Sopping Up the Gullibles and the Truly Great Escape

by Zen Gardner
April 4, 2018

I’m continually dumbfounded by the things our human family will fall for. Myself included obviously, even what draws my attention. It’s a wild ride here.

Actually it’s not surprising nor at all unprecedented. We’ve been duped all of our lives. In fact, we’re bred duped in a fabricated whirled of false choices. I look back at my own life incredulously at the things I’ve fallen for. But I woke up from much of it, and continue waking up as many are doing. The key is to keep on – keep on learning, keep on changing, and keep on letting go of what doesn’t serve us any longer.

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The pace is quickening. Today’s belief is tomorrow’s interesting phase we passed through, as we learn yet again to keep letting go. Fluidity is the key. What’s real and truly effective in our growth and lives will manifest. It’s all in place – we just need to clear the rubble, let things out, admit them and get in touch with them, learn deeply from them, and release it. All the while digging deep within for the Wellspring.

Easier said than done but it’s a process than can’t be bypassed.

In the external, the massive examples of “the big dupe” in society at large are religions, governments and the imposed economic system for starters. But those are obvious. Society is rife with containment systems from the top down and bottom up. Finding out about manipulated wars, false flags and controlled opposition is a massive wakey wakey moment for most. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The true degree to which humanity is being manipulated is almost unfathomable. But we need to pass through that phase into the realm of profound personal freedom and spiritual empowerment.

The False Hope Trap and the Mutant Matrix 

What seems to escape the awareness of many is this false hope phenomenon designed to draw the disillusioned back into the arena of endless futility. From hopey changey political types to diversions with outlandish “inside information” of never substantiated “massive political changes” under way – all to suck up energy and attention. That so many seemingly awake activists got swept into Trumpmania right on the tail of the O-bummer illusion was a total shock to many of us. And it goes on, one after the other.

By design.

I’ll add Q-anon to that just because of the effect and what it’s aroused, but I don’t know and it doesn’t matter to what extent it’s “real”. Psyops abound no matter how much “truth” they reveal. Now “The Event” is captivating everyone’s imagination. That’s hardly any different from the rapture escape hatch but again, there’s truth to it. For goodness’ sake, we’re in the middle of “the event “- we are the event if you ask me. The shift is arriving through us. The external will change, if need be, once we do. But it will likely collapse as the new is concurrently being born in the hearts of mankind.

It’s anything but “be here now” it seems.  There’s always another ploy afoot to channel this false hope agenda and keep us from the business at hand. Beware of that.

My question regarding these ploys is: why Isn’t this stuff obvious at this point? As Ole Dammegard, who has relentlessly and fearlessly exposed the pattern of these psyops says, “Come on, people!” What do people want, a revival or reformation of a system that was a set up from the get go? The US for example was designed from its inception to be exactly the manipulated globalist corporation that it is today, for all those holding on to the Constitution as some sort of safe guard. That’s way hard for many to swallow it, but it’s the truth.

Be A Glean Machine

Of course there are elements of truth and safeguards for supposed freedom peppered throughout the American experiment. How else would it work? This is true of just about everything, learning to see what’s true, false and/or agendized. We need to learn how to glean the truth and what resonates from any source and jettison the rest.

Just look how whole populations have been funneled into complete slavery and servitude. Of course they have to give the illusion of choice and some tenets of apparent freedom and personal rights. It’s still a gulag; a big comfy spun-into-fantasyland one. They discovered a long time ago this phony idea of democracy would work better at subduing a populace than outright despotism, which is very hard to enforce and obviously wrong and therefore causes rebellion.

The master stroke is to keep everyone seemingly “happy” with their “stuff” and entertainments and the illusion of choice. Of course you can add in the Huxleyan pharmacological nightmare and Orwellian style full spectrum surveillance and all the rest. And how was that sold? For peoples’ protection of course; and the drugs are to make us “happy and healthy”. Not to mention all the other vectors aimed at crippling humanity, from toxic food, air and water to the microwaved environment and on and on.

