Life Changing One on One Journey with Ole


Disconnected from your close friends and family, angry at the world, frustrated with the government, feeling lost, trusting no one, not knowing what to do, sad and afraid of the future, not knowing what to do to make the world a better place etc.?
If one or more of these apply to you, this online 4 week one on one journey with Ole Dammegard might be for you. This journey is aimed to change your view of the world, better your peace of mind, understanding what to look out for and re-establish connections. Your four week journey and the private sessions that you will have with Ole on Zoom, will be recorded and sent to you, if you like. Good to have and listen to again.
Here are some topics that will be covered during the four weeks with Ole (these are not set in stone, on the contrary, you will be encouraged to bring up and go through whatever is most important for You, letting it flow organically in your sessions):
• Dig deeper within while getting to know yourself. It starts with you, from within.
• Re-Mind Me: Ole’s little book (a 40 min. read included in your investment)
• How to deal with the world today
• What you can do
• How to connect with your family and friends that might not be as aware as you are
• How to see through the bullshit
• How to feel free in a turbulent world
• Being part of a solution
• How to look at something, and break it apart to find the truth
• What to look out for
• How to connect the dots
If you feel this is something for you, Kim will set up a Skype call to ask you a few questions to see if this is a good match for you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, so email her now [email protected]. Together we can do this :-)!

“My four week journey with Ole was inspirational and moved my consciousness. How did I feel at the end and since? Completely calm, full of hope, with the mental strength to rise above the craziness of the world we are all living through. My state of mind has become peaceful, determined and truthfully, I’ve lost all fear (although the warrior in me is still very much there!).”                                   Judy, UK
“Ole and Kim are special people, they have a spiritual energy that radiates. They have a great deal to offer the world and it’s been a privilege to learn from them and be a better ‘me’. I missed the discussions after the four weeks; if you’re thinking of entering into this journey with Ole, don’t hesitate, your soul will thank you for it. Honestly, if it hadn’t been for my conversations with Ole I don’t know how I would have handled all the intense forest fires around my home in the past 60+ hours. Not only have I been able to stay calm and focused, but I have been putting out and attracting some very, very positive energy during a crisis situation. Kim also, though we haven’t spoken much, has definitely helped — in person and through Sofa Talk. I feel them both. And I feel multitudes of others as well. There is much more challenge to come, I know, but even in the face of all of this evil insanity and devastation that is permeating our world, I feel something else that is very powerful and good. I am filled with thankfulness and awe.”          Laurey in California, USA
I can’t thank Ole enough for his work and for offering to share his personal experience and wisdom in his one-to-one coaching sessions. The shock of lockdown and the totally disproportionate global response to a manufactured health threat had caused me to be go into shock, grief and despondency as I felt hugely dis-empowered and yet at the same time compelled to spend every waking hour researching the scale of the global coup against humanity and trying to inform others about it. This resulted in a state of permanent fear, conflict with others and feelings of isolation and loneliness, keeping me in nervous system overload from fight-and flight, sleeplessness and total hopelessness. I basically lost all faith and connection to my spiritual centre and felt utterly dis-empowered whilst being hyperactive at the same time, and not allowing myself any rest or pleasure.
Discovering Kim and Ole’s sofa talks and subsequently signing up to Ole’s coaching program was a real turning point. I am a coach myself but would not have been able nor willing to accept any support or guidance from anyone who was unaware of the darkness the world is facing right now. Ole offers the very rare combination of knowing the extent of evil in the world and still holding his incredible light. In that sense, he was the ‘master’ I had been looking for, to show me the way back to trust, faith, love, light and humour, simply by allowing me to emulate how he deals with the darkness on a daily basis and holds his centre. I really appreciated his authenticity, humanity and sense of humour.
As a result of our work, I was able to allow myself more self-care, re-focus on my spiritual being and reconnect with the truth that I am a multi-dimensional being, and as such powerful beyond 3-D understanding. I now focus on carefully managing my vibration, not overloading myself with bad news, in full awareness that what I broadcast into the field in terms of intention and emotions is a powerful magnet, so I choose to focus on freedom, sovereignty, connection, love and light. I understand that operating on this level makes an important contribution to our resistance, too, and as a result I am better company for my family, I have more ease dealing with my clients (and new clients have appeared as a result of my changed vibration) and I am able to raise awareness of the situation with more lightness and humour. I feel privileged to have met Ole (and Kim) and thank them for being such an inspiration.      Andrea Klein, UK/Germany
I’m very thankful for the experience of the four week journey with Ole and getting to know him and Kim a bit. They each have a gentle strength and keen intuition and generously share their gifts. I felt connected and safe as Ole gently walked me through seeing some things for the first time and through seeing some things more clearly or from another perspective. He helped heal some deep wounds and guided me towards a better path for myself. I’m thankful to have had this opportunity to invest in caring for myself.      Stacey B. from Texas