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Times Square Crash – Alexander Scott

The Times Square Crash – Just Another Broadway Show

By Alex Scott

Once again we have been exposed to another staged event in which a crazed individual is accused of driving over pedestrians on a busy street. This time the event occurred in Times Square. Just before noon on Thursday, May 18, 2017 Richard Rojas, 26, drove his 2009 Honda Accord down a busy Times Square street at a high rate of speed before crashing at the intersection of 45th and Broadway.

According to eye witness reports Rojas’ vehicle “plowed” through twenty-three individuals, killing one female and became airborne before coming to rest atop a steel bollard where it then burst into flame. Of the 23 people struck, the NYPD said that one female had died, four people had been critically injured with open fractures and multiple traumas and three others were seriously injured – all were hospitalized. Some 15 more were not seriously injured, and were not hospitalized.

Surveillance Video Shows Carnage

There have been several attacks similar to the Times Square event over the past year, including the London Bridge Attack, Stockholm, the Melbourne Burke Street Attack, Berlin and even in Jerusalem. The curious aspect to all the aforementioned attacks was that there was little video surveillance footage made available of the actual carnage. We were given a litany of excuses including that there were no cameras in the area, or that certain cameras were not operational at the time. They were all convenient excuses.

In a surprising turn of events, authorities did a complete one-eighty and released surveillance footage of the Times Square Attack from start to finish. By releasing this footage we are supposed to be convinced that this attack transpired exactly as reported. However, when analyzing the footage, frame by frame, it arouses more suspicion and further questioning as I will explain.

 The above photo shows what appears to be six or seven people having just been struck by Richard Rojas’ vehicle as it barreled through Times Square. This is just one scene that purports to show the carnage brought on by Rojas. Below is the video surveillance footage taken from multiple cameras in the area.


The majority of Americans will view this surveillance footage and react on an emotional level. This is understandable. The thought of another person viciously and deliberately running over our fellow citizens is appalling. However, I strongly encourage everyone to view the video footage then watch it again in slow motion. If you do, I believe you will have the same questions that I did.

The first thing you will notice is that even though multiple persons were struck, there is no blood. Had Rojas really been traveling at such a high rate of speed we should see many of these victims with crushed skulls, body parts strewn about the street, compound fractures, etc. Instead, what we see are people simply rolling off Rojas’ car seemingly unscathed. In fact, at several points in the video we see people getting struck head-on, falling to the ground and then miraculously getting right back up and walking away. They show no signs whatsoever of any pain or trauma. This is simply impossible.

There is one scene in particular that caught my eye. It shows obvious signs of staging. Immediately after several people are struck an unidentified man suddenly appears on screen waving his arms. Who is this man? He is a director. What we do not hear as the man frantically waves his arms is his yelling, “Cut!” The so-called victims in this apparent tragedy are most likely nothing more than stunt actors playing a part.

For those still skeptical that this was a real event where real people sustained real injuries then I also encourage you watch the following video. They do a good job breaking down how this event was was coordinated and how stunt people are trained to safely survive being hit by a moving vehicle. The video also breaks down how CGI technology is used and how it was likely inserted into the Times Square attack to add further realism.


This Hoax is Making Me Thirsty

Another thing we see at almost every staged event, especially those in the United States, is the presence of bottled water. This trend appears to have started with the Sandy Hook school shooting hoax in 2012. Since then bottled water has appeared at nearly every false flag event, including the Boston Bombing, San Bernardino, the Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting, etc.

What caught my eye when investigating the Times Square incident was not only the presence of bottled water everywhere, but that one particular brand of bottled water was seen carried by police, fire and EMS workers as well as by good samaritans assisting the victim’s. Also, this same brand of water was seen next to many of the victims as well. I find this to be more than coincidental. The odds of everyone having the same brand of water in hand are pretty low. Take a look.




In addition to so many of the same brand of water being utilized there was also an unidentified man assisting victims. Why was he carrying water around in a one gallon container?


My suspicion is that his backpack contained blood packs and he was using the water as a means to dilute the blood if necessary.

