Ole’s ONLINE Research Vault



Over the course of over 40 years, Ole Dammegard has worked extremely hard trying to solve many of the world’s biggest murder mysteries. He has examined and pieced together many very complex black operations, falseflag attacks, assassinations and state-sponsored terrorism.
Over the years and to be able to do solid and ground breaking forensic investigations, he has collected a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF RESEARCH MATERIAL, some of it brutally deleted and forever gone from the Internet and other sources. Thousands and thousands of videos, photos, documents and maps, organised in immaculate order to guarantee quick and easy access, all based on a simple and very straightforward system of folders.
5000 GIGABYTE (!!!) of research material
Thousands of videos – Thousands of documents, some top-secret – Countless photos and maps + interviews
This research archive is UNIQUE, close to 5000 GIGABYTE (!!!) of perfectly organised information, covering hundreds of cases worldwide (one of the main folders is covering the JFK-assassination, as well as all the major falseflag operations around the globe). Now you can get INSTANT ACCESS to his private ‘bank vault’, which has been uploaded and secured online. Become one of the guardians of this historical research and information!
‘To anyone who is thinking of getting Ole’s vault, I can’t recommend it enough. I use it all the time for the research I do for my studies. There are documents and videos on so many things, things that will explain anything that you might think is a Conspiracy Theory. Ole researches thoroughly and that alone leaves me with the time to do other things in my studies. Well worth the money. And another thing I like is how accessible Ole is to get in touch with if you have a question!
Tina Helmuth, USA