Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (ebook,free)


Believe it or not, but this book was BANNED by Amazon. As a designer as well as a co-author of the book ‘And Nobody Died in Boston, either’ I totally agree, and feel proud to take part of sharing this information globally. Please download this FREE and historical Ebook and send it to anyone you know who has doubts about this false flag operation.

Amazon and dark powers are trying to stop this book from getting out there by deleting it from their shops. Censorship like this has not happened since the Watergate Scandal, so it seems like we are making history.

But we strongly believe this book has to be made available to the public to oppose the tyranny of the state. Because of this Mike Palecek and I discussed it and we decided that this is the right thing to do.We cannot become bogged down in legal issues. We must get the truth out.
– Jim Fetzer