155: Should We Fear Coronavirus and 5G Connections? w. Ole Dammegard

The question of the day is… Are you having fun yet?…. Or maybe… Is it time to get scared yet?

I know. I know. Your probably tired of hearing about it and exhausted by thinking and obsessing about it, but what is true? Is this the big one and should we follow what we’re told, hole up in our houses, and live in fear?… Personally and honestly, I don’t know. It’s hard not to go with the mainstream narrative on this one and freak out a bit.

With so many “pandemics” in our recent history that all ended up being nothing-burgers, my initial response as a conspiracist is “Ok, yeah sure whatever”. There’s certainly a part of me that feels the same about this one… and another part of me that thinks “what if that was the plan? What if all the others were in place to get us to let our guard down?”

Regardless, I think it’s safe to say that this particular situation is at the very least, different and becoming more real as music events, sports games, and business are taking it very seriously to the point of shutting down and hurting their profits.

It’s honestly hard to know what to take of it, even as a conspiracist. So, I decided to differ to our good friend and seasoned veteran, Ole Dammegard of Light on Conspiracies, on the issue and get his take on things. Ole has a long track record of spotting and even potentially diverting conspiratorial plans. With 35+ years of studying these strange cases, connecting dots, and calling out corruption, there are few people who’s opinions I value more on such sensational topics than his.

Is it time to start fearing for our health and safety? Is there more behind this than what we’re told? And how does the implementation of 5G potentially play into this outbreak? Find out all of that and more on today’s episode of The System is Down episode 155: Should We Fear Coronavirus and 5G Connections? w. Ole Dammegard

Question Everything. Stay Uncomfortable.

Let’s get weird!

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