What You Can Do!


Outtake from an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre. I keep being approached of people who are waking up and wondering how and what to do as their part in healing the world. Here are just a few simple guidelines that I would like to suggest:

1. Wake up – inform and educate yourself about what is actually going on in the world. It is only by us being asleep that this madness can go on. If you are working as a soldier, a policeman, a member of a swat team or helping to construct surveillance systems, building FEMA camps, working as an electrician on an installation that your soul feels is up to no good for the population, as a bank employee or truck driver transporting the ‘wrong things’. Whatever your job is, check out what is going on. Find out if you are possibly involuntarily part of playing out the Elite’s secret agenda. And if so, ask yourself what should be done to make a change. So once again – inform yourself. Knowledge is Power.

2. Tell your friends and family – but do it in a gentle and kind way. It is painful for most people to wake up, so be gentle. You cannot force the truth down somebody’s throat, without it back firing and thus accomplishing absolutely nothing. So instead of bombarding people with lots of loaded words, live by example. Inspire and empower the people around you.

3. Stop focusing on your own problem. Look around and see who you can help, there are so many people in great need and despair. By helping someone else, not only they, but you as well will feel better. And when you feel better you will gain strenght. And the stronger and more positive you feel, the more good you can do.

4. Shop carefully.
Businesses are some of the most important and influential organizations in the world today. They are involved with, or in some way influence, almost any issue you can think of and can sometimes be even more influential than governments in those issues. Luckily, you have opportunities every day to encourage businesses to do the right thing. Every time you buy something, you are giving your approval for whatever process was involved in its production. The next time you’re in the grocery store, take an extra look at the labels.

Take a close look at your options. then ask yourself the following questions:
* Do I want to support this type of business?
* Are the farmers or factory workers that made this treated well?
* Is this product traded fairly?
* Is it healthy?
* Is it good for the environment?
* Does the sale of this product help support an oppressive political regime?

5. Become an advocate.
Speak up about injustices in the world and get your friends involved. Organize fundraisers to help raise money for your chosen charity or cause. If you can’t raise money, add your voice to those already campaigning to end poverty, war, injustice, sexism, racism, or corruption in the world. Sign up for my newsletter or become a member here.

6. Reduce your impact on the planet.
Reduce your negative impact on the planet by reusing items and materials when you can, using green products, buying local food and items (supporting your local economy), and conserving resources such as water. This will help protect the planet and provide a healthy environment for all people who will live on after us. Help others to do the same by educating them about how they can reduce their impact on the planet. Remember: don’t be preachy or self-righteous. You’re doing this to help the planet, not so you can be smarter or better than your neighbor.

7. Pay it forward.
Seen the movie? Well, just like Haley Joel Osment, you can help others by ‘paying it forward.’ Simply do something nice for 3 people (or, preferably, more and with no limit) without being asked, and in return, tell them to do the same to 3 more people. And so on and so on. Imagine if everyone followed through with this and what kind of world it would be!

8. Don’t intentionally hurt others.
Imagine a society where every single person did not look to harm another individual. You wouldn’t have to lock your doors at night and self-defense would be a thing of the past. You may think one person cannot make a difference. The whole world is just seven billion individuals. Just think, you may inspire someone to be like you and start a chain reaction!
On a more personal level:

9. Become a member in the Light On Conspiracies-community here. By signing up, not only do you get videos that are aimed at revealing what is really going on. You will also receive breaking news, special offers on books, webinars and much more.

10. Sponsor me. For some 30 years I have done my utmost in revealing what is going on in the world. Most of the time I have been on my knees financially. With your financial support I will be able to totally focus on bringing Truth and Forgiveness to the world, by exposing and healing the darkness that has been ruling us for so long. I am willing to do the hard work and take the risks, your part can be to support my efforts. All type of donations or support are so so very appreciated by me and my family and will make a big difference.

11. Sign up for my Newsletter (see below) and help me lift this to the next level. By signing up, not only do you get videos that are aimed at revealing what is really going on, but I will also add your emails to a name list. My aim is to get some very strong international documentaries made, and the longer the name list of interested people I can show to the film makers and investors, the bigger the changes of getting it made.

12. Introduce me to top quality documentary film makers, journalists, investors, TV-programs, or anyone else you know that focuses on the Truth.

13. Or even better, you contact whoever you think might be interested and tell them about what I am aiming to do. Give them my contact details and let them listen to the radio interview, etc. I am more than willing to do the hard work, stand up and speak the truth. Whatever it takes, I’m right there.

But I need help – from You. Together we can do this. Anyone can change the world; all it takes is a time, effort and a l o o o o t of dedication ;-).



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