Why Give It All Up for Wi-Cancer?

Wireless communications technologies are violent and life-threatening.
Wi-tech continually exposes everyone in the USA to a confirmed human carcinogen,
on par with asbestos, tobacco poisoning and radioactive fallout.

 Wireless technologies –and the millions of environmental microwave antennas that support them– produce the VOLTAGE OF CANCER.

This high-frequency electromagnetic pollution, delivered with the intensity of a pneumatic drill,
pollutes the air everywhere and it deeply invades human bodies.
The VOLTAGE OF CANCER is especially pernicious because it is not perceptible to normal human senses and few people know how to detect and quantify it.
The VOLTAGE OF CANCER is a consumer product that produces $billions in annual profits.
Americans are programmed to love and crave the VOLTAGE OF CANCER. [1]
Those who love the VOLTAGE OF CANCER will suffer degradation of:brain and cardiovascular function, eyesight, hearing, and immunity.
They will also forfeit the genetic integrity of their offspring.  The VOLTAGE OF CANCER is a potent teratogen and mutagen for egg, sperm, fetus.  We are seeing the results in damaged children across the nation. Already 6.7 millionUS kids require special education because of physical/mental impairments. [1a]
A dividing lung cancer cell – National Cancer Institute
There are over 200 types of human cancer. 
In 2018, 1,735,350 people in the US will get a new invasive cancer diagnosis. [2]
Across the year, that is 4,754 new invasive cancer cases per day, every day.
Nearly one fifth of these new cases will be a second primary cancer
for people who have suffered a different version of the disease before. [3]
Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in American children. [4]
One half of all Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime. [5]
  Wireless VOLTAGE of CANCER is a huge environmental risk factor.
It is synergistic with toxic environmental chemicals that heighten the risk. [6]
Wi-voltage has turned the USA into a cancer factory.
And it’s growing worse by the day!

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is an arm of the World Health Organization.IARC currently designates RF/microwave radiation used for wireless technologies as a Group 2B (possible) carcinogen. A team of 31 scientists from 14 countries approved that designation in 2011.
IARC confirms that  RF/microwave radiation couples with human bodies as electromagnetic currents and creates “hotspots” throughout the flesh. [7]  These microwave currents invading the body can be measured by detection equipment in terms of voltage: THE VOLTAGE OF CANCER.
IARC’s Group 1B designation is outdated!  RF/microwave radiation propagated for wireless technologies meets allBradford Hill criteria as a confirmed human carcinogen. [8]  Bradford Hill criteria is used in court cases to prove causation. Now in 2018, experts across the globe agree that there is sufficient medical and scientific evidence to UPGRADE wireless microwave pollution to IARC’s Group 1A list of known cancer-causing agents.  IARC’s 1A carcinogen list includes:
• tobacco smoke with its 7000 toxic chemicals
• asbestos, arsenic, benzene, vinyl chloride, mustard gas
• all types of ionizing radiation, including isotopes and gamma waves from radioactive fallout
• 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD), a deadly component of Agent Orange
Among top scientists calling for the IARC upgrade is Dr. Anthony B. Miller, professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto and long time advisor to the World Health Organization. Dr. Miller was senior epidemiologist for IARC when radiofrequency radiation was designated as Class 2B carcinogenic. [9] He confirms that current scientific data now requires a Group 1A upgrade for wireless radiation FROM ANY SOURCE: mobile phones and tablets, cell tower antennas, Wi-Fi antennas, Bluetooth antennas, wireless sensors, smart utility meters, broadband satellites/balloons and millimeter wave antennas. Dr. Miller joined over 180 other scientists and doctors across the globe who affixed their signatures to an urgent appeal written for the European Union and the United Nations. This document flatly states that the radiofrequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum “is carcinogenic to humans.” [10]
The record shows that in the 1990s, the Wireless Radiation Industry was told by its own scientists that cell phones could cause cancer and genetic damage. [11] Enriched by billions in radiation profits, the industry is desperate to conceal this fact from consumers who buy the VOLTAGE OF CANCER.  The Wi-lobby’s game is to lie and deny; its obscene slogan is “no credible evidence of harm.” For many decades the tobacco industry played that genocidal game too. But in 1998, Big Tobacco was stunned with the Master Settlement Agreement which stipulated that the largest tobacco companies pay a minimum of $206 billion to those eligible for health damage compensation. Today, the slightest acknowledgement of RF/microwave health harm would trigger insurmountable liability because wireless wave carcinogen has been delivered to everyone in the USA for over three decades. Neither the federal government nor the Wireless Radiation Industry want to trigger another master settlement of such magnitude.
Likely none of us will see the day when the US government and its agencies confess that they have knowingly induced the masses to communicate and recreate with a digital version of asbestos, Agent Orange, nuclear fallout. The wireless lobby will certainly never confess its crimes, just as the tobacco industry to this day denies proof of harm from its poisonous products. Therefore, it’s every person for himself when it comes to education on the most insidious and abundant carcinogen of the Microwave Age.
There are two ways to access critical information on wireless pollution: THE HARD WAY and THE EASY WAY.  In the 8-minute video below, the late attorney Jimmy Gonzalez explains to public officials how he got his education on wireless poisoning THE HARD WAY.  The mobile phone equipment that inflicted Jimmy with terminal brain cancer and tumors at two additional sites on his body involved mainly the older 2G technologies which utilized only one microwave antenna. By contrast, today’s 4G smart devices have multiple blazing antennas that drill diverse carcinogenic frequencies simultaneously into the body.
 For people who prefer learning about wireless carcinogen the EASY WAY, there is now monumental scientific evidence that can help alleviate suffering and save lives. Click on the skull and bones below for full scientific disclosure on the carcinogenicity of the ubiquitous microwave radiation that now perpetually slams through everyone’s body, pollutes most inhabited buildings and eviscerates the outdoor environment. This published, peer-reviewed documentation is vital for rethinking our personal and national situation.
The Debate is Over:
Wireless Microwave Radiation = Cancer and Non-Malignant Tumors
 With a tsunami of DEFINITIVE scientific and medical studies like these, it’s no surprise that “smart money” has long acknowledged the destructive potential of the VOLTAGE OF CANCER. The insurance industry treats wireless antenna radiation like “the new asbestos.” Lloyd’s of London, leading the global reinsurance industry, ranks microwave radiation as an ultra-high risk. It refuses to cover any claims arising from the wireless frequencies routinely propagated into the bodies and brains of millions of Americans. Swiss Re, another huge reinsurance firm, also refuses coverage for the liabilities of electromagnetic frequencies, including wireless radiation. Rating electromagnetic fields higher on the liability scale than asbestos and mad cow disease, it warns that unforeseen consequences of wireless technologies could lead to an avalanche of claims and significant product liability losses in coming decades. [12] TheNation Magazine reported in 2018: “The Nation has not been able to find a single insurance company willing to sell a product liability policy that covered cell phone radiation. ‘Why would we want to do that?’ one executive chuckled before pointing to more than two dozen lawsuits outstanding against wireless companies, demanding a total of 1.9 billion in damages.” [13]  Likewise, top mobile phone firms warn their shareholders about litigation and possible cancer risks of mobile devices but fail to warn consumers in their ads and packaging. [13a]

For the last several decades, Americans have been heavily brainwashed and incentivized, by both the US government and its partner in crime, the Wireless Radiation Industry, to “cut the cord” and go wireless. Both entities are engorged with $billions in wireless profits. In order to keep the loot rolling in, the masses are continually imprinted with emotive pictures of attractive young people flashing the “carcinogen grin.”
The above ad from the US Postal Service bears the usual message: when you infect yourself with wireless microwave radiation for each and every commercial and social transaction, life is sheer joy. Cultural propaganda like this has been used for eons to herd the sheep and “establish the norm.” MRI scans show that the brain releases more reward dopaminewhenever a person falls into line with the group consensus. [14]
For the iGeneration, people born after 1996, the “grin with carcinogen” message is well-ingrained. American wireless consumers use five times more voice and twice as much data as their counterparts in Europe. [15] The majority of Americans carry and use personal Wi-devices for hours each day because they have not received adequate health warnings from appropriate agencies.  Award-winning Australian neurosurgeon Dr. Vini Khurana says: “There is currently enough evidence and technology available to warrant Industry and Government alike in taking immediate steps to reduce exposure of consumers to mobile phone-related electromagnetic radiation and to make consumers clearly aware of potential dangers and how to use this technology sensibly and safely….It is anticipated that this danger has far broader public health ramifications than asbestos and smoking, and directly concerns all of us, particularly the younger generation, including very young children.” [16]

Ignoring the latest science, the most driven Wi-fans reportedly click, tap or swipe their wireless devices 5,427 times a day, moderate users 2,617 times per day, while the average person engages in 76 phone sessions per day. [17]  Each one of these wireless transactions slams carcinogenic microwave currents into the hand, the brain, the gut and reproductive organs of a wireless screen slave. And each one of these transactions contributes to the gross illness of people forced to live, work and travel within range of carcinogenic cell tower and rooftop antennas that keep personal wireless devices operational.

In February 2017, the BioInitiative Working Group, composed of medical and scientific experts from many nations, reported that National Toxicology Program (NTP) studies, conducted under auspices of the US Department of Health and Human Services, have put an end to the wireless cancer debate:
“The relationship between radio frequency radiation and cancer is clearly established….Testing on rats is standard for predicting human cancers….The NTP results confirm that cell phone radiation exposure levels within currently allowable safety limits are the ‘likely cause’ of brain and heart cancer in these animals….The animal study confirms prior findings in epidemiological studies of an increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma among people that use wireless phones, both cell phones and cordless phones (DECT)….The NTP has filled the gap….It is sufficient to reclassify cell phone radiation as a known cancer-causing agent and confirms the inadequacy of existing public safety limits.” [18]
The NTP cancer research provides extremely powerful evidence says Robert Morris, M.D., Ph.D., senior medical advisor for the Environmental Health Trust: “For more than two decades, many have dismissed cancer risks from cell phones because conventional understanding of the effects of microwaves would suggest there is no mechanism for this to occur. That argument is officially dead.” [19]
Therefore, placing a wireless phone or tablet in the hands of an infant or a child
equals child endangerment and child abuse, defined by federal law as:
an act on the part of a parent or caretaker which presents risk of serious physical harm
Like ionizing radiation, wireless antenna frequencies are delivered as photons (energy packets), having both particle and wave behavior. Microwave frequencies carry electrical voltage and magnetic fields that mechanically oscillate the polarity of living cells millions to billions of cycles per second.
This creates astronomical agitation for human cells,
considering that WITHIN EACH of these billions of wave cycles per second,
ions, protons and electrons are flipped back and forth between a positive and negative charge!
Because wireless radiation is pulse-modulated to produce voice and data signals, it is loaded with extremely low frequencies (ELF), plus kilohertz frequencies, riding along on the microwave carrier waves. This complex energy causes significant vibration that atoms, molecules and tissues cannot long withstand. Cells break down from the jack-hammering effect, which causes displacement of calcium. Leaky cells become functionally deficient. Oxidative stress, inflammation and damaged DNA are guaranteed. Premature aging and chronic disease set in. Because cancer begins with damaged DNA, any wireless voltage that causes strand breaks in the DNA is the VOLTAGE OF CANCER.

