Yellow vests shutdown Tower Bridge as protest rages on

By Jamie Micklethwaite /

THE yellow vest protests which caused havoc in Paris have hit the UK with London Bridge at a complete standstill.

The group of yellow vest protesters, believed to be pro-Brexit, completely blocked Westminster Bridge.

The group have now moved down the river and blocked traffic at Tower Bridge, causing havoc in the capital.

They are seen on Facebook Live chanting: “What do we want? Brexit.

“When do we want it? Now?”

They also sung: “You’re not British anymore.”
The yellow vests have been slammed online
SLAMMED: Londoners have hit out at the yellow vests (Pic: RPMAIN)
Yellow vests caused havoc on Tower Bridge
TOWER BRIDGE: Yellow vests closed traffic both ways (Pic: RPMAIN)
Yellow vest protesters brought London to a standstill
YELLOW VESTS: Paris-like protests have started in the UK, with London at a standstill (Pic: MIKE SUTHERLAND)
Londoners hit out at the yellow vests’ actions, after causing a scene earlier at Westminster.One wrote on Twitter: “Pro brexit protestors what the f*** are you protesting???? Brexit and Trump? Right now you’re just holding up traffic and embarrassing everyone in Britain.”Another added: “Lovely pro brexit people on tower bridge chanting “you’re not British anymore” to people who disagree with them.”

Westminster: ‘Yellow Vest’ protesters hold up traffic in London

The yellow vests are pro-brexit
BREXIT: The group is calling on the UK to leave the EU now (Pic: MIKE SUTHERLAND)
Footage shows a large number of buses and taxis blocked by the group.Witness Mike Sutherland even claimed police were forced to breakup a fight between an onlooker and the protesters.Two of the protesters were seen unfurling a Union Jack flag on the Bridge.

TfL has confirmed there will be delays on public transport needing to access the Bridge.

Yellow vest protesters caused havoc in Paris, with shocking pictures showing them fighting with police.

Macron even considered declaring a state of emergency.

An ambulance was stuck in the protest
STUCK: An ambulance couldn’t get through the protest (Pic: TWITTER)
Westminster Bridge was brought to a standstill
TRAFFIC CHAOS: Westminster Bridge was brought to a standstill (Pic: WILLIAM PENDER)

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