It’s quite the mind-boggle. No wonder so few want to wake up out of this dystopian nightmare. Not only would they have to do something about it, but they’d risk losing their comfy lives. That’s why they fiddle with energy and commodity prices to keep everyone placated. That’s also why they don’t pull the plug on the economy. It would be too messy. They like the slow full spectrum control and population reduction method, as outlined by the Fabians way back when and even before. That way we clean up as we go and the population slowly dies off and the rest give in. They’re long range planners, and slow burn executioners.

Does this surprise you? Or scare or depress you? It’s just reality on that level. We’re at an amazing convergence point in human history. We need to see it for what it is and the opportunity this provides us. What is the real solution to all this? Try and fix it? Try and stop it? How? Can we even? Certainly not on their playing field that they keep luring people back into.

This is where the supernatural comes in. It’s actually just plain natural but it’s been marginalized again by the matrix lie. What are we essentially? Just meat robots pushing or being pushed around by other meat robots? That’s what these dark forces would have us believe. Why?

Because once we discover who we really are and the soul-level power within us it blows the whole thing to smithereens. And it’s not a low level power thing like the brute force or clever mind tricks and tech crap they use. Our weapons are not of this world. They are spiritual. It’s time to activate those and trust the fact that fighting on their level or fearing them or being in awe of their phony power (think Wizard of Oz behind the curtain) is not an option.

Because it isn’t. We cannot play their game. We have a much much bigger mission here.

We need to get to Source as deep and as fast as we can and drop everything else. That’s how I see it. We set the wheels of the Multiverse in motion when we put first things first and dig deep to our eternal connections. We cannot do it ourselves at their level. It’s a ploy to draw us in and not discover the heavy duty amazingness that we are connected to and can thereby co-create and release the immense power of true love and truth from a level they know not of.

I’m reminded of the ancient Chinese tale of a spiritual master who was confronted by barbaric warriors who had just slain a whole village. He stayed in complete peace as they threatened him every which way. The inner and outer chatter of the thugs grew and grew as the wise man didn’t flinch even at thrusting swords. Eventually the errant attackers killed themselves to prove how brave they were.

For those of you in the know, that sure sounds like the Samson option the psychopaths have up their sleeve – so be it. We’re just visiting this planet anyway to learn many things and move on. But oh, what drama! It’s very real, but ephemeral at the same time as we grow through this.

The Big Lie Sold Via Many Tricks – Over and Over

The matrix is a set up and complete lie in absolutely every aspect, permeating every phase of deliberately structured society. As the sign in the close-out store says “Everything must go!”  That goes for virtually everything external and internal, including all of our personal idols and worn out beliefs and ideas and self image fears and contortions. The only way out of this mess is through the wormhole within us – our essential being that is connected to all of the Universe, and powered, protected and led by its very Source.

But I do wonder how can anyone place any credence at all in these obvious tricks. That may sound arrogant but you have to admit, it’s remarkable. What are people hoping for? For the metastasizing mutant matrix to correct itself, or that it’s in any way, shape or form fixable?

That’s a central tenet of the trap. Work on the illusion as if it’s real. It’s heavy duty energy diverging stuff and distraction from the real work within us to discover who we truly are and our connectivity to Source. The implications of this awareness are paramount.

The matrix is a vibrational black hole. Get in it, work in it, enter into conflict with it and ceaselessly describe and gripe about its workings and we’re burnt toast. Not just spent misdirected energy, but actually feeding the thing we’re so called opposing. Yes, go through the process to become aware of its existence and pervasive hold on humanity, but let’s be conscious and take the wisest course of action once we are awake and informed, and move through it.

The attachment is what to look out for. False hope diversions are incessantly being thrown at us and they’re easy to glom into. They seem to bring temporal peace and assurance in the battleground here. They’re not real. We can’t let ourselves get fooled and diverted from the real work. Drilling down to awareness and powers we never dreamed of. This is the first step. They can happen concurrently, but never neglect the drive for true connection to Source, unimpeded. We’ll know it when we get there. That’s the battle.