 The Victims

As was stated earlier, there is a significant lack of carnage at the scene. We were told that twenty-three people were struck or run over by Richard Rojas’ out of control Honda Accord. There should be blood and body parts scattered everywhere! One eye witness even stated that “there were chunks of flesh all over the road.” For those whose car has ever struck a deer or large dog then you know the kind of damage it creates.

As we look at pictures of the wounded we see only superficial wounds. We also see victims on stretchers who appear to have no injuries. Stranger still is that most victims are being tended to by concerned citizens rather than emergency personnel. Also, notice how many victims are talking on their cell phones after supposedly sustaining life-threatening injuries. Lastly, there is no sense of urgency. Had this been an actual event you would have had police, fire and EMS personnel caring for the wounded and setting up triage stations. However, there is a general lack of concern in rendering prompt emergency care. It’s just not believable.


I also find it odd that so many people are walking past the wounded with absolutely no look of concern whatsoever.


Eye Witness Reports

It was reported that Richard Rojas crashed his 2009 Honda Accord at 11:55 am. This event would have no doubt caused a great deal of confusion for all responding agencies as well as the citizens in and around Times Square. However, at 12:37 pm (just 42 minutes later) the various news outlets were already reporting the suspect’s name and knew all about his history, including details regarding his service in the US Navy.

Within minutes following the crash media began interviewing witnesses and asking them to give an account of what they saw and/or their personal involvement. As is often the case with a staged event the majority of the so-called eye witness testimony is contradictory to what actually transpired. In addition, many witness testimony appears to be scripted. The mannerisms, body language and the person’s overall disposition do not seem natural. Let’s take a closer look at some of the witness statements.

Andrea Proehl told an RT reporter that she was at Times Square as part of a school field trip. She stated that she and other classmates were taking photos when she witnessed Rojas crash his vehicle. When asked what she saw, Proehl had this to say, “You could hear a car coming and then it, like, hit a pole and you could hear the glass from the car hitting the pole.” The only problem with her statement is that when you look at photos of Rojas’ car immediately after it crashed the glass remained in tact. The front windshield was cracked, but not broken.

The above eyewitness was identified as Max who was visiting from California. Max said something very interesting and quite telling, which looks to have identified this crash as a staged event. When the reporter asked Max about the peoples’ reactions he stated the following (emphasis added), “Everyone was just looking around to see what was going on. And once the police and fire department came out, because they were just staged right there on the corner, so luckily they were there to control everybody.” Uh-oh! Did Max just give it away? Why would police officers and fire fighters be staged at a spontaneous and unexpected event?

The above individual was identified only as Andrew who told reporters he was from Long Island and had come to the city to “meet an old friend.” Not only did he witness Richard Rojas drive over twenty-three people, but he claims to have actually been struck by the out of control driver. In the above photo Andrew is showing his broken cell phone to a reporter. The cell phone, Andy claimed, was damaged as he was struck by Rojas.

I have included the link to Andy’s video because I feel it is important everyone watch his mannerisms and disposition when describing this event. Andy appears to have simply memorized a script. His manner of speaking is incongruent and he uses phrases that one would not normally say had they really suffered such a tragic event. And for having just been ran over by a speeding automobile he looks remarkably well and suffered no apparent injuries.

I cannot adequately describe just how odd Andy appears, which is why I encourage readers to view the interview themselves. Andy seems convinced that this incident was an act of terrorism. When asked by the reporter to offer his explanation as to why this event happened Andrew stated, “What’s been going on in Europe and Israel the last few years – another jihadist attack. They’re using cars and trucks these days.”

Notice too the very strange shirt that Andy is wearing, which is very indicative of Masonic symbolism with a large eagle and the word, “Affliction” spelled out in large letters. I find it quite coincidental that you had twenty-two injured and one killed and then a person interviewed wearing a shirt with the word affliction across it.

When asked about the response time for the police arriving to the scene Andrew goes completely overboard in praising the NYPD when he stated, “Very immediately. The NYPD does a tremendous job responding to these situations. They’re a national treasure and deserve respect and they’re some of the best people we have in this great country.” Seriously? Does anything this man says sound natural? Here is the link to Andrew’s interview. It’s really worth the time to watch.

