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My speech at the Open Mind Conference

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I have made hundreds of international radio interviews and am totally dedicated to revealing the New World Order's agenda including False Flag-operations all over the world.

I am not here to spread, instead my goal is to prevent the 'Global Elite' from turning this beautiful world into a controlled and fearful place. We all deserve so much better - it's time to stop the madness and heal it all with love.

In Peace and Joy,                
Love and Light - Ole                

International radio and TV:

'A Bomb of Truth'

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Defused False Flag Massacre?

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The People's Voice, UK

Red Ice Creations (11 hours)

Veritas Radio, USA

Project Camelot, USA

Freedom Central, Holland

Age of Truth TV, Denmark

Sage of Quay, USA

Luces en la Oscuridad, Spain

Uncommon Awareness, USA

DR TV, Denmark

Time Monk Radio, Japan

The End Game, UK

The End Game TV, UK

Capricorn Radio, Northern Ireland

Shake and Wake Radio, USA

Super Woo Radio, Australia

The Kev Baker Show, Scotland

The Unexplained, UK

The Gold Channel, USA

Sofia Smallstorm Radio, USA

Open Your Mind Radio, Ireland

The World Beyond Belief, Ecuador

Inside Out News, Canada

Enemy Within, UK

GibTV, Gibraltar

Emergency Transition, UK

Talk Radio Europe, Spain

Truth Jihad Radio, USA

Truther Talk, USA

White TV, Sweden

Radio Paradigm, Denmark

Phi in the Sky, Australia

Truth Frequency Radio, USA

CSI Juan, Spain

Marathon Radio, Global

The Truth Denied, USA

Outside the Box, UK

The Jeff Rense Show, USA

Unveiling the Truth, Canada

Exopolitics, Canada

Veterans Today, USA

The Stew Webb Show, USA

Age of Truth TV, Denmark

The Richie Allen Show


TV2 Denmark

Global Peace Radio, UK

America Talks, USA

Qi Lin Info-Warriors, USA

The Real Deal, USA

Revolution Radio, USA

No Lies Radio, USA

Vinny Eastwood Show, NZ

Susan Lindauer Show, USA

Agenda for Take-over, USA

Transcend Bilderberg, Denmark

Tir Na Saor, Ireland

The Chip Tatum Show, USA

Gonob Radio, USA

The Sound of Freedom, USA

Open Mind Conference, Denmark

The Ed Opperman Show

Radio Solymar, Spain

Exopolitics Ohio, USA

Orion Radio, USA

The New American Dream, USA

The Critical Mass Radio, UK

Freedom Reins, Global

Radio Frihed, Denmark

Radio Air Amarteifio, USA

Truth Vs News, USA

Out of the Bag, Ireland

Smoke Reality, Austria

UCY Radio, USA

Truth Warrior, Canada

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'Coup d'etat in Slow Motion' offers a
totally unknown and shocking solution
to the cold-blooded assassination of
Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme.
Based on 30 years of investigations
it also exposes the massive net
of hidden connections with other
murders and conspiracies, like the
killings of John F. Kennedy, John
Lennon, Che Guevara and many more.


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Click here for more information and to order Shadow of Tears by Ole Dammegård

'Shadow of Tears' is the true story
of how Ole Dammegård in 1984
went alone on an old bicycle from
Sweden towards South Africa, but
ended up in war-torn Iran. Here he
became friends with some Iranians,
of which one was brutally murdered.

Ole then decided to risk everything
and set out to smuggle one of his
new friends out of Iran, via Soviet
Union and East Germany to freedom
in far-away Sweden.

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