In regards to cellular damage, it is not only molecular manipulation that matters! Equally damaging is the artificial shaping of wireless waves through modulation needed to deliver information. Oncologist and radiation expert Dr. Devra Davis explains how modulated radiation makes people physically and mentally unwell: “This weak power is pulsed erratically sometimes with four different antennas [smart devices] operating at the same time….This weak radiation can break membranes and induce a cascade of cellular damage tied with increased risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. This relatively weak wireless radiation, also termed microwave radiation, consistently damages human sperm and induces serious behavioral deficits, according to numerous independent studies….” [20]

In 2015, Vice President Joe Biden’s son Beau died from glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most deadly brain malignancy linked to cell phone radiation. [21] GBM also killed Senator Ted Kennedy in 2009 and it is now devouring Senator John McCain (R-Arizona). The Washington University of Medicine in St. Louis reports that about 12,000 Americans are diagnosed with GBM each year and according to the New York Times, this monstrous disease “keeps killing baseball players.” [22] Still grieving in 2016, Joe Biden launched the federal billion-dollar Moonshot Cancer Project to accelerate the search for a cancer “cure.” Yet billions of dollars cannot reverse the great American cancer epidemic when the majority of our population is psychologically compelled to keep an irradiating microwave device implanted somewhere on the body: head, hand or gut. A person holding a tranceiving wireless device becomes a carcinogenic hazard; as with tobacco smoke, the wave pollution from his device endangers not only himself, but it also jeopardizes the brain, heart and DNA of other people meters away.

Millions of America’s children are Glow Kids, heavily addicted to mesmerizing small screens which they use as entertainment for hours each day.  In March 2018, an external panel of scientists met at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) to recommend to the federal government that the NTP rat-cell phone studies be acknowledged as “clear evidence of carcinogenic activity.” They also agreed that these studies prove cell phone radiation can cause “brain damage”plus “cardiomyopathy or damage to heart tissues.” [23] Yet, most parents still have no idea that a smart device in the hands of a child is a ticket to brain and heart damage, emotional imbalance, sickly life and a higher risk for future malignancy.

A kid holding a transceiving smart device is slamming about 430 volts per meter of a confirmed human carcinogen into his hand, wrist and arm, gut organs.
The scientific benchmark for human health harm begins at
0.1 volts of microwave energy per meter, with a precautionary level for
vulnerable populations at .03 volts per meter! [24]
Here’s how it works in the US: Wireless personal devices including smart phones and tablets, are regulated by Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) which is given in watts per kilogram (W/Kg). A kilogram equals about 2.2 pounds of body weight. SAR is the estimated amount of radiation ABSORBED BY THE BODY.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has set a SAR limit for human brain exposure at 1.6 W/kg. This equates to 20 milliwatts/cm2 or approximately 270 volts per meter. Current science demonstrates that this thermal-based SAR exposure limit is outdated and deadly. It is a metric produced by ignorance and greed.
The FCC’s SAR limit for hand, wrist and ear exposure is 4 W/kg. This equates to 50 milliwatts/cm2 or approximately 430 volts per meter. Current science demonstrates that this thermal-based SAR exposure limit is outdated and deadly. It is a metric produced by ignorance and greed.
Further, these deadly but permissible voltage absorption numbers are valid only if devices are propagating radiation within FCC exposure guidelines. The French government announced in June 2017 that nine of ten mobile devices tested greatly exceeded both US and European emissions standards established to limit human exposure to microwave radiation. [25] Popular brands of cell/smart phones, including Apple, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia were found to emit up to nine times the amount of radiation reported by the manufacturers. Take for example iPhone 5. French testing showed that this model, held directly on the body, emitted a screaming 10.64 watts per kilogram of flesh, whereas the FCC’s upper limit guideline for wireless phone exposure to the brain is theoretically 1.6 watts per kilogram. Since Americans don’t bother with such trivia as radiation compliance testing, only God knows what kind of ferocious power density the new iPhone models 8 and 10, with their multiple antennas and blazing chips, deliver into skull and flesh of microwave addicts everywhere.
 NTP scientists irradiated rats into cancer, plus brain and heart damage
with microwave exposures between 1.5 to 6 W/kg,
far below the 10.64 W/kg exposure documented for iPhone 5.

Wave radiation which covertly makes humans sick (or dead) can be defined as a directed energy weapon deployed by an occupation army. And a perfect weapon it is–tasteless, odorless and silent as it fires relentlessly and indiscriminately upon the entire population. Spectrum analyzers confirm that RF/microwave radiation from tower and rooftop antennas freely flows through construction materials to infuse inhabited buildings with the VOLTAGE OF CANCER. This invasive energy is relentless and perpetual, giving irradiated populations no time to rest or recover from huge biological damage.
Ever since the Microwave Age was unleashed in the mid-1980s, wireless antenna installations have been planted everywhere to accommodate the “need for speed.” These macro installations have been increasing as fast as the national debt. AntennaSearch.com provides a partial list of large commercial antenna installations which deliver their toxic payloads across the nation. In July 2014, the site reported 547,549 antenna towers and 1,706,048 outdoor antennas in the United States. Only a year later, in July 2015, the count was: 577,707 antenna towers and 1,769,691 outdoor antennas.  By December 2017 tally was 663,151 towers and 1,918,340 outdoor antennas. [26] Upcoming 5G small cells are slated to add millions of additional in-your-face antennas very quickly.
Numerous epidemiological studies reveal that people living and working within 1600 feet of RF/microwave antennas eventually suffer serious health problems. A 2010 medical report published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health says this: “Human populations are increasingly exposed to microwave/radiofrequency (RF) emissions from wireless communication technology, including mobile phones and their base stations. By searching PubMed…we found that eight of the ten studies reported increased prevalence of adverse neurobehavioral symptoms or cancer in populations living at distances less than 500 meters from base stations….None of the studies reported exposures above accepted international guidelines, suggesting that current guidelines may be inadequate in protecting the health of human populations….At exposure levels far below international guidance levels there are clear and consistent signs of adverse health effects in the general population….” [27]
Unfortunately, everyone in the nation now lives, works and/or travels within 500 meters of Wi-antennas. In 1996, the Wi-radiation industry bought itself a federal law which prohibits US citizens from objecting, on the basis of environmental and health concerns, to the siting of RF/microwave antennas on or near inhabited buildings. [28]
Wi-radiation is generated at frequencies too high on the electromagnetic spectrum to be heard by human ears. For most people, it is only audible by means of RF audio detection equipment. The macabre sound signature of cell tower and rooftop antenna radiation is heard on most audio meters as a high-pitched, screaming whistle infused with the grinding pulses of data-transfer. Quality meters reveal that the electric voltage and the magnetic energy of this radiation change power density continuously, punishing the body with a brutal energy force to which the flesh can never acclimate. Because this RF/microwave radiation ultimately inflicts the same bio-effects as ionizing nuclear radiation, cell tower antennas are comparable to X-ray generators which are never turned offPredictably, populations exposed 24/7 to energy pollution from these antennas are energetically weak and sickly. In 2013, the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine reported that Americans live sicker and die earlier than people in many other developed countries. Americans suffer such ill health that medical professor Steven Wolf at Virginia Commonwealth University exclaimed, “We were struck by the gravity of these findings.” [29]
Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue and dementia, afflicting young and old, are epidemic across the nation. These conditions are well-documented to be induced and/or exacerbated by RF/microwave electromagnetic fields. The average “healthy” American suffers multiple microwave radiation symptoms including: allergies, yeast infections, sleeplessness, fatigue, blood sugar swings, heartburn, chronic headaches, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, bowel problems, thyroid dysfunction, weight abnormalities, rashes, immune weakness, muscle and joint pain, anxiety, moodiness, memory problems and depression. Few connect their debilitating symptoms with the microwave carcinogen that saturates their homes, schools and work places. Focused upon the convenience of instant connectivity and delighted with wireless toys of addictive gratification, few realize that a microwave-poisoned environment induces abnormally high body voltage with potential to deplete vital energy and impair every form and function of the human body.
In 2014, the University of Pittsburgh announced that childhood mental disability rates in the US have reached a historic high. The number of children diagnosed with physical or mental impairments has increased by 17% since the late 1990s, when wireless mania was unleashed with ferocity. One in six children suffers developmental (brain) disability and the national rate of autism doubles every five years. [30] MIT research scientist Stephanie Seneff warns that if this exponential increase continues, the time will soon arrive when half of all American children born will suffer some form of autism. Eighty percent of the autistic will be boys. [31]

Now radiation profiteers are turning up the heat!  In late 2017, the Wireless Radiation Industry announced that 300,000 new microwave antenna installations are soon coming to America. [32]
The new AT&T small cell antenna seen above is the wave of the future. It beams the VOLTAGE OF CANCER directly through the window glass of this townhouse so that iGeneration can binge-abuse smart devices to stream music, movies, cartoons and porn 24/7. The woman who lives in this home has reportedly suffered a battle with breast cancer. But according to US federal law, she has no legal right to protect herself against a potent Group 1A carcinogen precision-targeted directly into her home. Microwave radiation can ramp up the growth of existing cancer cells, make them resistant to cancer treatment and decrease the survival rate of cancer victims. [33] The compulsory and carcinogenic exposure documented by this picture is RADIATION RAPE. Click on the image above to better understand the new small cell weaponry coming to every neighborhood in the USA and Canada.
Living and working in such invasive, manmade carcinogen transgresses every law of biological nature. Today most females in the US and Canada, including female fetuses, are heavily exposed to wireless devices and to environmental antennas pulsing carcinogenic radio signals for miles at the speed of light. It’s no surprise that by regional comparison,North American women suffer the highest lifetime risk for breast cancer. Take the total number of invasive female breast cancer cases estimated by the American Cancer Society (ACS) for 2018. That number is 266,120. Now divide by 365. Each day of the year, another 729 women will get the bad news. The incidence of breast cancer is also increasing in males:2550 will be diagnosed in 2018. [34]  These numbers do not include the 63,960 additional cases of in situ breast cancer,also to be diagnosed this year. In situ cancers are not invasive, but have potential to become so. [35]
Breast cancer activists remain silent about the inescapable VOLTAGE OF CANCER reeking through the human environment, while they peddle pink and plan “races for the cure.” But until women reject the use of cordless phones, smart phones, wireless tablets and laptops, wireless watches and Bluetooth headsets, they remain in jeopardy.  Until women refuse to tolerate Wi-Fi in their environment, until they figure out how to shield themselves from smart utility meters on their homes, until they loudly lobby to get cellular antennas out of their front yards, the incidence of breast cancer will continue to accelerate off the charts.
Female children and young adults are at highest risk because young, rapidly dividing breast tissues are extremely prone to the adverse effects of wireless radiation. [36] Smart devices have multiple microwave antennas (cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth). Millions of female babies, toddlers and school children cradle these smart radio antennas at chest and gut level for hours each day, endangering their breast tissues and also the fragile reproductive cells in their little ovaries. Over 20 years ago, leading cancer researchers warned: “Radiation exposure in the first few months of life may be the most serious in causation of later breast cancer. In fact, the irradiation of the breasts between 0 (newborn) and 9-years may cause many-fold more cases of breast cancer, over the subsequent lifetime, than does irradiation of women over 40 with the same amount [dose] of ionizing radiation.” [37] This information is crucial since microwaves blasting from wireless “toys” are now scientifically proven to have the same potent carcinogenicity as X-radiation and gamma waves!

