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Dear friend,
Welcome to my new and massively upgraded website. Since the latest major attack when my complete Vimeo-channel was deleted with no warning what so ever, I have sent some 5 weeks non-stop trying to get my website back in working order. Not only have I now succeeded, I would like to say that it is better condition than ever.

There are now almost 5 000 articles and videos of some many important topics by hundreds of other researchers with mind-blowing material (sometimes deleted for ever from the rest of the Internet), and all, in my opinion, as close to the real truth as possible. In addition, there are now some 1 000 of my International Interviews (!!) gathered in the Membership area, side by side with all my Podcasts, Daylights, Webinar Recordings and Newsletter Archive, and so so much more.

Thousands of items here are for free, but the Membership can take you to a whole new level. I have also all my books, ebooks and t-shirts for sale, as well as my complete solo-album ‘From Prison To Paradise’ for all to enjoy. So if you are not already a member, please click on the image below to sign up. Welcome to my world and my life-long efforts to create a beautiful harmonious future for us all!