Mass Shootings

The new Gladio in Ukraine

by Manlio Dinucci Looking back to the coup in Kiev and the information provided in our columns during the course of the events, Manlio Dinucci describes a decades-old device used by the United States and NATO …

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Wolfgang Halbig Arrested

The psycho path Leonard Pozner strikes again. America the fallen. Enjoy what freedoms we have left…the noose is getting tight.  Category: Uncategorized,Servants of Evil,Honr Network /SandyHookPromise,Lenny Pozner/Sandy Hook Lies Duration: 02:21 Date:  2020-01-27 16:20:48

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Philly Phony Terror Show – Cop Shooting Hoax

Philly Phony Terror Show – Cop Shooting Hoax- Wish Kearnsy74 was still around. Song is by Kearnsy74  Category: Alleged Shooting/Mass Shooting,False Flag / Hoax ,Staged Event ,Fake News Duration: 02:48 Date:  2019-08-15 15:03:48 Tags:   no-tag

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