These realities are grim enough. But the worst is yet to come! In July 2016, only weeks after the NTP cell phone cancer announcement, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) declared its intention to increase America’s wireless pollution by millions-fold. The FCC rakes in billions of dollarsselling the VOLTAGE of CANCER. [38] This grand new design for additional environmental super-carcinogen is expected to generate $mega-billions for the Wireless Radiation Industry, which already has more money than God. Ignoring the internationally recognized Nuremberg Code that prohibits biological experimentation without informed consent, the industry’s cheerleaders at the FCC are set to unleash new experimental microwave frequencies to accommodate fifth generation (5G) wireless technologies.
The 5G will utilize 3.5 gigahertz and also high-band frequencies between 24-86 gigahertz to accommodate the upcoming Internet of Things (IoT). Microwaves propagated above 30 gigahertz are millimeter waves. These uber-energetic, very short waves are absorbed by human skin and they penetrate the eye cornea. As part of the electromagnetic spectrum, millimeter waves are included in IARC’s designation as Group 2B carcinogenic.
Engines of the federal government are now in high gear to accelerate 5G and IoT. Always a pawn of Big Radiation, the U.S. Congress has passed the bloated Appropriations Act of 2018, infamous for having not been read by the legislators who approved it. [38a] This legislative monstrosity puts the full force and funding of the federal government behind the national 5G project guaranteed to keep Americans sick to the bone with cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. The new law specifically mandates priority 5G targeting of poor neighborhoods and all federal properties.

The Wireless Radiation Industry boasts that the 5G will: connect billions of objects  –including garbage cans and street lights–  to the Internet, unleash a nationwide system of driverless cars, facilitate surgery by remote control and overlay augmented reality data directly onto the retina of human eyes. [38b]  Meantime, the bovine masses are ensnared by an avalanche of apps that train them to be dependent on smart devices for even the most trivial of functions. Now available is wireless equipment and a free app that allows response to the door bell with a smart device. Why talk to other humans face-to-face when you can use wave carcinogen and a video feed to keep them at bay? Such technology could allow smart device users to obtain a real time video feed of what is being deposited in any smart toilet, etc.

5G technologies will transform nearly every structure and every inanimate object in our environment into active radio antennas capable of mobile communication. The nationwide buildout requires multi-millions of small, but powerful new microwave antennas called microcells to be mounted on any structure or surface, tucked into any crevice at ground level. The IoT (electronic eyes everywhere) has potential to become the most sinister tracking and surveillance system ever devised. When the urban and rural 5G network is completed nationwide, no living creature anywhere will escape the perpetual bombardment of millimeter wave carcinogen-on steroids. Phased array 5G antennas are designed to sweep radio beams like search lights, micro-polluting the environment with hyper-speed modulations and signal phases for which living flesh has no genetic defense.

The plan is to pollute all US utility corridors with chains of these new mini cell towers. Utility poles, lights and many other structures in the public right-of-ways will support 4G/5G antennas spaced apart between every few homes or buildings. Equipment cabinets full of cooling fans and backup generators, reeking with a wide spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies, will sit on or near the ground to support each antenna installation. As demonstrated by the California story above, blazing 5G equipment will be located mere feet from bedroom windows, offices, schools, hospitals and nursing homes. Radiation profiteers, unchallenged, can spew their death rays into any sacred space, into any living creature with zero liability for the public health.

Here is what medical experts of the BioInitiative Working Group say about 5G wireless technologies and the upcoming millions of new millimeter wave antennas needed to support them:
“The FCC is proposing to streamline the process for small wireless facility permitting, without completing its investigation of RF health effects of low-intensity radio frequency radiation….Health consequences have not been factored into public safety limits. This is particularly true of the new 5G technologies using millimeter wave frequencies….There is no basis for the FCC to make a positive assertion of safety of existing RE levels to which the public is perpetually exposed. Certainly unaddressed health concerns should stop the FCC from expediting new wireless technologies facilitating new small cell siting and satellite RF sources. The existing FCC public safety limits are grossly inadequate to protect public health from the body burden of the existing proliferation of RF-emitting devices and the wireless infrastructure supporting them, let alone from new RF sources that will make the situation worse for public health.” [40]
Nevertheless, in America RADIATION RULES. Seen in the video below is recent news footage from New York State which explains what rabid microwave peddlers are determined to inflict upon every neighborhood in the US. As small cell “densification” projects accelerate across the nation, the deadly 4G antennas going up everywhere are designed to “hold the spot” for 5G evolution.
As the protesters interviewed in this video confirm, they have little information on the frequencies to which they are forcibly exposed from new antennas shoved into their front yards. They openly state that they withhold their consent for chronic irradiation. However, the Wireless Radiation Industry has carefully structured US federal telecommunication laws to negate and override the Nuremberg Code. Under current federal law, American “test rats” have no recourse except to sever their manic demand for unlimited microwave pollution. Those who reject killer antennas next to their bedroom windows must also: abandon their radiation-guzzling “smart devices,” reject the Internet of Things and convince millions of radiation-addicted children that ALL ENTERTAINMENT IN THEIR LIVES DOES NOT NEED TO PASS THROUGH MICROWAVE ANTENNAS.
Anyone can obtain affordable audio testing meters that allow people to hear and measure 2G, 3G and 4G antenna radiation beaming up to about 10 gigahertz. But we will never know when experimental millimeter waves are turned on in the neighborhood, the workplace, the school, because affordable audio testing equipment for millimeter wave frequencies, at 30 gigahertz and higher, is not currently available to the consumer. Frequencies are numbered for their oscillations per second. Millimeter waves within the gigahertz spectrum agitate human flesh at double-digit billions of hertz. This means that 5G antennas, propagating 24 to 86 gigahertz, will continually assault all living creatures with invasive photon energy that artificially oscillates the polarity of tissues 24 to 86 billion times per each measurable second!
This matters! Scientists working with the National Toxicology Program were able to induce aggressive brain cancer and malignant heart tumors in rats by using GSM cell phone radiation that oscillates the flesh at a measly 900 million (megahertz) cycles per measurable second. [41] US military scientists efficiently induced benign and malignant tumors in rats with a mere 2.45 billion (gigahertz) cycles per second used for Wi-Fi. [42] When European scientists microwaved human blood cells with 1.8 billion hertz  used for 3G technologies, after only 24 hours those blood cells had incurred damage equivalent to 1600 chest X-rays. [See footnote 46] So how long will human blood withstand the abuse of compulsory millimeter wave antennas designed to irradiate our entire population continually and forever? What will happen to birds, bees and babies when they are zapped with this kind of molecular abuse? These are questions that IBM and Ericsson are required to answer about their new 27-28 gigahertz antenna systems developed for 5G. Nor has Samsung addressed these issues as it brings forth bitter new 5G phones.
Radiation peddlers at AT&T (AT&Tumor) are now working feverishly to turn the nation’s electrical grid into a 5G data delivery system that will forcibly drill all living flesh with experimental high-speed wave radiation. They have developed over 200 patents for the unleashing of Project AirGig: “In the last few years we have seen staggering usage growth on our wireless network — data usage has increased about 250,000% since 2007 and the majority of that traffic is video.”[43] Watch the promo below for Project AirGig, yet another scheme for wireless booty at the expense of public health. Keep in mind that universal broadband touted by AT&T could be safely delivered by a national system of fiber networks to the premises that would protect human health, rescue the environment and far outperform wireless connectivity in both speed and security. Much of the fiber and copper needed for safe, non-wireless networks is already in place across the nation.
None of the upcoming 5G frequencies, soon to be foisted upon humanity for corporate profits, have been properly tested for their biological effects because such testing would literally horrify potential victims. In September 2017, 180 scientists and doctors representing 35 countries published an urgent request that the European Union slap a moratorium on 5G technologies until the potential for human and environmental hazards are fully investigated by scientists independent from the Radiation Industry.  LINK
But, thanks to five appointed bureaucrats at the FCC, and their mighty army of radiation peddlers, 324 million Americans shall now be forced to gather 5G bio-information THE HARD WAY. What little we know so far is that high-band radiation in the millimeter spectrum (and also the more energetic terahertz spectrum) has documented capacity to:penetrate and inflame the skin, manipulate the DNA, damage cellular membranes, affect growth, endanger eyesight and induce a cascade of other potentially disastrous biological ramifications not yet understood. [44] Millimeter waves absorb and interact with both water and oxygen, two vital components of human flesh. Over two decades ago, scientists experimenting with millimeter waves noted that these hyper-frequencies have potential to affect molecules with”resonant vibrational or rotational interactions, not seen at lower frequencies.” Most alarming, these researchers noted that the bizarre effects of these waves can be produced at power densities hundreds of times lower than the FCC’s public exposure limits currently allow. [45]
The Wireless Radiation Industry thrives on planned obsolescence of the goods and services it sells. The industry would stall if people were not forced to continually upgrade their hardware and software. The 5G requires more chips, more apps and more new radiation devices. As 5G infrastructure comes on line, hustled radiation addicts will form lines around the block to purchase blazing gigahertz devices that shoot millimeter waves into skull and flesh. It won’t occur to these gullibles that 5G carcinogen is being foisted upon them with virtually no pre-market health testing, no valid medical safety certification and no post-market surveillance for assessment of public health damage. If history is a lesson, millions of tech-worshipping Americans will gladly submit to millimeter wave experimentation that rivals sadistic German Nazi projects. In their ignorance and avarice, these the faithfull will drag with them to ultimate destruction all living flesh. Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, documents with massive published science how the 5G catastrophe will play out. Find his brilliant new paper found here:  LINK
In 2004, the European Union’s REFLEX studies produced comprehensive medical research showing that low-level, non-thermal microwave radiation used for wireless communication and entertainment produces the same drastic damage to animal and human DNA as excessive X-radiation. REFLEX scientists proved that Wi-radiation is just as deadly to human DNA as the meltdown radiation from Chernobyl and Fukushima.
DNA damage demonstrated by the REFLEX studies is a pathological condition in which the DNA splinters into fragments called micronuclei, seen as a molecular comet tail. Micronuclei damage to DNA is recognized as a definitive precursor of cancer and numerous genetic defects.
The REFLEX chart seen above shows normal, intact DNA in the sham photo upper left. It shows DNA damaged (micronucleized) by 1600 chest X-rays in the upper right. The picture at the bottom shows identical DNA damage from 3-G (UMTS) cell phone radiation propagated at 1.8 gigahertz for 24 hours. [46] We can plainly see that the wireless microwave damage generated by tower antennas and Wi-devices is identical to the ionizing X-ray damage. Many additional studies concur that microwave radiation used for Wi-communications not only damages the DNA, but alsoinhibits crucial repair of that damage. [47]  Because the DNA contains chromosomes and genes, it is genetic material. And because RF/microwave radiation can genetically modify the DNA of all living things, Wi-irradiated populations can be technically referred to as GMOs (genetically modified organisms).
The American Cancer Society states that cancer cells develop from damage to the DNA. The National Cancer Institute defines cancer as cells that grow uncontrollably after the DNA becomes damaged. [48]
♦ Microwave currents flowing through a pregnant woman infiltrate uterine amniotic fluids with radiation documented to damage DNA. [49]
♦ Radiation which damages DNA is a teratogen, capable of causing: miscarriage, embryo growth retardation, premature birth, low birth weight (a major problem in USA), cognitive dysfunction, delayed development in infants and many types of birth defects. [50]
♦ Especially vulnerable to wireless radiation are the precious fetal stem cells which cannot adjust to microwave abuse, nor can they repair damage to their DNA.  Recent data suggests that epigenetic mutations in stem cells have a connection to the development of human cancers. [51]
♦ Fetuses exposed to any kind of radiation capable of damaging DNA have a highly increased risk of later developing cancer, [52]  the number one disease killer of US children.
Therefore, the Russian government and numerous scientists in the West warn pregnant women to avoid exposure to microwave radiation. [53] Yet, millions of young American women remain in willful ignorance about a pernicious, mechanical energy force that has life-and-death ramifications for their offspring. Perverse is a generation that believes wireless Internet surfing, text messages, social media and selfies are more important than the health and safety of unborn babies.

