So What Can I Do? (Audio Book)


Listen to the voices of these eight inspirational researchers about the world today.
Have you ever wondered who is controlling the world? Why we are stuck in debt? If it really matters if we vote or not? If it is good or bad to vaccinate? What GMO’s and geoengineering are?
In this book you will get amazing answers from renowned researchers from around the world, as well as their perspectives on many different and interesting topics.
A few of the 14 questions asked:

* How do you see the world today in terms of the challenges facing us?

* What are your thoughts about money and the global banks?

* What is your opinion on vaccines?

* Do chemtrails exist and if so, why are we being sprayed?

* Seeing the madness around me, can you suggest ways to regain my trust in the future and how to act to make a positive change?
Through this new knowledge you can step out of fear and into a new level of awareness, filled with peace, joy, love and light. If you like straight forward answers about what’s going on in the world today and what you can do about it, this book is for you.