This North Dakota Brewery Puts Photos Of Rescue Dogs On Beer Cans To Help Them Get Adopted

By Mayukh Saha

A North Dakota brewery has decided that some dogs should be smiling for a change. Dogs having a tough time finding their forever homes have been featured on their beer cans so that people moved by their appealing faces can contact the rescue where they are staying at present.

Fargo Brewing Company has featured the pictures of dogs up for adoption on their craft beer cans. The company has brought on board a non-profit, 4 Luv of Dogs, to help some pups reach their forever homes. The dogs featured are having a tough time getting adopted.

One volunteer says that the dogs staring out from the cans would be happiest in homes with no other pets. Volunteer Jerad Ryan said that does narrow down things a bit. But to reach out to the widest audience possible, they are featuring the dogs on the cans.

Dubbed the ‘one-der’ dogs, these dogs are finding it a bit tough getting foster homes or homes for adoption. Many shelters across the US can’t take in any more animals as they are filled to capacity. Some shelters such as Lifeline Animal Project in Atlanta have even waived their adoption fees to encourage people to adopt while Louisiana SPCA and Nebraska Humane Society have reduced their fees to open up space in their shelters.

Ryan has been a volunteer with the North Dakota based group for 4 years and the one-der dogs are special, he says. He is especially attached to Bizzy who he fostered. He holds a regular job at Northern Pains Label where they produce labels for breweries. So he had this inspiring idea to feature the down and out dogs on the beer cans.

Six dogs – Bizzy, Jensen, Hobie, Moby, Nyx, and Virginia – were chosen initially to feature on the beer cans. The community was invited to the special launch where they were offered a six-pack of Fargo Original Larger for $9 and a chance to meet one of the pups featured on the cans.

The social media and marketing manager of the brewery, Tawny Hewitt, told CNN that the dogs were featured on the labels of 40 cases and during the Monday night promotion; they managed to sell 25 cases. The packs are up for sale for this week and the remaining stock will be donated to the rescue. Part of the sales will also be given to the rescue.

Fargo Brewing informed CNN that they hoped that the one-der dogs featured on the cans will help in raising awareness about those pups who are finding it difficult to get new homes.

Ryan is happy at the response from the community and hopes that the publicity will help find forever homes for the waiting animals.

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