Wi-Fi is a microwave modulation technique used by millions of people to wirelessly connect their computers and mobile devices to the Internet. Wi-Fi radiation has never been proven safe for human exposure. Radiation peddlers adore Wi-Fi because it is a lucrative and unregulated technology. Anyone anywhere can activate Wi-Fi antennas and remain exempt from regulatory oversight. Most buildings in the USA are now heavily polluted by Wi-Fi antennas, which expose people to even higher levels of microwave energy than cell towers outdoors. Modulated, information-bearing Wi-Fi pollution flows through human flesh as the VOLTAGE OF CANCER in these microwave frequencies:  2.4,  3.6,  4.9,  5 and 5.9 gigahertz.  The 60 gigahertz (millimeter wave) Wi-Fi is coming.

Wi-Fi radiation is Group 1A carcinogen and therefore a substantial threat to public health, as documented in 2017 by Dr. Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus at Washington State University.  LINK
Yet, Wi-Fi antennas poison the interior of nearly every US building, public and private. Tasteless, odorless and impossible to see or hear without metering equipment, Wi-Fi radiation: abnormally clumps red blood cells, opens the blood-brain barrier to toxins and pathogens, kills human immune cells, stresses the entire endocrine system and raises the risk for diabetes.
Audio detection equipment demonstrates that Wi-Fi transmissions have the sound signature of relentless humming static, while the underlying Wi-Fi beacon signal mimics a woodpecker sound. Wi-Fi microwaves whipsaw the polarity of human tissues at even higher frequencies than the 1.8 gigahertz cell phone radiation used to obliterate human DNA in the REFLEX studies. The disease-causing potential of Wi-Fi radiation is astronomical and well-documented by medical and scientific literature spanning decades.

♦ By 1972, the Naval Medical Research Institute at Bethesda, Maryland, had compiled over 2000 medical and scientific studies documenting the many health-destructive effects of RF/microwave radiation generated at both thermal (tissue-heating) and non-thermal power levels. So immense was this collection that the studies were cataloged into 17 categories of morbidity. [54]♦ In 1992, Phillips Laboratory’s Electromagnetic Effects Division at Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico released a comprehensive report documenting the horrific biological effects of low-level microwave exposure including: brain damage, behavioral aberrations, fetal abnormalities, altered blood chemistry and immune system dysfunction. [55]

♦ In 1993, FDA officials authored a memo stating that animal studies “strongly suggest” that microwaves can “accelerate the development of cancer.” Top FDA officials wrote: “Of eight chronic animal experiments known to us, five resulted in increased number of malignancies, accelerated progression of tumors, or both.” [56]

Wi-Fi radiation in the gigahertz range is especially carcinogenic. In the 1980s, the US Air Force spent $4.5 million to study test rats irradiated with 2.45 gigahertz radiation at low, non-thermal levels. [57]Compared to non-exposed rats, the irradiated rats suffered:

16% more benign tumors
100% more metastatic tumors (cancer had spread)
260% more primary malignant tumors
A significant number of these irradiated rats developed endocrine tumors. Other researchers of that era showed that 2.45 gigahertz caused cancer-prone mice to suffer a 41% increase in tumors and a highly significant 12.5% increase in chromosome damage to bone marrow and blood. [58] Later in the 1990s, researchers at the University of Washington used low-level 2.45 gigahertz to damage the brains of rats and rip apart their DNA. [59]
Within the last twenty years, scores of additional new studies have confirmed the destructive properties of gigahertz Wi-Fi radiation which can interfere with all cellular processes and: cause abnormal heart function [60] induce seizures [61] form eye cataracts [62] promote pregnancy abnormalities [63] cause fetal malformations and disabilities, including reduced memory and learning capacity [64] initiate new cancers while accelerating the growth of existing cancers. [65]
Unfortunately, this scientific reality is an inconvenience which the US business community, the US medical establishment and the US military will not officially acknowledge. Wi-Fi is deemed necessary for unlimited profits and for unlimited tracking and mass surveillance of the population. Therefore, prolific scientific and medical evidence demonstrating the dangers of Wi-radiation has been ignored and suppressed by vested interests. Human health is considered expendable in the relentless quest for the wealth and power delivered by Wi-technologies.
Americans enjoyed the Internet long before they had access to Wi-Fi.  This Wi-Cancer.info website is managed with computers which do not use Wi-Fi, but instead, rely on cabled Ethernet connections. Those who conduct research for this site work in buildings completely free of indoor microwave radiation. We are hoping that millions of others will join us in the movement for healthy, cabled Internet as people become better informed about the VOLTAGE OF CANCER.
Because Wi-Fi  is completely unregulated and because proper health warnings are not required by law, millions of trusting Americans submit to Wi-Fi poisoning without question.   In a nation deeply concerned about the safety of nearly everything, it is ironically legal for Wi-Fi fanatics to bombard their customers, patients and neighbors (even against their will) with wave pollution documented in myriad scientific studies to be a confirmed human carcinogen! How did we get here?
Not all smokers get cancer from heavy tobacco use. Millions suffer from a long list of tobacco-related conditions, including: emphysema, COPD, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis and stroke. Not every asbestos victim gets cancer. Many suffer instead from asbestosis (slow suffocation) or painful pleural disease. Not all Wi-radiation victims will get cancer. Many will succumb to microwave-induced brain damage leading to neurological disease such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Countless others will develop radiation-induced hormonal and metabolic malfunction which can lead to diabetes, a major cause of fatal dementia, heart disease and stroke.
Human glands are particularly sensitive to radiation, both ionizing and non-ionizing. There is now extensive research showing that microwave radiation blasts both the endocrine and exocrine systems into absolute chaos. [66]
In 2004, medical researchers published a paper on the effects of frequency microsurges (dirty electricity in the kilohertz range) on human pancreatic health. This paper states: “Based on our studies we would like to suggest that, in addition to Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, there is a Type 3 diabetes that may be attributed to poor power quality. This form of pollution may be contributing to the rapid growth of this disease and affecting the large number of people who have difficulty controlling their blood sugar with medication (brittle diabetics) and the increasing number who are classified as “pre-diabetic” according to the American Diabetes Association.” [67] This paper reports that diabetics exposed to dirty electricity require more insulin and are less able to control their blood sugars. Wi-technologies now highly contaminate the nation’s electrical grid systems and are a major source of the dirty electricity linked to diabetes and its complications.
In 2013, a study published in the medical journal Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology showed that rats exposed to Wi-Fi for only one hour per day for 22 days developed a diabetes-like status: “Indeed, RF radiation induced glucose metabolism disorders.… The disorders in glucose metabolic could be explained by alteration in function, structure, and/or secretion of insulin after RF exposure.… Furthermore, RF radiation could affect the glucose uptake by peripheral tissues.” In addition, the Wi-Fi-tortured rats in this study developed gross liver abnormalities, including hypertrophied (enlarged) liver cells and hepatic lesions. [68]
Of great interest is the fact that the pancreatic and liver abnormalities cited in the above Wi-Fi study were induced by microwave-generating equipment commonly used to create Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) in “business-class environments” across the USA. The study states: “The animal cages were placed under an access point (AP) from a Wi-Fi device, D-Link DWL-3200AP with 802.11g mode and WPA2 network protection. It integrated two omnidirectional antennas that were set up for Internet broadcast via wireless at 2.45 GHz.” [69]
“Robust” Wi-Fi propagation equipment, similar to that used against rats in the above referenced study, is found in most large commercial complexes across America: corporations, airports, hotels, convention centers, universities, shopping malls, sports arenas and medical facilities. This is the same kind of Wi-Fi radiation that now flows through our DNA as high-frequency voltage currents wherever we go in the commercial world. Dual band Wi-Fi propagating both 2.45 and 5 gigahertz simultaneously is especially impactful. Most Americans are now exposed to multiple channel frequencies of Wi-Fi every day of the year at work, school and/or home. Meantime, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website says this:
♦ 25.8 million Americans have diabetes, seven million of whom have not yet been diagnosed.
♦ If current trends continue, one of three US adults will have diabetes by 2050. [70]
Edward Gregg, chief of a diabetes epidemiology and statistics branch at the CDC, was lead researcher of a recent federal study which prognosticates that the lifetime risk of Type 2 diabetes is 40% for all Americans born after the year 2000. Gregg said of this study, published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endrocrinology: “We weren’t necessarily surprised that it increased, but we didn’t expect it to increase this much….Forty percent is a humbling number.” [71]
No one argues that diabetes is epidemic in Wi-America. Americans born after 2000 are the first generation to be literally swimming in the inescapable radiation of Wi-technologies. As the CDC confirms, today’s youth have twice the risk for developing diabetes, compared to those born over a decade ago, a time when environmental Wi-radiation was still minimal. Numerous indicators confirm that diabetes and its complications will continue to skyrocket, as our highly-irradiated population gropes its way to understanding why.

