves their work, and whose work truly supports them. More likely, you’re someone who’s thinking, “There’s more out there for me… but what?” 

Are you awakening to more soulful work?

The more conscious you become, the harder it gets to stay in situations that simply don’t honor your new-found energy. And for many, there is no bigger test of this spiritual up-leveling than with their work. More and more people are waking up and realizing that their work is no longer aligned and that misalignment is all of a sudden just too much to bear.

But what happens when you feel so beaten down that you have no idea what you want?

Our culture and work-world have drained so many of us that, sadly, it’s not unusual to feel as though you have no idea what you want. It’s as though a part of you has turned off. Someone says, “Well, what do you want to do?” and you feel blank and simply say, “I have no clue.”

If you’re one of the masses walking around feeling as though you are so ready for something new with your work life, but have no clue as to what that would be or how to go get it, the starting place is to open the flow of energy around your own creativity.

The truth is, your energy is in a rut, and that’s a second chakra thing.

Your second chakra holds the energetic ability to guide you to what feels good to you, what you want to say yes to, and the awareness that you are safe to go do that.

So, do your inner work. Spend time with your second chakra. Lean into it in meditation. Observe what is happening energetically and emotionally there in your lower belly when you infuse that chakra with the thought of leaving what doesn’t feel aligned “as work,” and stepping into something new (even if you have no clue as to what that is). Know what you’ll do next is not important yet; feel the emotions around simply the thought of change… even the confusion around it. Start by working with where you are, not where you want to be.

There may be all kinds of old beliefs and past experiences that come up when you simply acknowledge what you are feeling from your second chakra. As you open the energetic flow in that second chakra, begin to seek out what your true interests and gifts are… what feels inspiring and interesting to you. Go do new things. Take yourself into new experiences and follow what you find interesting in them. Plan a day where you simply go where the wind takes you.

These new interests and activities may have nothing to do with work, but you doing those opens a flow of energy that you’ll use to recognize your new work when ready. This is about you giving yourself the inner ability to recognize what you want, without going numb.

So for now, simply ask yourself what you want to do. Insist on an answer! “First thought = best thought” works really well here. Begin to open that flow of energy that feeds your own inner creativity. Then, start doing some of those things.

Work on you, then on the new job. It’s easy to want to keep pushing past this oh-so-important energetic step in your healing process and just keep trying to mentally figure out your next move. But rushing past this healing part and not re-aligning your energy is only going to land you somewhere that is still vibrationally incompatible.

You’ve got to start by activating your energy in a way that allows your creative energy to flow… where you can access YOU again. You need to flip the switch around the things that have restricted your innate energy, talents, and desire so you run that energy without getting stuck. Then, you’ll have the means to tap into your desire and begin to manifest that.

Is this all part of the awakening?

I think so.

I see people moving all about the work chess board these days, into more aligned work. The lines between work and vocation are blurring, which is a good thing. Stepping into work that is aligned to your Soul is how you will thrive.

The leap, however, can be scary. It means finding your power and claiming what is important to you. For some, it means stepping into new roles of leadership that put you on the front lines of changing corporate rules and mindsets. And for others, it means trusting that the change you make will still support you financially… maybe even more so.

No matter what, as you shift into more soulful work, you will find yourself. And it all begins with understanding what you want – at a soul level – and how you can let your own creative energy flow so you manifest that. Lean into that and your work shift will be a good one.

About the author: 

Stacy Vajta is a transformational coach and intuitive healer, with over 30 years experience working with people to break through the core patterns that hold them back from living a life they love. Her work is a blend of powerful long-distance energy healing, intuitive work, coaching and mentoring, all designed to help you clarify what’s going on, break through what has you stuck and create an easier way to move you forward.

To learn more, visit her at The Everyday Lightworker. While you’re there, pick up her FREE 5-Day Soulful Work Mini-Course.  You can also catch her on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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