The Travelling Terror Show?

Ole Dammegard with Andy Young and Jason Holmes on RN

Published on Jun 23, 2017

This week Andy and Jason were delighted to welcome back a guest who has been on Raconteurs News several times before, Ole Dammegard.

Ole has been researching government sponsored terror attacks for well over 35 years and has an astonishing body of work on his website Light On Conspiracies.

This time Ole was sharing a new idea he has been working on, namely that these events which are happening on an almost daily basis worldwide are actually being carried out by the same group of “Crisis actors who travel round the world covertly together with the sole purpose of creating the events.

This hypothesis has been something Ole has spent many many hours on examining details of the events in minute detail.

Ole has found that it seems to be this team are flown round the world secretly in military planes and then bussed to the venue where they work to create their dastardly illusions.

This subject tied in neatly with the previous show we did with Jason Green o the Manchester bombing at which some of his friends were involved.

You can keep abreast of Ole’s research and support his work if you are able at his website and also on faceook with his group Ole Dammegård Truth Seeker Conspiracies Open Mind Awareness False Flag ops

Many thanks to Ole Dammegard for making time to share his research with us and also to all our listeners for their continued support.

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