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What do Jesus, Wayne Dyer, conspiracy expert David Icke, the movie the Matrix, A Course In Miracles, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Louise L Hay, the Secret etc, all have in common? Could it be that they are actually saying very similar things, but in different ways and approaches?
Here is a simple guide that might help the reader unlock some of the most profound and deep secrets of your life. It is especially well suited for children, teenagers, adults, old timers and seekers of all ages. It is a great tool to see if you are aware of what is going on in your life. How do you deal with so called good and bad, love and hate, life and death?


‘Based on what might be universal truths, this little manual gives you very valuable inside information that can change your life for the better – if you choose to listen.’


'Re-Mind Me Reviews'

Reading ‘Re-Mind Me’ was an eye-opener – I can definitely say it’s one of the most remarkable books I’ve ever read. I had browsed a lot through philosophy, meditation, alternative this, alternative that, but they somehow always seemed to look only at a fraction of human life.


Based on the author’s acute observation of our current obsession with the pursuit of illusory goals, the book takes the reader on a journey exploring many of the motives and misconceptions which now inform our everyday lives. It was really refreshing to find a profound look at universal truths. The author has the stunning ability to go to the core of every issue. This is a must-read book for all those who believe in the ideal of making the world a beautiful and harmonious place to live in.

Gurinder Garg, Dexterous Technologies, India


I received ‘Re-Mind Me’ on my birthday and I just tonight finally had the chance to run myself a hot bath and soak and read! I loved it! The author is obviously such a special soul and his little book is thought provoking and inspired.

Bruce Littlefield, Best-selling author and TV-personality, New york, USA


Just finished reading the fabulous book ‘Re-Mind Me’ – in fact I read it twice as I was so intrigued at how cleverly it was written. It may be little but it sure packs a big punch. There aren’t really any books out there on this subject that are written in such a way to be able to hold my children’s attention, but this is one that will and I can’t wait to get their reactions to it also.

Vanessa Woolley, Costa del Sol, Spain


Just finished reading your book Re-Mind me. A deeply creative, complex reconstruction of our situation in this tenuous reality, a hilarious reflection of our multi-dimensional universe that reveals every trick and leaves no stone unturned. So inspiring! Lama D wondered why I was laughing so hard! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Srijana, Buddist Monk on Bali, Indonesia

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