The good thing about any or all of these tests is that they show us how centered and grounded we are, or aren’t. We have to heed the signals as we go. Tests only make us stronger – ours is to keep drilling down to what’s actually real and then and only then make the true “difference” we long for.

Drop Out, Get Free and Grow Up

This awakening is real, as tired as that word may be getting. People are having massive personal changes in their lives now, shifts in perspective and awareness that in many cases they weren’t even looking for. Or wanting. It’s on. It’s in and all around us, evident in the preponderance of awake internet contributors, budding voices in society, and especially ourselves and those around us going through inexplicable personal changes. Let’s pay attention to this and move with it and let the rest go.

The mutant matrix is bound, and meant to, collapse and shrivel up. Don’t try to fix it or revive it, that’s a trap. The more we get on board with this vibrational shift and make the necessary personal changes the easier the transition will be. We can’t let fear or allow anger in any of their many forms direct our minds and lives. It’s easy to fall for, let’s just let our anger turn to compassion and give our full energy to this shift, beginning with ourselves.

Reactivity is enslavement. Observe and stay conscious and heart led. Guard your space.

The public arena is a play, a very persistent and intricately staged one. Let’s turn off our mental TVs as well as our physical ones. It’s a lure, a bait and switch, never mind the mindless amusements, which means away from thinking. It’s time to focus our lives like a laser to where we truly desire in our hearts. This brings great peace. Call it prayer, meditation, focus, personal commitment through shedding of distractions and shallowness. Whatever works.

But please realize this: the external and everything illusory is deliberately collapsing to help us all in this process. it’s a symbiotic unfolding as it should be. When we truly step back and observe from true inner selves this is clearly manifest.

Operations Here As I See Them

I keep any eye on what’s going on in the outer world, but it doesn’t rule my life and thoughts. My journey and continued awakening does. I prefer learning about inspirational and revelatory deep spiritual teachings most of all, as well as advances in true science, hidden history, archeology, and extra-normal phenomena in context if I feel like learning.

And I like learning. Processing towards a greater understanding in a greater and greater heart felt context is my passion.

The amount of alone and quiet time I spend has increased exponentially. My motto the past two years has been “keep the space”. In other words, guard my personal time and surroundings carefully with plenty of time for silence and nature and learning to be receptive and submissive to the process, because that’s where the real workings are going on. They need space and time to transpire and work through us. That may help others. There are no shortcuts – I feel like I’ve tried them all. Some learn more quickly than others, I’m on the slow boat but I’m thankful to be afloat.

It’s not particularly pleasant in some respects as the old impulses atrophy, but it must be done. We must venture into the unknown as I see it, and let the Universe, the great Creative force, work in our lives, without which we will never be equipped to effectively aid this amazing transition we’re in the midst of. This calling to Source is manifesting in amazing ways, many turning to previously held or newly discovered “faiths” of different persuasions and paradigms. Let it be.  All roads eventually lead to Source or whatever you want to call it, as long as our hearts are pure and we don’t fall for limiting beliefs, dogma, hierarchy, interfering entities, or mind-titillating trip offs.

But such is the journey. We each have our own, and create our own realities along the way to deeper discovery.

It appears to me our contribution is first and foremost vibrational and spiritual in many ways.  Our personal beingness is our contribution. At the end of life it is only who we have become that matters; not our deeds, reputation or good works. That’s the secret “weapon” that’s not so secret anymore. Who we are. Let’s revel in our newfound personal openness and the subsequent changes that brings on, and move boldly through everything thrown at us and make that connection.

And let’s not try to take all this and ourselves too seriously. We’re missing the fun and excitement of this great play when we do that. Let’s find our eternal centers, hook up, do our parts joyfully, and enjoy the show!

Keep on keeping on. We are the greatest secret! It’s in us.

See you there!

All the best, Zen


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