Mike Williams, Sage of Quay, Part 1

Ole interviews Mike Williams, the founder and host of “The Sage of Quay”. Mike runs a hypnotherapy practice in which he helps people to overcome fears, stop smoking, lose weight, or improve their lives in any number of ways. Mike is also an amazing musician, and during this podcast, you will hear some of his tracks mixed in throughout the interview. Ole and Mike discuss the Tavistock institute, its origins, and the way that they have infiltrated most areas of society. Anyone who has reached any level of notoriety or fame within the music industry, Hollywood or the Mainstream Media is said to first have to go through the Tavistock programming. Mike also brings up the coding that is utilised within all mainstream media, via the use of visual cues, colors as well as numbers. Mike and Ole also take a look at the story behind Paul McCartney’s death in 1966, and his replacement – the person we have been listening to throughout all of these years.

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