Billions of federal dollars are being used to encourage utility companies to replace safer analog utility (electric, gas, water) meters with wireless smart meters. Many of these new meters broadcast microwave signals in both cell phone frequencies (900 megahertz) and Wi-Fi frequencies (2.45 gigahertz). Smart meters can pollute both indoor and outdoor environments with thousands of microwave pulses per day– right at ground level where people live, work and play. Smart meters also contaminate the electrical grid systems with both microwave radiation and kilohertz frequencies (dirty electricity), which are intrinsic to Wi-radiation pulses.

The smart meter build-out continues nationwide, despite massive public testimony that Wi-radiation from the meters causes acute sickness and debilitating neurological symptoms for many. Smart meter mesh systems require thousands of additional microwave tower and pole antennas which further Wi-pollute cities and rural areas.
     “Smart appliances” irradiate homes with yet more Wi-Fi radiation as they broadcast usage data to smart meters, to smart phones and to the Internet. British scientist Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, a foremost expert on the health effects of microwave radiation, says this: “The duration of the radiation seems to be more important than its strength, with the effects being cumulative as more and more cells are damaged. Interestingly, DNA damage from cell phone radiation is greater when the exposure is intermittent (five minutes on, ten minutes off) than when continuous (Diem et al., 2005). This may be because the cells are constantly adapting and using energy to defend themselves; they drop their guard during the off period and are caught unawares when it goes on again. This constant switching uses more energy which eventually leaves the cells less able to counteract the effects of the radiation….Smart meters, which operate 24/7 and radiate modulated microwaves intermittently, can therefore be expected to be particularly harmful to DNA.” [72]
For information and updates on the smart meter debacle use THIS LINK
 The American Cancer Society (ACS) provides excellent cancer statistics state by state. The ACS reports that about 1.7 million people in California were living with cancer in 2014-2015. Also, according to ACS, an estimated 178,130 Californians will be newly diagnosed with cancer in 2018. These statistics are actually much worse because the numbers do not include skin cancers and non-invasive carcinomas. Out of 50 states, California leads in the number of annual cancer deaths: 60,650 in 2018. About ten percent of the nation’s cancer deaths will occur in this state. [73]
Below is an excellent YouTube video of a person in California walking through a typical microwave KILL ZONE with a high-frequency audio detector as he approaches a smart meter installation on a sidewalk. Similar to a Geiger counter for nuclear radiation, his RF/microwave detector renders Wi-pollution audible. The detector confirms that “California Dreaming” has become “California Screaming.” You can hear the background cell tower radiation (the high, brittle, unrelenting whine) plus smart meter radiation (intense buzzing and clicking). You can watch how the collective power density of Wi-voltage charging the air fluctuates continuously. This is the microwave VOLTAGE OF CANCER which has transformed American cities, towns and villages into electronic death camps. This is the RF/microwave “soup” which flows as relentless electromagnetic currents through all flesh and which jackhammers cellular DNA at millions or billions of times per second.
Rendered helpless by irresistible Wi-addiction and hypnotized by their dependence on Wi-devices, the masses remain silent and submissive in a carcinogenic environment they cannot comprehend. Adolph Hitler’s Final Solution was dirty, noisy, labor intensive and widely resisted. By comparison, today’s Wi-genocide operation is subtle and sophisticated. Never before in history have humans been so cleverly induced to slowly exterminate themselves– and happily pay big money for the privilege.
The BioInitiative Report 2012 (with 2014 and 2017 updates) is the independent work of 29 medical researchers and public health specialists from ten nations. It offers a comprehensive synopsis of over 1800 recent medical and scientific studies confirming that microwave radiation can inflict adverse biological effects on every form and function of the human body. The BioInitiative Report calls RF/microwave radiation emitted by Wi-technologies “a very efficient cancer-causing agent.” [74] TheBioInitiative Working Group agrees that radio frequency radiation used for Wi-technologies should be classified as a “known carcinogen.”
These important facts are documented by the  BioInitiative Report:
♦ Microwave radiation can instigate and accelerate cancers through numerous mechanisms of subtle cellular damage and hormonal disruption.
♦ Microwave radiation is mutagenic and teratogenic, and therefore very dangerous to pregnant women, ova, sperm, embryos, fetuses and newborns.
The risks of cancer, from both environmental Wi-antennas and personal Wi-devices, are these:
♦ The higher the cumulative hours of exposure, the higher the risk.
♦ The more years of exposure, the higher the risk.
♦ The higher the radiated power from Wi-antennas, the higher the risk.
♦ The longer a single area of the body is exposed, the higher the risk.
♦ The younger a person at first exposure, the higher the risk. [75]
The BioInitiative Report 2012 (2014/2017) provides massive documentation, so the easiest way to quickly absorb a good overview of the entire report is to access the TABLE OF CONTENTS and click on Section 24. Also excellent is Section One: Summary for the Public.

The Wireless Radiation Industry is a reincarnation of Big Tobacco.  It  operates in the shadows as it sites deadly antennas in our midst and promotes microwave systems and devices. The industry has never been required to produce valid scientific evidence proving that Wi-technologies and Wi-devices are safe. The industry will never honestly discuss the thousands of published documents showing that these technologies present grave hazards to human and animal health. Federal law ensures that corporate wireless profiteers are exempt from adequate pre-market testing and also from normal requirements of full disclosure, as is mandatory for pharmaceutical drugs and other risky products.
The Wireless Radiation Industry has a long and illustrious history of deceiving the public about the dangers of wireless devices and about the devastating effects of environmental pollution necessary to make them functional. CTIA–the Wireless Association prevaricates: “The overwhelming majority of research studies that have been published in scientific journals around the globe show that wireless phones do not pose a health risk.” [76]
The late radio engineer Robert C. Kane, author of Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette, presented massive documentation proving that the Wi-radiation Industry knows very well, from decades of medical and mechanical studies, that lucrative Wi-technologies are indeed deadly: “By keeping the findings uncollected and dissembled, the financially interested parties can continue business as usual….[Evidence of harm] has been neglected or buried by an industry that will place its absolute need to sell products above the health and well-being of its customers. The practice of producing such products can only be viewed as predatory. Never in human history has there been such a practice as we now encounter with the marketing and distribution of products hostile to the human biological system by an industry with foreknowledge of these effects.” [77] Before writing his expose, Robert C. Kane had long worked for Motorola to research and develop mobile phone technologies. He passed away from brain cancer.
Congress has awarded the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), comprised of five political appointees, sole authority to regulate public exposure to dangerous communications and broadcast radiation. The FCC married Motorola in the 1970s when engineers and commercial interests, ignoring medical and scientific data on the risks, were fairly rabid to hatch wireless technologies. Today the FCC rakes in $billions by selling RF/microwave spectrum to radiation profiteers, a gross conflict of interest. In addition, the Wireless Radiation Industry has long maintained iron-fisted control of the FCC and therefore always “regulates” itself.
Between November 2013 and January 2017, the FCC was chaired by Obama appointee Tom Wheeler, a former CEO of CTIA-the Wireless Association, and a long-time lobbyist for the wireless industry. It was Chairman Wheeler who announced that 5G millimeter wave technologies will be unleashed nationwide without mercy.  The current FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, is a former Verizon attorney who confirms that he will continue Wheeler’s destructive trajectory for the infinite expansion of all things wireless. This radiation czar, with Congress in tow, vows to expedite a maze of new Wi-Fi and broadband networks, to be partly subsidized by increased phone bill taxes. [78]
Whenever challenged, the Wireless Radiation Industry claims that its addictive Wi-products and services comply with FCC regulations. But FCC’s antiquated standards for public exposure to RF/microwave radiation were developed decades ago by military-industrial interests. Phone exposure standards are based on conjectured thermal (heating) effects on large, healthy adult males exposed to microwave radiation for only a few minutes. These ancient safety guidelines are not germane to new, powerful Wi-devices, such as tablets embedded with multiple antennas and used by kids for hours each day. Likewise, unrealistic exposure standards do not protect public health from huge antenna farms in populated areas because they do not address the long-term biological effects of chronic exposure to fetuses, children and the immunologically frail who are forcibly irradiated 24/7 at close range with numerous microwave frequencies simultaneously. Most tragically, exposure standards, which recognize only thermal effects, do not address the horrific non-thermal effects of today’s Wi-radiation: severe DNA damage, oxidative stress to cell membranes, blood-brain barrier breakdown and myelin damage to the central nervous system.
Thousands of health studies and scientific reports have convinced many bio-scientists that current FCC exposure guidelines for RF/microwave radiation are dangerously obsolete. Scientists who authored the 2012 BioInitiative Report recommend that the FCC’s antiquated public exposure limits be updated to reduce public exposure by hundreds fold. In 2012, the General Accounting Office (GAO) instructed FCC to reassess its RF exposure limits and also its mobile phone testing requirements to reflect the latest research regarding cell phones held against the body. [79] In early 2014, hundreds of individuals, organizations, government agencies and medical experts submitted written requests to the FCC, demanding an update for federal regulations regarding public exposure to both cell tower and cell phone radiation. In 2016, experts wrote to the FCC with evidence that 75% of the mobile phones on the market exceed FCC’s obsolete and dangerous standards. [80] But FCC is a bureaucratic dictatorship beyond accountability. It thumbed its nose at GAO’s safety recommendations and it routinely ignores all public comment. With Wi-industry reps always at the helm, the FCC’s obsolete RF/microwave exposure limits remain as deadly as ever.
In 2015, the Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University produced a comprehensive expose on how the Wi-industry captured the FCC for its own corrupt and lucrative purposes. READ THE SUMMARY HERE

The entire American education system has become an engine of carcinogenic Wi-pollution. From kindergartens to college campuses, most educational arenas are microwave cesspools. Outdoor school environments are also badly affected, not only from on-campus Wi-Fi antennas, but also from cell towers and rooftop antennas strategically located near academic centers. Microwave antennas inflict cumulative biological damage equivalent to both X-ray and UV radiation. Given the science, American schools have become death camps where inmates are conditioned to worship wireless technologies, lobotomized by small screens and bombarded with radiation that can damage sperm/egg and induce pregnancy termination.
Chronic microwave exposure is extremely dangerous to human eyes. [81] Because microwaves efficiently produce lenticular opacities, many Wi-irradiated school students will develop vision problems, including cataracts, years earlier than previous generations. Metal absorbs and re-radiates microwave radiation, creating hotspots. Any closed metal loop within a current develops a voltage of its own. Kids who wear metal reading glasses in Wi-environments are at special risk for insidious and incremental eye damage, which manifests after a latency period. [82]
What good is public education if students are not taught the scientific realities of wireless systems and devices which denigrate their health, endanger their future offspring and afflict their civilization with disease, disability, deformity and premature death? School officials and parents who condone exposing young bodies and developing brains to microwave radiation are absolutely abusive because:

♦ Young bodies absorb more microwave radiation than adult bodies. [83]

♦ Microwaves clump (agglutinate) blood cells, degrading circulation and heart function. [84]

♦ Microwaves open the blood-brain barrier, allowing toxins and pathogens to enter brain neurons. [85]

♦ Microwaves impair memory, concentration and other cognitive skills. [86]

♦ Microwaves disrupt sleep cycle hormones, leading to day-time exhaustion. [87]

♦ Microwaves incite mood swings and aberrant behavior. [88]

The American medical community and public health agencies are muzzled by federal policy which promotes Wi-technologies as a priority. US medical doctors are not trained to recognize acute Wi-sickness, which in vulnerable individuals can manifest in life-threatening incidents, including heart attacks and strokes. [89] Nor are doctors trained to address the nationwide epidemic of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) which affects many people chronically exposed to Wi-radiation overload. [90]  Medical centers, dental offices, eye clinics and care homes are now saturated with carcinogenic, DNA-busting radiation thanks to the HITEC ACT of 2009, federal legislation which has spawned rigid electronic requirements and the overuse of wireless technologies within US health care sectors.

