The Microwave Industry’s Achilles Heel

Are Electromagnetic Frequencies The Microwave Industry’s Achilles Heel Or The “Allergy de Jour”?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

As a retired practicing healthcare professional, I think I can consider myself fairly well versed in allergies and allergic reactions from both my studies and working with clients who experienced allergic reactions from foods to feathers to you name it!

I learned there literally can be a thousand reactions the human organism is capable of experiencing depending upon an individual’s various health-impacting criteria, e.g., immune system, liver function, mental state, paints, perfumes, environmental inputs, molds, spores, pets and animal dander, vaccines, prescription medications—even water, believe it or not!

Basically, anyone can be allergic to anything; how about nickel allergy to cheap metal jewelry.  Or woolen clothing?  Insect bites? One percent of U.S. people have latex allergies!  Nothing, technically, is exempt depending upon an individual’s constitution and exposures.  That’s something allopathic medicine and some of the sciences seemingly write off as “not possible,” especially when it comes to modern technologies, which include electromagnetic impulses or frequencies called EMFs or RFs (radiofrequencies).

However, humans have not evolved as living organisms over millennia exposed to the elements created by modern technologies in the last one hundred years, so our constitutions are not ‘primed’ to deal with a lot of what could be considered physiological interferences either from gas out fumes, man-made chemicals, and even electricity, which generates various frequencies as you can see from this chart.


As you can see, just about everything “modern” emits electromagnetic frequencies, which means humans are being super-saturated with electromagnetic energy their organs and body systems have not been accustomed to over generations of time.  That’s recognizable when many folks probably find their bodies “talking to them” and giving them feedback about certain exposures in the form of discomfort and/or the inability to think, continuing headaches, or experience other health and bodily anomalies unknown prior to becoming hypersensitive.

One of the most important factors involved in allergies and allergic reactions is “stress.”  However, the irony of ironies regarding stress is this: the very thing a person is allergic to is a HUGE stressor upon their physiology, especially when an individual becomes electromagnetic hypersensitive (EHS), or what MDs are likely to diagnose as “idiopathic environmental intolerance” (IEI).

EMF stress is all around everyone today in our super tech ‘smart’ app/appliance-run world.  Wi-Fi is a huge stressor and kids are exposed to it in school for hours a day, 5 days a week; while adults may be exposed to Wi-Fi for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at work.  Hospitals are notorious EMF stress venues with all the high-tech monitors!  An individual’s home can be a huge stressor depending upon the following: home security system; utility companies AMI Smart Meter for electric, natural gas and water; Wi-Fi; smart appliances with ZigBee transmitters; super-size TVs; computers—you name it!  Don’t forget to include cell and smart phones, especially if you wear one “live” on your body or hold it next to your face.

Medically, allergic reactions are a recognized known and given in most instances, while some even can be life threatening, e.g., anaphylactic.  But other allergic instances are not recognized, or deliberately are denied, due to the politics of medicine and/or science, in my opinion.  EHS and IEI fall into that category.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America [1], allergies may affect 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children!  When I was a kid, just about every child ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch; today peanut butter is not allowed anywhere near a school!  Human immune systems change and so do allergies, including stressors.  The next allergy to have its “day in the sun” will be electromagnetic hypersensitivity because too many people are falling ill to microwaves non-thermal radiation waves!

However, some legal minds are beginning to ask questions about EHS and have dubbed a syndrome “Wi-Fi Allergies.”  The National Law Review [2] published an article about that topic June 21, 2017.  The last paragraph of the article “Are ‘Wi-Fi Allergies’ an Impairment Covered by the ADA?” makes a significant probing legal point, I think:

Despite the lack of scientific evidence or research to support electromagnetic hypersensitivity at this time, ever-changing technology and our reliance on devices makes it easy to see how more people might develop “Wi-Fi Allergies.” Employers might begin to see requests for accommodations based on electromagnetic hypersensitivity or claims for workers compensation benefits where an employee claims symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity from exposure at work. How far these claims will get without proper medical support is to be seen. But a word to the wise, the ADA prohibits retaliation against an employee who asserts his/her rights under the ADA, even if the underlying discrimination claim is meritless.

However, one correction needs to be made to the above opinion regarding “lack of scientific evidence or research to support hypersensitivity”—there’s tons of it, which “consensus science” and microwave industry professional associations refuse to accept.  If they did acknowledge such health problems, there would have to be cost-prohibitive safety measures built into every ‘smart’ device, cell towers and phones, and that’s not going to happen. Why?  Safety devices/measures will cost too much financially to make microwave technology safe and not damaging to human health.  The U.S. military is a predominating actor in the microwave-mind control-warfare industry and knows that, so money always talks!

My recommendation is to do your research and learn how to protect yourself and your family from those insidious, ever-present, non-thermal radiation waves.  Going all out in the ‘smart’ tech world, just may be the dumbest thing you can do for your body and health.




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