As was mentioned above, Andrew was struck by Richard Rojas’ vehicle. Below is a photo of Andrew being run over by Rojas’ 2009 Honda Accord. As you can see, the vehicle literally ran over both of Andrew’s legs. Immediately after having been run over Andrew simply gets back up as though absolutely nothing had happened to him! This is medically impossible and is just more evidence of staging and probable CGI manipulation. Had his legs really been run over they would most likely have been broken. At the very least you would think Andrew might have suffered just a small amount of pain and agony and would not have been able to move for several minutes.  


Rojas’ Arrest

Lastly, I would like to take a closer look at the behavior and the arrest of Richard Rojas.

This is the photograph widely circulated across all media platforms. It shows what appears to be a crazed Richard Rojas immediately after exiting his vehicle having just mowed down twenty-three innocent men and women. According to police and city authorities, Rojas was said to have used synthetic marijuana laced with PCP prior to beginning his rampage. The photo definitely evokes a desired emotional response from the viewer. The majority of people seeing this photo will immediately think that Rojas is a mentally unstable individual.

This photograph is almost too realistic. How fortunate we all are that this particular photographer just happened to be at this exact spot at this exact time. What an amazing coincidence. Actually, this was no coincidence at all. As I will now explain this photograph, like the entire event, was staged and carefully planned and choreographed.

Take a look at the photograph below. We can see Rojas just after he has exited his vehicle and is running into the crowd.

 You will notice that there are two men immediately in front of Rojas. Who are these gentlemen? The first man Rojas encounters actually appears to be an undercover police officer who is seen in other photographs assisting with Rojas’ arrest. The second man, behind the undercover police officer, is the photographer who took the iconic photo of an enraged Rojas seen above.

Here is the same photo with the three men identified. Rojas is outlined in red. The police officer is outlined in yellow and the photographer is outlined in green.

To help place the above photos in perspective here is the photo of Richard Rojas’ arrest. Again, is it just a coincidence that the photographer happened to be in just the right position to take this photo?

Notice the gray-haired man with the mustache wearing the blue shirt. Why is he the only one wearing an ear piece? This is most likely a communication device so that he can communicate with whom ever is directing the event. He is directly involved with and directing the arrest of Richard Rojas. The earpiece allows him to know exactly when to make the arrest so that the photographer can capture just the right angle.

Here is another photo showing the same man assisting in Rojas’ apprehension.

Finally, here is the most telling photograph. It is the same photo as above of Rojas appearing immediately after exiting his vehicle. However, the photo has been expanded to include the uncover police officer shown above.

Notice how the undercover officer makes no attempt to apprehend Richard Rojas. In fact, the officer is not even paying attention to Rojas’ erratic behavior. That is because he was likely given orders to stand down and allow Rojas to pass in order for the staged photographer to get the best shot. Had this been a real event then the officer would have been obligated to apprehend Rojas and would have made every effort to do so.


The powers that be know that they have to keep the gullible masses in a state of perpetual fear. These events are also used as a distraction. For example, at the very same time the Times Square Attack was taking place, US forces were bombing forces in Syria supportive of President Assad. Did we hear about this latest bombing in Syria?

These attacks are also used to push certain agendas, such as mental health. In the case of Richard Rojas it is reported that he suffers various mental health issues. This can now be used to more easily push mental health screenings, etc. Ultimately, these staged events are an attack on our freedoms. Slowly they are taking more of our rights away.

September 11th gave us the Patriot Act.

Sandy Hook resulted in more anti-gun legislation.

The Boston Bombing was, in part, a testing ground to see how American citizens would respond to the introduction of martial law inside a major US city. What better city than Boston, the birthplace of liberty. And how did citizens respond to their city being taken over? I think the peoples’ chants of, “U-S-A, U-S-A!” speak volumes.

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by these staged, false flag events. Call them out. Slowly but surely we are making a difference.

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