Before the Microwave Age, the American medical establishment provided excellent service and medical advancement in a relatively healthy environment. Today, powerful IT data systems interconnected with Wi-medical and Wi-security technologies, bombard the sick, the elderly, the pregnant and the newly-born with torrents of Wi-radiation documented to be: carcinogenic, teratogenic, neurotoxic, cardiotoxic, endocrine-disruptive and immuno-depressive. Ironically, people who sicken from our grossly toxic Wi-environment are now forced to enter medical establishments rank with the very poison that forces them to seek medical help.

Many lives depend upon medical providers who are capable of complex cognitive abilities and refined motor skills. Yet numerous studies show that human motor skills, memory and alertness become highly impaired in microwaved environments. Researchers have demonstrated that drivers using cell phones suffer the same poor concentration and reaction time as alcoholic drunks. [91] Nevertheless, medical practitioners and their staffs routinely use wireless phones, tablets, computers and body radios, infusing themselves for hours at a time with wave pollution that exhausts and confuses their nervous system. Medical professionals routinely look tired, sickly and pallid these days, with many suffering from obesity thanks to chronic radiation exposure that disrupts both endocrine and exocrine hormones.

Cindy Sage, co-editor of the BioInitiative Report, says of Wi-polluted medical establishments across the USA: “The short term effect [of wireless radiation] on memory, cognition, concentration and focus of health care workers is reducing their ability to do their job. They are endangering their patients’ health and welfare, healing and treatment by being so groggy….Their mental function is diminished and impaired by chronic exposure to very low levels of wireless –and I’m talking a tenth of a microwatt per centimeter squared, 100th of a microwatt per centimeter squared, maybe even a nanowatt per centimeter squared– and these hospital environments are reaching much higher levels throughout. They are saturated with wireless radio frequency exposure that we know are related to problems of cognition and memory and concentration.” [92]

Public transportation is now excessively Wi-toxic for everyone. Airport terminals and ground transportation depots are microwave sewers. Within the resonant metallic cavities of cars, buses, trains and planes, numerous transceiving wireless devices propagate carcinogenic radiation far more pernicious and invasive than second-hand tobacco smoke. Passengers standing in line to have their private parts inspected by US airport security should be aware that techno-terrorists are in absolute control of the aircraft they are about to board. Captives stuck for hours in these venues are at risk for radiation damage to hearing, eyesight and brain function as numerous environmental frequencies couple with the flesh to create hotspots in various tissues and organs.
Most commercial plane in the US are encumbered with Wi-Fi antenna systems which irradiate passenger compartments continuously to provide Internet connectivity. In addition, multiple personal Wi-devices, emitting near-field microwave radiation within a metallic enclosure, expose all passengers to numerous frequencies of wave carcinogen. A good audio microwave detector literally SCREAMS in response to the dense fog of wave radiation reverberating inside an aircraft cabin. No warning signs on microwave radiation hazards are posted.
The following chart provides a good visual of the VOLTAGE OF CANCER that permeates the cabin of commercial airliners.  It shows how cellular phone signals (red and green) and Wi-Fi signals (purple) combine to create a toxic environment from which there is no escape. The left hand metric shows the volts per meter (the signal strength) of each carcinogenic spike of  energy impacting human bodies throughout flight.
Wireless infrastructure on passenger planes has documented potential to disable or even kill during flight. At high altitudes, one man’s Wi-gratification can be another man’s cancer acceleration, heart malfunction or seizure. Inescapable microwave irradiation during air travel can trigger brain edemas, blood pressure abnormalities, heart attacks, strokes and embolism in susceptible persons, especially at high altitudes where oxygen is deficient.
German doctors have summarized the myriad organic disasters that occur within the irradiated bodies and brains of both passengers and flight personnel during a “Wi-hot” flight. These effects include: abnormal EEG changes in brain waves, opening of the blood-brain barrier to toxins (especially likely at high altitudes), clumping of red blood cells (deprives brain cells of oxygen), headaches, drowsiness, vertigo, nausea, a slowing of neuromuscular responses and a doubling of reaction time. Wi-irradiated people are notoriously sleep-deprived and hormone disrupted. [93] Here again, countless lives depend upon altered cognitive abilities of heavily-irradiated flight crews. THE GERMAN REPORT
These days, flyers are simultaneously irradiated by: airport radar installations, airport body scanners beaming experimental millimeter waves; in-plane microwave communications systems; cosmic ionizing radiation and high counts-per-minute of beta, alpha and gamma radiation, which reportedly pollutes the upper atmosphere. [94] A reliable source reported in December 2014 that his handheld Geiger counter (Inspector) registered 900+ counts per minute during his flight from Portland to Los Angeles, while his reading on the ground was only 60 counts per minute. He wrote: “It appears that the bulk of radiation from Fukushima still resides in the upper atmosphere.”

Car manufacturers are now in high-gear to ensure that all new vehicles sold in the US are maxed out with wireless gadgets and technologies. Turn on the ignition in a new consumer vehicle and your “radiation treatment” automatically begins. The use of wireless devices, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi inside the metallic-resonant cavity of a vehicle creates a very hazardous environment. Numerous studies show that drivers under the influence of near-field microwave radiation suffer profound cognitive and motor impairment. Sane persons who wish to avoid accidents, DNA damage, tumors, immune deficiencies, infertility and the possibility of disastrous pregnancy outcomes should be mindful of the hazards of in-vehicle Wi-pollution. All personal devices and built-in microwave signal generators available for frivolous entertainment should be deactivated within vehicles. This requires informed effort, but it can be done.
Injury and fatality by vehicular accident must be added to the astronomical costs of wireless technologies used recklessly in the USA. Microwave-irradiated drivers are highly distracted, accident-prone and cognitively-impaired on many levels. By 2014, federal statistics confirmed that at least 26 percent of all car accidents in the US are caused by drivers engaged with their wireless devices. In the first quarter of 2014, nearly a quarter million vehicular accidents were the result of drivers using cell phones. The National Safety Council reported that year that texting actually accounts for a comparatively small percentage of accidents while handheld and hands-free talking causes 95% of the carnage. [95]
Bluetooth technology built into newer auto systems enable hands-free cell phone usage. But Bluetooth technology is not safe because it adds additional radiation to the cellular phone radiation within the resonant metal cavity of the car interior. Bluetooth operates at 2.45 gigahertz, the same frequency as most Wi-Fi systems. The most widely used Bluetooth power classes are Class 1 and Class 2:
Class 1 These transceivers have the most power with a broadcast range of 100 meters and a peak transmission of 100 milliwatts (about 6 volts per meter).
Class 2 These transceivers are generally used by Wi-Fi-enabled personal devices with a broadcast range of ten (10) meters and a peak power of 2.5 milliwatts (.9 volts per meter).
The OEM navigation systems in newer cars have metastasized into integrated infotainment networks which handle numerous communication, entertainment and navigation capabilities through wireless interface. These systems feature one or more touch screens that can distract drivers. Many car manufacturers advertise 4G/LTE Wi-Fi availability, which allows each of several passengers in the car to connect to the Internet with his own wireless device simultaneously with other users. Car-mounted antennas pass the wireless signals to and from cell towers. The 4G/LTE vehicle systems are advertised to operate at such high power densities that car occupants can reportedly transport their mobile devices up to 50 feet from a parked vehicle and still maintain connectivity.
As with all other wireless systems, vehicle Wi-pollution is imperceptible to human senses. But turn on a good audio RF/microwave meter inside an auto equipped with transceiving Bluetooth and OEM Wi-Fi systems and you will be shocked at the intensity of the carcinogenic voltage measured. This radiation is further ramped up as passengers connect their individual smart phones and tablets to the system. The bodies of humans trapped inside this metal cage become flesh antennas. Ditto for people outside of the vehicle who are within range of the carcinogenic wave corona surrounding the metal frame of a “smart” car.
Vehicular connectivity is all about more profit for Wi-racketeers. Gigabyte hogs are charged a bundle for OEM airtime and services. And a 2015 report produced by the office of Senator Edward Markey (D-Mass) says this: “Vehicles are becoming more connected through electronic systems like navigation, infotainment and safety monitoring tools. The proliferation of these technologies raises concerns about the ability of hackers to gain access and control to the essential functions and features of those cars and for others to utilize information on drivers’ habits for commercial purposes without the drivers’ knowledge or consent….Nearly 100% of cars on the market include wireless technologies that could pose vulnerabilities to hacking or privacy intrusions.” [96] MARKEY REPORT HERE
This sobering news gives clue to the future: “Traffic fatalities are up 14% so far in 2015, according to new data from the nonprofit National Safety Council (NFC]. That puts the year on pace to be the deadliest for drivers since 2007.… NSC president Deborah Hersman also attributes the uptick in fatal crashes to the fact that drivers are more distracted behind the wheel thanks to their phones, despite the fact that most states ban texting while driving. ‘Americans are addicted to these devices,’ Hersman said, and roadside surveys conducted by the NSC found more Americans are on their phones despite the bans.” [97] Don’t be shocked to find your vehicle insurance continually rising to compensate for this horrendous situation.
Since WWII, radar microwaves have been documented as a human health hazard. Medical literature describes radar damage to the eyes, the cardiovascular system and the skin. Radar deployed on military bases has been linked to fetal abnormalities. [98] Civilian communities near radar installations report clusters of sickness, including cancer. [99] A 1973 Swedish study of factory workers exposed to radar and other microwave equipment states: “…An over-representation of lens opacities [cataract formation] could be observed in personnel in lower age groups. Furthermore, it was noted that changes in the retina resembling chorioretinal scars were present in a significant number of workers.”[100] Radar-induced illness and disability often appears after a latency period. This is especially true of radar eye damage.
Yet, the Wireless Radiation Industry is transforming vehicles into mobile radar installations. Many new vehicles sold in the US are equipped with driver-assist systems (DAS), featuring lane departure and collision warning, active cruise control and automated parking. These are radar systems, several per vehicle, which generate and amplify microwave beams at ground level in the name of “safety.” The extremely energetic microwave frequencies of 24 billion hertz and 76-79 billion hertz (millimeter waves) are favored for these systems. [101]
The picture below is from PCMag.com. It shows how a radar-spewing car slams driver-assist microwave beams into the environment, locking on to the vehicle and bicycle in front of it, while also engulfing pedestrians. Propagated for many meters, radar beams easily infiltrate window glass and the bodies of every human within range. Metal objects hit by radar beams reflect and enhance the fields. As with asbestos and nuclear radiation, people neither see, hear, smell nor taste this powerful wave carcinogen emitted by radar vehicles.
A global army of radar chip makers is competing to advance this technology. One of them, Infineon Technologies AG, is producing a 140 gigahertz radar chip for autos. And we learn: “In the future, with fully automated [driverless cars] there will be up to ten radar systems and ten more sensor systems using cameras or lidars [laser light radar] could be needed. Short-range radar (SRR) could look for side objects, medium range radar (MRR) would scan widely for objects up to 50 meters in front and back and long range radar (LRR) would focus up to 250 meters in front and back for high speed collision avoidance.” [102] People and animals assaulted by this dangerous energy have neither warning nor protection.
Human health and genetic integrity is of virtually no concern to the corporate megalith which promotes radar-spewing driver assist-systems and driverless car technologies. These amoral profiteers are required to produce no environmental impact statement before deploying their deadly frequencies. Nor are they required by any US regulatory agency to produce an iota of scientific data proving the safety of radar beams propagated at ground level. We are left to assume that automotive radar radiation will produce the same manifestations of disease, disability, deformity and premature death as that documented for many unfortunate radar victims of the past. [103]
And next comes the vehicle-to-vehicle collision avoidance project (V2V), approved in early 2014 by the US Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In late 2016, US regulators proposed new rules requiring automakers to adopt within five years crash-avoidance technologies to include powerful V2V microwave antennas embedded in all new cars. V2V technologies will be part of the 5G Revolution and will ultimately allow vehicles to communicate with one another. Although techno-dreamers foresee the possible end of auto crashes thirty years from now, they make no mention of the massive increases in sickness, cancer and fetal abnormalities that will accompany a national automotive radar system of this magnitude. [104]
As the above Department of Transportation picture reveals, each antenna-laden vehicle is slated to continually broadcast confirmed human carcinogen into the flesh of drivers, passengers, and all other living creatures within range. V2V antennas will be powerful enough to propagate pulsing, data-bearing radio waves for about 900 feet in all directions. [105] Countless thousands of tower and pole microwave antennas will be needed to unify the V2V system so that various agencies can collect real-time information including: vehicle identification and location, who is driving (and how) and even the number of vehicle occupants. This gives clue to the innumerable high poles, cameras and sensors being mounted on freeways and highways across the nation, some of which will provide the foundation of a Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) communication system. V2V and V2I will ultimately be used by “overseers” to remotely track and even disable target vehicles from central headquarters.
The European REFLEX studies of 2004 demonstrated rapid and catastrophic DNA destruction from 1.8 billion hertz (gigahertz) emitted by older cell phones. Yet, planners are discussing a V2V broadcast frequency of 9.5 billion hertz. A recent medical study of workers exposed to 9.4 gigahertz (a marine radar frequency) found abnormal cell alterations indicative of oxidative stress from this radiation. Researchers said in the abstract of this study: “Results suggest that pulsed microwaves from working environments can be the cause of genetic and cell alterations and that oxidative stress can be one of the possible mechanisms of DNA and cell damage.” [106] According to industry sources, V2V antennas mounted within vehicle side mirrors (adjacent to the driver’s head) could propagate a blistering 24 billion hertz. Other V2V antennas embedded in the front of vehicles would propagate millimeter waves at 77 billion hertz. [107] Perpetually blasting back and forth from car to car, such dangerous radiation creates a new dimension to urban traffic jams!
So far, scientific research on millimeter radiation (microwaves propagated at frequencies over 30 billion hertz) and terahertz radiation (over 300 billion hertz) has documented the following dangerous bio-effects: DNA destruction, interference with gene replication, a decrease in learning capacity/memory, effects on cellular growth, skin inflammation and acute eye damage. [108] Why, before federal approval of V2V, were not proper studies conducted on how in-your-face radar radiation will affect human vision, hearing, brain function and general driving skills? The likely answer is that such studies –and subsequent public outcry– would forbid the deployment of both driver-assist and V2V radar weaponry.

