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The Myth of Authority

Governments Should Be Afraid of The People

The Myth of Authority – Governments should be afraid of their people – What is Government? Contrary to what many people assume, most of the suffering, injustice, and conflict in the world is not the result of greed, hatred, or intolerance. Instead, most of man’s inhumanity to man is the result of one particular belief. One irrational superstition which is shared by almost everyone: the belief in AUTHORITY. Most theft, assault, and murder in the world is not carried out by individuals acting on their own malice, but by individuals who are obeying the orders of so called ‘governments’. The worst atrocities in history were the result of a very small number of truly nasty people acquiring positions of power, combined with a very large number of average people who view those few people as ‘authority’, and so felt obligated to obey their commands. As always, use this info to gather more info.

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