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The London terror attack of March 22 was fake, says Ole Dammegård.

The London terror attack of March 22 was fake, says Ole Dammegård. And he had predicted it.

A colleague wrote me today:

Can you remember that a short time ago I told you these terror attacks are orchestrated? Your reaction was: “I don’t buy that”.

In the morning I had published an articleabout a taped interview with investigative journalist Ole Dammegård. He called the London attacks of March 22 fake. The article got a lukewarm reception, whereas I had expected a lot of attention. My colleague explained the discrepancy: the subject is too unfamiliar for many people; the historic context needs to be presented. And then he reminded me about my recent dismissal.

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So why had I changed my mind? I had stumbled yesterday on a video with an interview with Ole. At first I thought it would a nonsense piece by a tinfoil hat wearer. But I pretend to dislike information bubbles, so I started watching the video. After 5 minutes my prejudice had faded. At the end of the video Ole had convinced me that there are too many weird details, and an independent investigation would be warranted. And I felt confused for a while.

According to Ole, a number of terror attacks in recent years have been ‘false flag operations’, aimed at seeding fear and division among population groups. In January there had been a car attack in Melbourne. Ole studied the video footage, and concluded after some analysis that a next attack would be at the Big Ben in London. He outed that prediction a month later in a radio show and in his news letter. And it did indeed come true.

Was that just a coincidental hit? Is it a hoax story? Or has Ole hit the unfolding scandal of the century up to now? Are we being manipulated into something, just like with the later admitted lies about Saddams weapons of mass destruction, that enabled so much misery over the Middle East?

In the interview Ole mentions some notable facts about the attack in London, such as victim’s outcast shoes, blades without blood, dismissed observation cameras, a freemasonry helicopter, a parliamentarian who gives a nasty heart massage.

It’s even worse with the video footage of the attack in Nice, France, on July 14, 2016. Someone started recording the white terrorist truck when it just drove normally on the road. That is suspicious; why would someone film that car for obviously no reason? More suspiciously, his wife is connected to the Mossad, the Israeli secret service. And a week later, at a terrorist attack in Munich, that same man is filming again.

A series of false flag terror operations is hardly imaginable, but in view of the facts, any alternative explanation may be even less likely.

Here is the web pageof De Vrije Media that featured the video.

Imagine that Ole is right.

Let’s assume for a moment that Ole is right. What then?

It would then be positive that no people in London were killed in an attack on 22 March. Islamic terrorism is slightly less an issue than we may have feared. And also important: the enraging photo of the heartless muslim woman with smartphone, who walked indifferently past a victim, was fake:


But we would really be in trouble:

Our Western governments apparently do not protect us from terror; on the contrary, the are complicit. In fact, we already knew that a bit already: the West is continuously waging wars in the Middle East and North Africa; and our governments are triggering and facilitating migration flows that bring terrorists to Europe. But maybe that seemed to be just incompetence of our drivers, while now we would be cheated blatantly. It’s happening under our eyes, but almost nobody gets it. It is like hypnosis. How could we escape from that, and where would that lead us? There are three issues:

  • Our rulers master the art of mass manipulation so well that we always keep falling for it.
  • The purpose of our rulers is to obviously about governing through confusion and division. If we become angry and start rebelling, we would be an easy prey for them.
  • And if we were to shake off our rulers, would their successors be better?


What is the truth?

How do we get the truth as long there is no independent research? Let’s use the power of the Internet. For example, we could find out the filmers, witnesses, relatives, agents, ambulance workers, doctors, etc., and question them.

By the way, some attacks may have been completely staged, while in others terrorists may have killed real people, but those terrorists may have been incited by secret services. That could for example apply to the attack in Nice.

I don’t have definite answers. I would advise anyone who takes Ole’s story seriously, to keep calm and to cautiously fight the good fight. For example, by calling on politicians to conduct a thorough and independent investigation into Ole’s allegations.

And in fact, the ongoing developments are positive: our rulers may have been doing such bad things for decades, maybe hundreds of years. Because of the modern communication media, their Empire of Evil is now collapsing. This is necessarily accompanied by a lot of confusion and turmoil, but in about 20 years we will be delivered from this evil, I hope.

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