Any technology which disarms the human immune system is undeniably a weapon of mass destruction. What HIV-AIDS does well, microwave radiation does even better. While HIV-AIDS gradually subverts and disables human immune cells, microwaves quickly kill human immune cells–dead!
Adding to an already huge international database showing that microwave radiation radically disrupts human immunity, medical researchers recently demonstrated that cell phone radiation efficiently destroys peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) in human blood. These protective cells are critical to health and viability of the human body.
Seen above is an electron microscope image of normal circulating human blood. This picture shows red blood cells and several types of white blood cells, including the type of PBMCs known as lymphocytes. Lymphocytes include the incredibly important T-cells and B-cells which are imperative for fighting infection and for protecting against allergic reactions to foreign materials in a highly-polluted world. PBMCs play a critical role in protection against neuro-degenerative diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s) and they also protect against aging.

In 2013, a team of medical scientists exposed human blood to microwave radiation propagated at a frequency of 900 megahertz, a wave energy which whipsaws the polarity of human cells 900 million times per second. This is the frequency used by federal scientists to induce horrendous cancers in test rats as reported in 2016 in regards to the NTP cell phone study. This is also the frequency which millions of Wi-users blast into their brains, eyes and thyroid glands during a GSM cell phone call. The 800 to 900 megahertz channel frequencies blaze non-stop from many cell tower and roof top antennas nationwide. The 900 megahertz spectrum is deployed by smart meters polluting millions of American homes. In other words, 900 megahertz is a frequency realm to which everyone in the USA is now chronically exposed.

In this study, the scientists punished human blood cells with 900 MHz at only two-thirds of the microwave power density allowed by the FCC and FDA for Wi-devices. These scientists then watched 37% of the PBMCs die during radiation exposures lasting only two to eight hours: “….This is the so-called mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis (cell death) and has been demonstrated step by step by our experimental results. As described previously, the ROS activation was induced by DNA damage and the disturbance on protein and lipid conformation, suggesting that DNA, protein, and lipid probably are the targets of the GSM RF/EMF [900 megahertz cell phone] radiation on human PBMC. On the other hand, human PBMC seem to have a self-protection mechanism of releasing carotenoid in response to oxidative stress to inhibit the further increase of ROS (destructive free radicals). However, it cannot stop the process of cell death if the exposure continues.…We strongly ask for more concern on the possible hazardous health effects of exposure to the radiation of GSM RF/EMF emitted from the mobile phone relay stations or devices as it can cause 37% human PBMC death in eight hours.” [109]
This momentous study provides additional confirmation of how efficiently Wi-radiation destroys both human DNA and human immunity in a tiny space of time. More studies are needed to ascertain what actually happens to the blood immune cells of people chronically exposed to wireless RF/microwave radiation 24/7, including Wi-Fi in the gigahertz range. If ubiquitous 900 million hertz literally erases 37 percent of human lymphocytes after only eight hours of exposure, is anyone curious as to what will become of human immunity once the entire US population is additionally and continuously assaulted with driver-assist and V2V radar, plus the upcoming 5G millimeter wave technologies, all pulsing the flesh with mega-billions of cycles per second?
While the multi-frequency microwave radiation saturating the environment methodically disables the human immune system, there is growing evidence that it also cultivates and empowers pathogens that cause severe sickness and death among our population.  Right now, the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports an alarming trend of antibiotic-resistant genes within “nightmare bacteria” across the United States. [110]
Seen below is a stunning enlargement photo of E. coli, a common bacteria with numerous pathotypes that create toxins leading to serious, even deadly disease. Several million people in the US are diagnosed with pathogenic E. coli each year thanks to improper food handling, contaminated water and person-to-person contact. Mobile phones are reportedly among the filthiest of objects, found by microbiologists to be covered with fecal matter and pathogens like E. coli and streptococcus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also reported finding 58 percent of public pools contaminated with E. coli, not insignificant since this nasty bug can unleash bloody diarrhea, gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections and neonatal meningitis. [111] Each year in the US, about 23,000 cases of E. coli are fatal while there are numerous reports that this troublemaker is becoming increasingly antibiotic resistant. [112] Pathogens resistant to treatment are called “superbugs” because they are extremely virulent and dangerous.
In 2017, a team of medical researchers studied the effects of cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation on E. coli and another dangerous pathogen called Listeria monocytogenes. They reported that exposure to the microwave radiation caused BOTH these types of bacteria to become antibiotic resistant:
“Previous studies have shown that exposure of microorganisms to RF-EMfs can be associated with a wide spectrum of changes ranged from the modified bacterial growth to the alterations of the pattern of antibiotic resistance…..In this study…pure cultures of Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli were exposed to RF-EMFs generated either by a GSM 900 MHz mobile phone simulator and a common 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router. It is also shown that exposure to RF-EMFs within a narrow level of irradiation (an exposure window) makes microorganisms resistant to antibiotics….This study showed that exposure to Wi-Fi and RF simulator radiation can significantly alter the inhibition zone diameters and growth rate for L monocytogenes and E. coli. These findings may have implications for the management of serious infectious diseases.” [113]
This new study leaves us wondering how many other disease agents are being strengthened and enervated by the compulsory microwave radiation in which we all swim. How does wireless radiation affect common staph and strep germs, for example? Does this radiation make kids more vulnerable to childhood diseases? Why are federal agencies not doing research to answer these questions in light of urgent global warnings that treatment-resistant diseases are a growing threat around the world? [114] In 2013, medical experts in Europe labeled antibiotic resistance “as big a risk as terrorism” and experts prognosticate that pathogens immune to treatment will cause ten million deaths annually by 2050. [115] This comes at a time when very few new antibiotics are being developed.
In the USA, the CDC admits that one in 25 patients acquires an infection during a hospital stay; in 2011 alone, 722,000 patients contracted a serious infection during their stay in an acute care hospital. [116] US medical, dental and elder care facilities –infamous centers for disease dissemination– are now raging infernos of the very wireless radiation that can ramp up disease pathogens to resist treatment! The same is true of American public schools, flooded with high-frequency microwaves documented to deform human blood and efficiently destroy immune cells  children need to fight infection. In addition, Swiss researchers have found that toxic molds also greatly flourish when stimulated by microwaves and other forms of man-made electromagnetic radiation. Exposing mold to these energies, they “discovered that not only the biotoxins in the culture had increased more than 600 fold, but also had increased to a more potent and virulent form of biotoxin.” [117]
Meantime, there is little information available on how super-energetic 5G millimeter wave radiation — to be delivered upon all flesh from millions of new right-of-way antennas and ultimately from the national power grid– will affect human immunity. A group of German scientists reported in 2016 that existing research on how millimeter waves manipulate disease pathogens demonstrates that numerous frequencies in the high gigahertz range DO AFFECT the E. Coli and many other types of bacteria “mainly affecting their growth and changing properties and activity. These effects were non-thermal and dependent on different factors….The consequences of MMW [millimeter wave] interaction with bacteria are the changes in their sensitivity to different biologically active chemicals, including antibiotics….These effects….might be leading to antibiotic resistance in bacteria.” [118]
The story of a contaminated salad sold at Costco is a sobering example of what the “right” microbe in the “right” body can accomplish among a population immune-compromised by microwaves. Costco promotes and sells numerous wireless devices and systems, and like all large retail centers in the US, Costco stores are saturated with carcinogenic wireless frequencies used for Wi-Fi and other radio services. Whether or not that situation has bearing upon this particular case, the fact remains that America’s entire retail sector is complicit in creating a high-frequency electromagnetic environment known to foster pathogens with the deadly potential described in this story:  COSTCO LAWSUIT HERE
More than 15.5 million Americans with a history of cancer were alive in 2016. [119] A whopping 609,640 Americans are expected to die of cancer diseases in 2018. [also 119]  Destruction of immunity fosters the development and progression of human cancers. [120]
Cancer treatment can cost up to one million dollars per capita. [121] The bankrupt federal government already spends $200 million dollars per second while it grapples with 21 trillion dollars of debt. [122] How, in the future, will America pay for UNIVERSAL CANCER resulting from the Wi-technologies so aggressively promoted across every sector of US society? Why is the US government so brazenly intent upon Wi-cancerizing the entire population? Why isn’t Big Radiation required to forfeit a cancer tax on every microwave device sold and on every wireless connection provided? There is ample medical and scientific evidence that ubiquitous RF/microwave pollution is unleashing an epidemic of benign and carcinogenic tumors in:

