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The U.S. Empire Will Devolve Into Fascism

Here’s How The U.S. Empire Will Devolve Into Fascism and Then Collapse — According to Science

Our governments want us to believe we live in a democracy but what’s really lurking under its shadow is a society under oppression, with more laws being adopted every day to assure things stay that way. We are subjected to ordinances, restrictions, rules and outright laws which govern every aspect of our lives. They keep telling us we don’t do nothing right and we believe them.

When will our society wake up from this nightmare? When will we realize that this is not freedom and democracy but quite the opposite? The ruling elite have made us so compliable through their mechanisms that we don’t even realize their true motives. Rules, regulations, absurd mandates, intimidation, threats of fines, extreme petty police reprisals and imprisonment – control mechanisms designed to keep us in line and under their thumb.

In this so-called democracy, the power-mad manipulating ruling elite impose themselves on almost everything for their ulterior motives: ownership, power, profit and political gain – nothing more. When will we realize this?

How can we break free from this never ending cycle of manipulation?

The only way you can achieve this is if you refuse to cooperate with their controlling system. How to do it? Well, here are 9 ways in which you can refuse to abide by their rules and break free from their manipulation.


Never blindly accept what you’ve been told by the authorities and the general consensus. By doing so you’re agreeing with their fake reality and denying yourself the right to think on your own. Question everything you’re told, make your own judgement and follow your reasoning.

Mainstream media often have a hidden agenda behind their stories and they carefully select what to expose to the public. Question the lawmakers, the corporations, the politicians and even the education system. Question our military’s actions and their motives. Question yourself and what you want to do in life.

We’re asking you to question everyone and everything that goes against your findings, or against your freedom.


Just say enough is enough and break out of their mental, spiritual and physical chains that imprison you. Disengage from the imposing controlling matrix and don’t let them intimidate you. Don’t fear their power and see the reality as it is.

The more you disengage the more confidence you get in your stand for non-cooperation.

Don’t hold up to your agreements: If you’re unwillingly serving the ruling elite’s disempowering, destructive control system, then walk away. This goes out for all of you serving the government.

Healthcare workers, if you don’t to be a part of a system that does more harm than good to its patients with medicines supported by a medical/pharmaceutical establishment that cares more about profits than the citizens’ welfare just walk away.

Police forces, if you’re against enforcing unjust oppressive laws, just walk away…

Soldiers, if you’ve seen the real truth behind the war you’re fighting and all its illegal, immoral, indiscriminate activity then just lay down your weapons and walk away…

The ruling elite and their associates will not be able to control us if we demonstrate our non-cooperation in high numbers.


One of their many control mechanisms is distraction. We get caught up in mindless entertainment, overly competitive sports and other meaningless issues which keep us from thinking about all the important things they want to hide away.  All of those economic, political, intellectual, religious, cultural and societal differences and similar issues are being served to us to distract us from seeing the big picture and raising against them.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in their distractions and see the big picture. It’s the only way towards freedom.


If you vote for one of the major political parties you just further support their agenda. Don’t support the ruling criminals and don’t let them fool you; If you’re in the US, stop believing the Republican-Democrat paradigm, for the Brits they need to see the Lib-Lab-Con sock puppet campaign for what it really is – a show financed by T.H.E.Y (The Hierarchy Enslaving You).

Liberals, democrats or republicans – it’s all the same, they’re all funded and supported by the ruling elite. Whoever sits in the big chair will only serve their masters and financiers and not the people who’ve voted them.


The TV is your biggest enemy and all the mainstream media serve just one lord – the ruling elite. Switch to alternative/independent media sources and learn how to tell apart the truth from the disinformation you’re being served up.


Don’t get fooled to join the army and become a part of the war machine. The army is designed to line the pockets of bankers, corporations and politicians while serving as a planned de-population agenda…

Don’t die for their benefits because you’re certainly not dying for the well-being of your nation.


The government is pushing for mandatory vaccinations, now more than ever, which makes us wonder what’s going on. Refusing to get vaccinated has never been so important. They cannot do anything if we refuse in overwhelming numbers. You should all know by now that vaccines are NOT safe and are simply ineffective. They can only make you sick and even cause serious health complication which can result in your eventual demise.


Don’t be fooled by deceptive marketing campaigns. Avoid anything with high sugar contents, steer clear from junk food rich in salt and trans fats. Processed, GMO and chemical-laden food should be avoided at all costs.

Don’t buy a microwave oven. Microwave cooking or non-stick coated or aluminum utensils should be avoided at all costs as well.  They turn everything into junk food and cause further health problems through toxic contaminants.

Avoid cooking at high temperatures for too long. The high temperature strips your food from all the nutritional value and you end up consuming junk food without even knowing it.

Junk foods and GMOs are all part of the ruling elite’s destructive hidden agenda.


Do you know what you really need as a consumer? Do you really need all the stuff you’re buying and are addicted to? We are a consumer society but we need to stop consuming things we don’t need! Break free from your shopping addictions and stop buying things you don’t really need.

The key to our freedom is non-cooperation. If we stop cooperating we’ll break free and be able to live our life as we want it!



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