inner ear (acoustic neuroma)
salivary glands

In March 2014, Americans were informed: “Cancer will be the number one killer in the US by 2030, a new report from the American Society of Clinical Oncology says. The disease is projected to increase nearly 45 percent by that year, from 1.6 million cases to 2.3 million cases annually. The report particularly highlights the growing needs in the cancer care sector, saying that there will be a shortage of nearly 1,500 oncologists in about ten years….Cancer care is already in short supply in many rural communities in the US….Further, rising costs are forcing small and mid-sized practices across the country to close.” [123]

Meantime, there is a concerted INFORMATION BLACKOUT
on the well-documented connection between Wi-technologies
and America’s raging cancer epidemic.
An endless array of new Wi-technologies are forthcoming, including: Wi-tricity (electricity generated by wireless magnetic fields), [124] wearable wireless tracking devices and sensors, including authentication ID skin tags and even gut transmitters to be ingested as medicine. [125] Implantable microchips are designed to make human bodies machine-readable, inside and out. Researchers at Stanford University recently discovered how to recharge data-spewing flesh implants designed to interface with numerous Wi-technologies. [126] Driverless cars, robotics (AI), drone technologies and new balloon and satellite systems for wireless broadband are set to continue unlimited irradiation of the US population.
    Does America need zillions of new 5G millimeter wave antennas so that Wi-fanatics can instantly micro-manage their thermostats, dog collars and crockpots by iPhone? How can a wireless home security system truly protect if it generates radiation that induces dementia, tumors and leukemia? Are the amusements of a voice-controlled personal assistant, such as Amazon Echo, worth filling an entire home with dual band VOLTAGE OF CANCER? As gullible Wi-lovers continue to fall prey to endless new Wi-atrocities, they will wonder why they are so weak, so prone to infection, so forgetful, so obese, so diabetic, so cancer-ridden and dead so young.
   As our immune-compromised population grows incrementally weaker and more brain-impaired with each new Wi-advancement, additional medical and scientific evidence on Wi-toxicity will escalate dramatically. And as with all other environmental carcinogens in history, survivors will one day be forced to face the fact that the Wireless Radiation Industry is hustling millions of people into:
a frenzied race to the chemo place!
Sadly, chemo offers only a 2-3 percent long-term survival rate! [127]
And most cancer victims who survive 3-5 years after diagnosis
suffer severely reduced quality of life when they develop secondary cancers
or symptoms of other diseases from cytotoxic drug intervention.
One day, surviving wise thinkers will demand safe technologies that retain the benefits of connectivity, but which also respect and protect the health and vital energy of all living things. Many nations are now actively investing in optical fiber-based Internet access available to every community and every person in the community. Fiber to the Home technology (FTTH), if used properly, can shield users of Internet, phone and TV against near-field microwave radiation. Fiber networks are far faster and more secure against hacking and environmental disruptions than wireless systems could ever be. Only fiber systems have capacity to fully support the massive amount of video streaming that people now demand.
Wireless systems across the USA already heavily depend on wired networks (fiber or copper).  Even predators behind the 5G revolution are laying down new fiber to augment their upcoming millimeter wave technologies. Wired systems across America should be preserved, upgraded and expanded until fast-flowing voice and data can be delivered directly to the premises of each subscriber. In this way, the entire population can be efficiently connected and also protected against the carcinogenic wireless pollution in which we all broil today.  Development of municipal and community fiber systems is expensive, but universal cancer is far more costly.   When you have time to focus, click on the image below for a new and brilliant analytical paper with historical and technological facts that illuminate the way to a hard-wired, fiber optic approach to America’s communications of the future.
High tech expert Frank Clegg, past president of Microsoft Canada, recently founded the non-profit organization Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST). He says: “I have personally met too many people who are suffering from over-exposure to wireless radiation. Cancer isn’t the only risk….Bill Townsend, a former radio talk show host who now works at Humber College, was the father of a sick family….He conducted an Internet search and found information linking Wi-Fi to sudden onset chronic health problems including heart irregularity, headaches, nausea, poor sleep, as well as skin rashes and sinus swelling. Bill then realized there was a direct link between his family’s health decline and the installation of a Wi-Fi router in his house. He made a simple decision to turn off the Wi-Fi, and instead hardwired all computers in his home. His wife and son’s symptoms reversed so quickly that on the day before surgery their doctor gave them both a clean bill of health and cancelled both operations. Bill’s own symptoms also quickly disappeared….The tide is beginning to turn and in numbers our voices will be heard.” [128]
In fact, as with asbestos and tobacco, the voices of countless Wi-abused people will one day be heard in courtrooms all over the nation. US rowing champion and brain cancer victim Bret Bocook had the top quarter of his brain removed after surgeons found a vast tumor exactly where he always held his cell phone. Bocook was able to tell reporters: “The only way you can educate the public against big business is through lawsuits. That was how they did it with smoking. It was not until the district attorneys in the United States got involved and sued the cigarette industry that they actually had a huge settlement and had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for public education as to the danger of smoking. That’s what is going to happen with cell phones. It’s just unequivocal categorical that these things cause cancer.” [129]
The Wi-radiation industry is even now gearing up for the inevitable day of reckoning. Verizon, the second-largest U.S. telephone company behind AT&T in terms of revenue, has confessed: “Our wireless business also faces personal injury and consumer class action lawsuits relating to alleged health effects of wireless phones or radio frequency transmitters, and class action lawsuits that challenge marketing practices and disclosures relating to alleged health effects of handheld wireless phones. We may incur significant expenses in defending these lawsuits. In addition, we may be required to pay significant awards and settlements.” [130]
This outcome is inevitable because, as the BioInitiative Report 2012 states: “The deployment of new [wireless]technologies is running ahead of any reasonable estimation of possible health impacts and estimates of probabilities, let alone a solid assessment of risks. However, what has been missing with regard to EMF has been an acknowledgement of the risk that is demonstrated by scientific studies.” So far, the Wi-radiation industry has moved heaven and earth to ensure that adequate health warning labels are not required on commercial Wi-devices and their packaging. Casting confusion and doubt is their game. Therefore, by deliberate design, most Americans remain clueless about the carcinogenic ramifications of microwaves flowing from wireless technologies. But when the floodgates finally open for individual and class action lawsuits, plaintiffs will one day win significant awards and settlements on the grounds that Wi-peddlers failed to inform consumers that Wi-devices are both physically and emotionally addictive and also efficientlycarcinogenic and teratogenic.
Cockroaches are the hardiest of insects. Among their reported talents are long-time survival without food, immunity to severe cold, ability to go without oxygen for 45 minutes and functionality after decapitation. Roaches can withstand huge doses of ionizing radiation; their lethal dose from a nuclear blast would be 6-15 times higher than that for humans. However, scientists in India report that electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones has profound and deleterious effect upon the roach.
A 2017 study published in the scientific journal Current Science reported that Wi-irradiated roaches became inert and lethargic after three hours of wireless EMF exposure, showing widespread effects on their brain, neurons, developing cells and enzyme systems. The researchers noted that such adverse physiological and biochemical effects seen in these resilient insects provide warning about the dangers of ubiquitous radiation propagated irresponsibly for wireless technologies. [131]
Humans, their babies, their pets and even their livestock are undoubtedly sick and impaired from Wi-devices and from the millions of environmental antennas needed to make those devices communicate through air interface. No one can say how many have prematurely died from chronic exposure to this insidious carcinogen. Most victims suffer silently and alone, then simply disappear off the radar.  While it is feasible to provide safe and efficient fiber connectivity to every person in the nation who wants it, we read that Verizon has diverted billions of funding set aside for fiber systems in order to keep the uninformed masses hooked on lucrative wireless. [132]
When? will people finally say: “Let’s end Wi-Sickness and Wi-Cancer. Let’s develop safe alternatives to weaponized Wi-technologies which– for the sake of lavish corporate profits and trivial amusements– are killing people, animals, plants and pollinating insects.”

Will humanity become sick enough to understand that mobile Internet and TV in the Pocket are not worth killing and dying for? When will frivolous and amusing Wi-communications be shunned for health reasons? Who among us will survive the ongoing Wi-wars in which human health and genetic integrity are rapidly losing ground to the ruthless and self-serving Techno-Beast? When will America STOP FEEDING THE BEAST? Who will be lucky enough to see the world return to normal, where all living creatures can thrive, free at last from universal and compulsory RF/microwave assault? When will educated humanity discover that fiber, copper and wired Ethernet systems are the most reliable and safest solution for Internet connectivity?

On a spiritual and intuitive level, can anyone “hear” this message?
Is life on our planet worth saving?
Can people overcome Wi-compulsion as gripping as heroin addiction?
Is it possible to live a happy, prosperous life
without obsessive dependence on carcinogenic Wi-technologies?
Do you have an inclination for self-preservation? If so, can you help to
spread the word by sharing this information?

Please construe nothing at this website as medical advice.

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